Sparks Ignited

When Angela and Carol first met they never anticipated meeting 5 Seconds of Summer, let alone living with them. Together the girls find friendship and romance under a roof of secrets. When friendships are tested and feelings exposed, can the girls remain friends through it all?

*co-authored with a user not on this site*


22. January 11th / Angela's POV


This has been going on for hours. I don’t remember what time it started but all I know is it feels like I’ve been hiding under my blanket for a long time. The last time I checked the time it was 10:00pm and all of us had gone to our rooms for the night. That’s also when this horrible thunderstorm kicked in. People will make fun of me and say it’s stupid and childish to be afraid of thunderstorms when you’re twenty one years old, but it isn’t stupid to me.

I had a terrible experience with storms when I was younger and it has clearly continued to affect me, seeing as I’m in my bed under the covers with my heart beating at a rapid rate and on the verge of a panic attack. Before I was able to get in my bed, Calum came in asking if I was okay. Yep, he even knows this about me. He knows everything. I told him I was fine just so he wouldn’t worry and would leave me here alone to freak out in peace. When I’m going through this, it’s best for me to be by myself.

The thunder is still going strong and I’m afraid to try looking out the window for fear of seeing lightning. But now I have a problem. I am so thirsty and don’t have a drink in here. I may have no choice but to quickly go down to the kitchen for a water bottle, and run back up here and get under the covers before anything too loud happens again. With that thought, there is another crack of thunder that makes me gasp and jump. I really need to hurry.

I slowly lift up my blanket to look at my phone. It is now 12:30am which means I’ve been under here for two and a half hours. Also, everyone is most likely asleep. Although Carol might be awake. She’s a night owl but she also loves storms. I take a deep breath and throw my blanket off making a beeline for my door. I open it and run down the stairs into the kitchen. I grab a water from the fridge and am almost back to the stairs when I hear, “In a hurry there, munchkin?”

Of course Ashton is in the living room and caught me. I backtrack to the living room entry and say, “A little.” noticing he’s sitting in our window seat behind the couch. We have rarely sat there since even they moved in here. Yes, he has to be sitting next to a window right now. I also observe that he is in sweats and wearing glasses. I haven’t seen him wear those in a long time.

“Ha why? Come sit with me. I need company while I watch the storm.” he says patting in front of him. Damn it. I really do not want to do this but with how adorable he looks right now, he’s making it hard to say no.

“Okay.” I walk over and I sit in between his legs, not looking out the window. Immediately he wraps his arms around my waist and I can’t help but lay back on him, my head landing over his heart. There hasn’t been any more thunder or lightning since I got down here so that, combined with being in Ashton’s arms is making me start to relax. I sigh contently deciding I can look out the window now. But obviously as soon as I do that, lightning appears a few seconds later.

I wince and look away quickly. “What’s wrong?” Ashton asks.

I look back out the window saying, “Nothing. Just wasn’t expecting it.” and snuggling into him more. He shrugs it off and we continue looking out. Then thunder comes and I jump.

“Seriously, are you okay Angela?” he asks. Okay obviously I can’t keep this up. I guess this is when Ashton finds out about my phobia.

“To answer that, take my hands.” I say holding them out slightly in front of me.

He takes them and comments, “Oh my god, they’re shaking.” I then bring one of them up to my heart and he adds, “Whoa, your heart is going crazy! What’s going on?”

I stand up and turn to sit facing him. “The truth? I hate thunderstorms.” I confess.

“What? Why?” he questions.

“A bad experience from when I was little. I know it’s stupid.” I look down embarrassed. But I feel him take my hand and feel obligated to look back up at him.

“Not at all. Do you wanna tell me what happened?” he asks. I look at him for a minute. He is one of the most caring people I have come to know in my life. There are times when I think Calum is gonna fully win me over, but then something like this happens to keep Ashton in the running right with him.

I nod and let go of his hand crawling back to sit where I was before and lay on him again. This time when he wraps his arms around me, he takes both of my hands and intertwines our fingers. “I don’t remember how old I was, but definitely in elementary school.” Lightning flashes and I flinch again. He holds me tighter.

