Sparks Ignited

When Angela and Carol first met they never anticipated meeting 5 Seconds of Summer, let alone living with them. Together the girls find friendship and romance under a roof of secrets. When friendships are tested and feelings exposed, can the girls remain friends through it all?

*co-authored with a user not on this site*


23. January 15th / Carol's POV


I find myself staring at Mickey as he laughs along to something I’ve said. His scruff is especially on point today and without missing a beat I reach across and run my hand against his jaw. His laughter slowly fades as he looks down at me.

“What‘re you doing, care bear?” he wonders as his hands rest on my hips.

“Nothing.” I answer with a smile as I slide my thumb down to his chin. He smiles in return as I gently tug on his chin in a downward motion. Standing on my tip toes I press my lips onto his and he leans into it fully wrapping his arms around my lower back.

“Nothing huh?” he mumbles into my mouth and I can’t help but smile in response. His lips are warm and mushy. With every kiss his scruff scratches against my cheek and irritates it that much more. His arms wrap around me tighter and I can feel his chest pressed tightly to mine. He’s hard and solid compared to my soft and squishy exterior.

We break apart and his eyes find mine. There’s a smirk on his face that suits him so well I’m almost envious. Giving him a sly smile in response I can’t help but chuckle against his chest. He brings his hand up my side under my shirt, slowly causing me to break out in goosebumps. His hand stops just below my chest and I look up at him.

“What‘re you doing, Mickey?” I ask with a knowing smirk. His smirk widens as he says,

“Nothing.” pulling me even closer to him.

My alarm on my phone begins to go off. Shooting my eyes open I hear the opening guitar for Broken Pieces. Instantly I break out into a smile and turn over on my pillow. Holy shit what a dream. The first verse about clothes in the old apartment comes in as I relive it. If I didn’t want Michael before, I certainly do now. Sighing out loud I grab my phone and check the time. I have an hour to shower, dress and drive to my yoga class. Reluctantly I begin to get ready with my alarm still going.

Grabbing my only pair of yoga pants and a baggy t-shirt I throw them on my bed. Quickly I run across my room and read through the things I’m supposed to bring with. I look under the bed in the mess for my yoga mat and tug it out. Then I mentally remind myself to grab a water bottle from the fridge before leaving.

I bound down the steps in just my shirt and rush into the bathroom. Rapidly I strip and jump in the already running shower, quickly getting cleaned up. I mentally laugh at myself, this will be the shortest shower I’ve taken in years. Most of the time I spend forty minutes to an hour in here and at the rate I’m going I’ll be out in five. Angela always scolds me for it because I always use up the hot water. Most of the time she showers before I do.

That dream with Michael is still bright in my mind. I find myself smiling just thinking about it. With us having that day out about a week ago, I know that was my minds way of reminding me of the feelings I had while with him. He makes it so hard to be just friends when he does things like that. Maybe we won’t be in that stage for too much longer.

As I get out I realize I forgot to grab my clothes when I came down. Groaning I look in the closet for a beach towel, knowing they’re the only ones that fully wrap around my body. As I wipe myself down I carefully wrap it around and tuck it in under my arm so it doesn’t fly open. I take one last look in the mirror and wrap my hair in another smaller towel before I remember I need a small towel for class. Grabbing one I walk out and ascend the stairs.

Angela does a double take when I reach the top of the stairs.

“Boo, did you forget your clothes again?” she asks, looking over my towel with a smirk. I smile looking it over and say,

“Yupp. This is the hazards of only giving myself an hour to get ready. I forget shit.” with a small chuckle. She shakes her head and continues to walk down the stairs about to start her day before school.

When I get inside my room I go through my clothes before remembering they’re already laid out on my bed. Sighing in frustration I strip myself of my towel and begin getting dressed. I hear my stomach growl slightly and remember I’m not supposed to eat anything. It was only an hour. I could do this.

My hair fully brushed and tucked into a bun, I look myself over in the mirror and smile at the green piranha plant on my left pant leg. It was either him or falling blocks that reminded me of Minecraft and he looked way cooler. My plain white tee is hanging just over my waist and I wish I could live in this outfit over the amount of comfort it brings. But sadly I always talk myself out of wearing the pants on days when I don’t have class, because I’m a klutz and a slob who would prefer to not ruin them.

Angela knocks on my door to let me know the time, before walking back to her room to get her clothes for her morning shower. With another loud sigh I grab my phone and wallet along with everything I need for class before walking out my door. Descending the stairs slowly I take a glance at the door to make sure my coat and shoes are there. Seeing that they are I clear my throat and set my things down on the table by the left wall. Hanging my wet towels in the bathroom I walk past the kitchen before remembering the water bottle.

