Sparks Ignited

When Angela and Carol first met they never anticipated meeting 5 Seconds of Summer, let alone living with them. Together the girls find friendship and romance under a roof of secrets. When friendships are tested and feelings exposed, can the girls remain friends through it all?

*co-authored with a user not on this site*


2. November 1st, 2015/ Carol's POV

I’m sitting on the couch watching one of my favorite shows, when Angela comes in from the hallway.

“Carol, what‘re you doing?” she asks while digging the vacuum cleaner out of the hall closet.

“Watching my shows. You know this is my normal morning routine.” I state.

“I told you the guys were coming tomorrow, we have to clean up before they get here.” she reminds me, plugging it in and moving around the living room with it.

“I know, I know. We‘ve already been through this. I already told you, you don‘t have to clean the entire house. They won‘t care.” I start.


Angela continues to clean up the living room. Picking up various clothes off the floor, laying them on her arm as she vacuums the spot it was once over.

“Seriously? Why are your clothes in the living room?” she shouts, as I lift up my feet while she vacuums under them.

“I got hot last night, so I threw my shirt on the floor and I forgot to bring it back to my room.” I state, my eyes not leaving the TV screen.

“Some of these are your pants!” she starts, getting annoyed.

“Uhm, yoga class. Hello?” I question, getting huffy.

“How does yoga class require you to lose your clothing?” she wonders, finishing up behind me. I shrug in response and she groans mumbling

“You‘re killing me woman.” I smile in response stifling back a giggle.


It’s so easy to fluster Angela. Especially when she gets into one of her cleaning fits. With the guys not being around, she’s the only one I can mess with. I mean honestly, how could you not want to? She’s so easy to frazzle.


Watching as she puts the vacuum cleaner away I notice her look around once more.

“Angela, you‘ve already vacuumed. Let me watch my show in peace. You do not need to carpet clean.” I state, reading her thoughts.

“This would get done a lot quicker if you helped Carol.” she states frantically throwing my clothes at the top of the stairs.

“But you know I won‘t.” I answer honestly. She groans looking around once more.


“What‘re you doing now?” I ask, growing tired of her distracting me.

“Looking for the carpet cleaner. Where‘d you put it?” she wonders, checking again in the hall closet.

“I didn‘t put it away. You did. You know I don‘t touch that stuff.” I defend, trying to focus on my show again.

“No, I specifically remember you putting it away because I was making mug cakes.” she retorts, slamming the door closed. Groaning I shout

“No, you did because I had to locate the flour to make them!” getting frustrated.

“Carol, that was like three weeks ago. I‘m talking about last week when you trudged mud into the living room after leaving your dirt caked shoes on from dancing in the rain.” she states, staring at me with her arms folded. I roll my eyes,

“I don‘t know then Angela. Just let me finish this episode.” I whine, turning up the volume.


She throws her hands up in the air, storming off to locate the missing cleaner. At this point my stomach decides it’s time to eat, so I head in the kitchen. Looking around, I grab the loaf of bread and a plate searching for peanut butter and jelly. Smiling I grab the two jars making me a sandwich. As I do this I notice Angela has already cleaned the kitchen. I hope she doesn’t mind I’ve gotten jelly and bread crumbs all over her once clean counter. Shrugging, I leave the contents out knowing I’ll clean it later when I bring my plate to the sink.


Plopping down on the sofa I enjoy biting into my crunchy peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Angela is running around the house still searching for the carpet cleaner. She always worries like this and I’ve learned it’s best to let her ride through the motions. Finishing up my sandwich, I wipe away the remnants of jelly on the side of my mouth, licking my fingers clean.


“CAROL!! Why is the carpet cleaner in your room?! You don‘t even have carpet!!” Angela screams, once she’s found it stashed away in my room. I chuckle in response and quickly make my way to the kitchen. After I place the plate in the sink, still smiling over hiding the thing in my room, I hear her running down the steps.

“Carol. Seriously. Why do you hate me? Is it your sole purpose in this life to make sure everything is harder for me to do?” she questions, arms folded once again. Smiling I state

“No. I‘m just a very forgetful person. But it‘s one of the reasons why you love me so much.” sarcastically, wiping my hands clean. That’s when she notices the kitchen.


“What happened to my kitchen?” she asks annoyed, running over to wipe down the counter.

“I made myself food.” I state nonchalantly.

“You couldn‘t put anything away?” she wonders in aggravation, tightening the covers on the jars.

“I was going to. Once I finished my food, which as you see I have.” I state, leaning against the sink.

“Carol, you have to start cleaning up after yourself.” she starts, wiping off the jelly with the sink sponge.

“No. If you‘d let me get to my messes when I want, we wouldn‘t be having this conversation.” I retort, facing her. She groans in response,

“Carol, are you listening to yourself? What about germs? Do you want to get sick?!” she shouts in frustration, throwing the sponge in the sink.


“Uhm. Guys, we‘re home?” we hear, turning to look at each other with wide eyes knowing the guys are home earlier than expected.

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