“I remember being in my living room on my way to my bedroom, when there was a flash of lightning outside that made the whole surrounding area completely white.” A boom of thunder. I shudder and he pulls me closer.

“It was followed by a thunderclap that was incredibly loud and was so powerful that it shook the whole house. I gasped and jumped, and it would have been no big deal if it wasn’t in front of my family. …I was mortified. Ever since that one storm, I’ve been paranoid that something like that will happen again. And every little flash of lightning and crash of thunder scares me. That’s why I avoid looking outside during thunderstorms. And I hide under the covers to make the thunder not as loud. …In fact before I came down here, that’s where I was. Ever since 10:00.” I admit more embarrassed than ever.

“Wow. After all these years, it still bothers you that much?” he asks. I nod at him through the reflection in the window. “I’m so sorry. …You don’t have to stay here if you don’t want to.” he offers.

“No. I want to stay. I have to start trying to get over this some time. Plus I’m far too comfortable to move.” I add. He chuckles and I settle into his chest preparing myself to be here for a while.

Suddenly, I see something moving in front of the house. It goes out of view and Ashton says, “Did you see that too?”

“Yeah. …It looked like a person.” I reply. Seconds later, the thing comes back and lingers in front of the window just long enough for us to tell who it is. “Carol.” I say in unison with Ash. When did she get out there?! And I know she loves storms, but really? She is running around when it’s a full blown downpour?

“Does she know how dangerous that is?!” Ashton says.

“Oh she knows. But I have a feeling that she doesn’t care one bit.” I say watching her running and dancing around on the grass, soaking wet and probably freezing. I can’t help but laugh at her and Ashton joins in.

From behind us a few minutes later, someone asks “What’s so funny?” We turn to see Michael looking out the window trying to see what we do.

“Come see for yourself. I’m surprised you didn’t know this was happening, actually.” I say. He comes over and squints trying to see through the reflection.

“Oh my god.” Yeah he saw her. “She’s a wild one.” he says.

“And you’re just figuring that out?” Ashton comments. All of us laugh as we see her coming for the front door.

We hear it open and before she gets to the entries, Michael says “Have fun, care bear? I was looking for you.” I hear her giggle and she comes for the living room entry.

“No way! Do not set foot in here. You’re soaked.” I say before she can step on the carpet.

“Yeah, you heard her. Back it up, you wet rat!” Mike says mocking me. She rolls her eyes but stops in her tracks just behind the carpeting.

“Of course I did, that was awesome! Sorry, Mickey. But I’m here now, aren’t I? How about I dry off before I make my way to your room?” she suggests.

“Awesome. Meet you there.” Mike says smiling. Carol leaves to go upstairs and he turns back to us. Both Ash and I are giving him smirks. “What?” he asks.

“Oh nothing. Have fun having your late night cuddles, Mickey.” Ashton says.

“Shut your ass, Ashton. Goodnight, Ang.” he looks at me with a smirk this time.

I give him a “shut your mouth” look as I say “Goodnight, Mike.” and he leaves to go to his room. When he’s gone, Ash and I get back in our position and continue watching the storm.

“Oh he is so gaga over her.” I say the second I know he’s out of earshot.

“Mmhm.” Ash says immediately in response. We laugh and I snuggle into his body once again.

As the night progresses, I start getting less scared by everything. I started off reflexively curling into Ashton when there would be bigger crashes of thunder, but when an hour or so passed, I was pretty comfortably watching the storm as things calmed down. After about another half hour, all the thunder had stopped and the lightning was pretty much gone too.

For the majority of this time, we sat in silence. But once it got to this point, I piped up “What time is it, Ash?” as I let out a big yawn. He removes one of his hands from mine to get his phone out.

“2:08. …And you sound exhausted.” he comments laughing. I sit up and stretch careful not to hit him.

“Am not. Or at least I won’t be anymore once I get some food in me. I’m starving. You?” I ask getting up to stretch my legs.

“Well that depends on what you’re making for yourself.” he answers. Figures. If what I’m having sounds good, only then will he be hungry.