With that in hand I set it with the rest of my stuff and put on my shoes and coat.

“Carol?” I hear behind me in a morning voice I’ve heard semi recently. Looking behind me at Luke I see him wipe his eyes before noticing a small towel in his hand.

“Hey.” I answer with a smile, looking at his Red Hot Chili Peppers shirt and boxer briefs.

“Lose something?” he asks in the same thick Aussie accent. They have accents all the time I know, but they seem to thicken with certain phrases and in the early morning. An aspect about the boys I’ve grown to love in all the time Angela and I have lived with them.

I walk over to him only to have him meet me halfway and I retrieve the towel from him.

“Thanks.” I say with a smile. He returns it and continues to hold the small towel. I look up at him and notice he’s staring up at me with narrowed eyes and a sad smile.

“We haven‘t really talked since the night you called me. Or actually hung out since before then either.” he says before clearing his throat.

“About that..” I start, not wanting to remember my drunken stupor.

“I just want to know we‘re still okay. I‘d hate to lose one of my friends before we have to go on tour.” he replies, tearing a hole in my heart with every word. How is he making me feel guilty about trying to avoid any awkwardness between us?

Sighing softly I nod.

“We‘re still good Luke. But I gotta go. We can talk more when I get back if you‘re still up, blondie.” I state, watching him release the towel. He nods in response and when I turn I feel a swat to my ass. Turning to face him with my mouth slightly opened and a small smile, I find him smirking.

“That‘s for calling me blondie.” he states, turning to head for the kitchen. I shake my head and grab my things heading out the door. Now I not only have the dream with Michael to haunt me throughout the day, but also this small exchange with Luke. What the hell else could happen today?

The class was the same as always. I think I even recognized a few of the girls there but we didn’t have long to talk thanks to my timing. I showed up with literally minutes to get my things sorted before we started. We had the same positions that end up in all these classes. Downward dog, mountain pose, cobra and my personal favorite, the child’s pose. Things were going pretty well.

But as the class progressed and the poses became harder I noticed I was sweating and my breathing was getting harder to control. The sweating I could handle, I mean it’s why I brought the towel with. But the breathing was irritating me. I just wanted to plop and refuse to get back up. I didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of all these women though so I trekked on.

Each pose was harder and harder to get through while breathing. Twisted seat, triangle pose, pigeon pose were a whole new level of hell. The contorting of my limbs made it so hard to breathe and hold them. It’s during these that I wish I had taken better care of myself. I look around at some of the skinnier women who seem to have no trouble at all and become envious. I was slowly getting through them though until the teacher had us get into the crow pose. It was literally like someone cut off my air supply.

I think I would’ve been fine if it hadn’t have been for the fact my thighs had to touch my arms while I was bent forward. My legs pushed against my stomach and with my lungs already struggling with my arched posture, it was like I set them on fire. Finally I gave up and just held my breath on the final hold. It’s cheating yes but I couldn’t have held it if I had tried to take another deep breath. I would’ve fallen face first on my mat. It’s this pose - and the fact you have to pay for the classes - that makes me do this once every month.

Pulling up to the house I park my car in the garage and start walking - oh so slowly - back toward the house. Chugging the last of my water bottle I walk up the steps and contemplate hacking off both limbs. Doing that will surely rid me of the pain in them, right? Each step sends more and more pulsating pain through my thighs. It’s not until Cal walks out with his pack of Camel Crush that I practically crash into him with a hug.

He’s quiet as he stiffens momentarily only to wrap his arms around my torso.

“You okay?” he asks, with his head slightly turned toward my face. I simply nod in response and continue to hold onto him. My legs haven’t stopped shaking yet and I’m afraid if I let go I’ll go tumbling forward. We stay like this for a moment before I let go and clear my throat to apologize.

“It‘s alright, that‘s what I‘m here for. I‘m just curious where it came from.” he says, lighting up and offering me one. I look at the half empty box and contemplate if I should. Smoking tends to relax me and with the way I’m feeling right now I could fall out somewhere and not get back up. Having a smoke will definitely make that a whole lot worse.

I shake my head in response saying,

“Thanks but no thanks, I might steal a drag or two though.” looking over at him. He’s dressed in sweats and a band t-shirt with socks on. Instantly he hands me the cig and I bring it up to my lips. I smile almost instantly as I hold it in for a moment. Blowing out the smoke I hand it back to him saying,

“It‘s honestly nothing major. I was literally using you to make sure I didn‘t tumble on my way inside.” honestly, looking back toward the windows of the house. Inside it looks pretty bare from what I can tell through the cracks in the blinds.

He laughs at me clutching his stomach and bending forward slightly.

“Shut up! It‘s so not funny!” I scold, fighting a smile. He just nods in response and continues to laugh as I groan from embarrassment.

“You‘re such a dick.” I say, chuckling with every word. When he finally straightens up and looks at me with the wide smile on my face, he has tears in the corner of his eyes.

“Thank you, this is turning out to be the best morning.” he says, wiping them from his eyes and exhaling deeply.

“I‘m so glad my being uncomfortable is so amusing.” I say with a bite and a smile as I steal the cigarette from him again. He merely smirks in response and as I hand it back to him after stealing a drag, he goes in for another hug.

“No. I‘m mad at you.” I state, walking past him and into the house. The last thing I hear is him laughing and calling for me to come back.

Walking in I hang my coat, take off my shoes and almost immediately feeling better. I walk toward the kitchen and head for the fridge. I grab out the juice and pour myself a glass as I wonder what cereal I’m having. I find my tight bun from this morning has fallen considerably and is more like a messy bun. It tugs on my scalp and I begin undoing it to save myself from a headache. I find my hair is still slightly wet and it hangs heavy on my head.

“Look who‘s home.” Ashton says, walking over to the counter next to me and fixing himself another glass of tea.

“Good morning.” I say with a sigh, taking a sip of my juice which feels amazing going down.

“Are you sure you‘re the same Carol? I mean the Carol I‘m used to sleeps in till noon or later and is a grumpy little thing before breakfast.” he states with a smile. I glare at him and he simply smiles wider.

“Yupp. You‘re her.” he says, nudging my arm with his. Groaning I walk off with my glass and plop down on the sofa in the living room.

Luke is sitting on the end of the left side in sweats and his shirt from this morning. He sees me and smiles putting his phone in his pocket.

“Rough morning?” he asks with a smirk.

“You have no idea.” I say, placing my glass on the table and sinking back into the sofa. He laughs at me before watching Ash enter the room and sit down next to me. We all hear the door open and Cal appears in the hallway before turning into the kitchen.

I watch the television and realize they’re watching Family Guy. It must be one of those early morning marathons. Stewie is running around without his trousers and all you see is his little butt waddle across the floor and into several rooms to escape his mother. I find myself laughing at him and beside me both the guys are giggling at the screen. He continues to threaten his mother with death threats as he climbs the stairs.

I could easily fall asleep on this couch but I really don’t want to in my yoga clothes, which are still sticking to me. Reluctantly I get up and grabbing my glass I walk toward the stairs.

“Where‘re you going?” I hear Ash ask, I turn to look and see Luke was following me.

“I‘ll be right back.” he says, looking up at me with a smile. Right. He wanted to talk. Well, this is turning out to be an interesting day.

As I continue to walk up the stairs I fight myself from groaning out loud. Once we reach the landing I turn to walk toward my room and he follows behind.

“Are you my new shadow?” I tease. He just laughs softly in response and follows me into my room.

“So, what‘s on your mind?” I ask once the door is closed. He looks around my room and I turn toward my closet before realizing I just really want my onesie.

“I was kinda hoping maybe we could do something?” he asks, leaning on one knee while it rests on my bed and he stands on the other leg.

I set my glass on my nightstand and strip myself of my clothes as I walk toward my dresser and open the drawer that holds my onesie.

“I hope you don‘t mean today. I am officially done with anything that involves moving at the moment.” I say honestly, he chuckles slightly but looks away when I turn to face him. As I step into my onesie I look up to see Luke watching as I do this.

“Sorry. I just don‘t give a shit and technically you‘ve already seen me in my underwear.” I say, realizing he might be uncomfortable with what I’m doing and thinking back to the night I was shit face drunk. He looks up at my face with an unreadable expression and shakes his head.

“It‘s okay. I don‘t care.” he says, completely straight faced.

“As far as us hanging out, what about tomorrow or something? We can spend the day in bed, don‘t read too much into that,” I state with a smirk as I button up. He chuckles lightly as I continue,

“and watch horror movies. I‘ve been in the mood for a good scare. Lord knows I can‘t get Michael to watch one with me.” he stares at my hands buttoning up the last remaining buttons.

“Okay. Sounds good.” he says, looking up at my face again.

“Does it feel good too?” I ask, poking fun at him. He scoffs in annoyance before standing fully again and lets out a breathy laugh.

Once through I fall forward onto my bed and groan contently from the impact. I turn to face the other side of my bed and notice that Luke is still standing at the foot of it.

“Ya know, you can always lay with me. It‘s not like I‘ve got cooties.” I state, teasing him some more. I hear him chuckle lightly before climbing into bed with me. He turns his head so that he’s facing me and I smile up at him. Somehow he always manages to get me in bed with him. I should probably care more about that and yet I don’t…’s because we’re such close friends…..right?

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