“I was thinking of making myself a mug cake. Sound good?” I question.

“Yum. And it’ll feel good going down too.” he jokes. Really?

“Oh my god. You and Carol really need to get better jokes.” I say heading to the kitchen.

“Ha! She uses that joke too?” he says following me there.

“More than she should.” I return. I get my mug cake recipe book out and flip through to see what sounds tasty, as Ashton looks over my shoulder. “Anything pop out at you?” I ask.

“Hmmm…the chocolate mayo one sounds pretty good. Chocolate anything sounds great right now, to be honest.” he says.

“Okay, chocolate mayo it is. I like that one too.” I agree.

We spend the next twenty or so minutes getting all the ingredients and measuring utensils out and making each of the cakes. I make Ashton help me even though at some points he stops helping to stand behind me, and snake his arms around my waist while I’m trying to measure or stir. See, I love when he is affectionate like that when he doesn’t have to be. It’s cute and I love cute shit.

Once both cakes are microwaved, I leave them on the counter to cool for a few minutes before we take them into the living room with us. We end up eating them so fast it’s as though we inhaled them whole. If I do say so myself, it was pretty good. Afterward I take the mugs in the kitchen for them to soak in the sink and then hurry back to get cozy with Ash again.

“What time is it now?” I wonder. Again, Ash moves to get his phone.

“2:50. When was the last time you stayed up this late? Michael’s birthday?” he asks with a teasing tone.

“Hey! I stay up late. Just not all the time like some people.” I point out.

“Ha whatever. Either way, do you wanna go to bed or do you wanna keep sitting here?” he asks.

“Oh I could stay up all night if I wanted to.” I state proudly.

“Oh really? Prove it. Stay up all night tonight with me.” he challenges.

“It’s on.” I accept.

Ashton and I have spent an immeasurable amount of time talking. We talked about the tour some more and how they need to come up with the Asia set list soon. We talked about when they’re gonna start writing for their third album, and about Feldmann. Ash really misses him. But it’s no secret why. He has been instrumental in the writing of 5SOS’s music. Plus he’s a great person. Carol and I really want to meet him but unfortunately that will most likely never happen.

We also talked about Addi and how I made a one day trip north to be there for her first birthday yesterday. I showed him a bunch of pictures I took and how it was great to see her again. We’ve talked about numerous things and it has made time fly by really fast. All the while, I’ve been in Ashton’s arms holding his hands with intertwined fingers. It has been such a great night. And to think, it never would have happened if I hadn’t come down for that water. …Which I never did open.

“Hey Ash, what’s the time now? …Because the sun is starting to rise.” I say groggily, not sitting up.

“…It is 6:00am, munchkin. You proved me wrong. Good job!” he cheers. I stayed up all night with him, and it is finally starting to hit me as the sun begins to shine through the window and blind me.

“Woo…Told you I could.” I say totally unenthusiastic.

I hear him laugh but no longer see anything. I must have closed my eyes. “Yes you did. I’m proud of you. But now I really think you need to get some sleep.” he says starting to move to get me up.

“Nooo don’t move. Stay here.” I protest leaning back on him more and squeezing his hands, eyes still closed.

“Angela, munchkin, you need to sleep in your bed. Do you want me to carry you there?” he offers. I nod my head and feel him let go of my hands, moving me slightly and then picking me up like a baby. I curl up in his arms and face towards him, my face in his chest.

I can tell now that he is walking out of here and up the stairs. He turns down the hallway and I feel him set me on my bed and cover me with the blanket. “Are you comfy?” he asks.

“Mmhm.” I barely get out. I’m already starting to doze off as I roll onto my right side.

“Good. See you later today, munchkin. Goodnight and sleep tight.” I hear him say.

“Night, Ash. Thank you.” I mumble.

He giggles, “You’re welcome.” and I’m about to fall completely asleep when I feel him move hair out of my face and kiss my forehead.

The last things I hear before I officially lose consciousness are the words “I love you” by my door, and Ashton closing it behind him.

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