Love's Hard

Alex was having a good life and graduation was coming up and she was prepared for it, but when the wrong person asks for help, everything gets out of whack. Alex is a good girl, but has her bad in her as well. The bad boy, Luke, is the biggest bad boy in the school and thinks he owns everything. As the bad boy of the school goes to Alex for help in class, things start to change in both of him. Read to find out how these two have differences and have similarities.


6. Pain

After Luke sent me that message on Facebook I've had this bad feeling in my stomach. I grabbed my laptop again and got on Facebook talking to my old friend from Tennessee, Jordan. She was talking to me about Josh, (My guy best friend that bought me my favorite Batman hat), she told me that he missed me a lot and hopes to see me sometime. I didn't mention that I was going to surprise them for Josh's birthday in two weeks. I told her about Luke and the rest of the group. She asked me if I liked Luke back, I froze, but then replied, Yes. I mean I did like him since he started being nice to me. 

*Bing* I got tagged in something. I told Jordan i'll talk to her later and i went to find out what i got tagged in. When I saw what I was tagged in I almost shit myself. 

"Alex is so shallow, she writes about her day in her phone notes."  Posted by Luke Hemmings. I fucking knew it. He was playing me and I fell for it. What the fuck? I saw a photo of my notes that was screen shotted. I was so pissed and upset at the same time that I didn't know what to do. I started reading the comments, there was a comment from Angel. 

"How did you get this?" I watched as it got bad in a minute. Ashton then commented.

"Damn that's so fucking dumb and stupid. That bitch is really stupid." Angel replied, Shut up Ashton, she didn't do anything to deserve what you guys do to her." Angel was sticking up for me to Ashton, wow. But I could tell that Angel had started something that would make this worst for me.They were fighting in the comments until Angel called it off and dumped him. Damn, that was harsh. Then Luke commented.

"Yeah Luke was saw talking to her around school, he can't be in this group no more if he has anything to do with her." I looked at this multiple times, Luke didn't post this. Someone's on Luke's account, or is he doing that to make me think that. Then Calum commented that blew what Carrie was doing. 

"Okay baby get off now and come over i'm lonely." That fucking bitch Carrie, but if that was Carrie, then where's Luke. I heard a knock on my downstairs door so I ran downstairs and looked through the peek hole, standing there was a messed up Luke. I opened the door and saw him bleeding out the corner of his eye and all fucked up. His hair is messed up, eyes red, bruises all over him, jacket torn and clothes torn. He looked at me and fell face first on my floor bleeding on the wood floor. I sat on the floor and put his head on my lap and flipped him over, i kicked the door shut and looked down at him. He didn't even look like him, I moved his hair back and looked at him just looking at what's on my lap. I sat there waiting for him to wake up for about 20 minutes. When he came too he just starred at me with the one good eye he had.

"What happened?" I asked still moving his hair out of his eyes. 

"They saw me and you talking in school and Calum didn't like it so he sent Ashton and Michael to beat me up. He's also sending Carrie and Alyssa to beat you up." He said weakly, Why are you caring for me anyway? I was an asshole to you." He said closing his eyes.

"I don't care anymore how you treated me. Your whole group was assholes to me. Now I need to get you patched up and then I got a fight on my hands." I said sitting him up carefully.

"Alex." He said smoothly. I looked at him, "I'm sorry." I shook my head and stood up putting my hands out to help him up. He stood up slowly and put his arm around me as I helped him upstairs I thought to myself, "Maybe he is changed, maybe he is a nice guy now." I sat him on my bed and took his jacket and put it on my desk. 

"I can fix these holes if you want." I said looking at them. 

"Don't worry about it I have many more." He replied taking his shirt off. Oh shit. Six pack. I stumbled backwards and knocked my books off my desk. I looked down and was putting them together and picking them back up. I heard his laugh, very hot. I stood up and put them back and took his shirt.

"Okay now I need your jeans to wash." I said trying not to sound weird. He stood up slowly and fell back on the bed. 

"I can't stand up long enough." He said, I think he's joking but it looks like he's not. I walked over to him and look at him. 

"Are you serious?" I asked crossing my arms and starring at him.

"Yes Alex i'm serious my legs are killing me." He said laying his head back on my pillows. I leaned over and unbuckled his belt and jeans and slid them down his legs slow and carefully. As I was doing that he was grunting and saying ow so I tried to go slower when I finally go them off i took his belt out of them and i emptied his pockets. I set his wallet, his phone, some extra change, a lighter, and a pack of cigarettes on my desk and got all his clothes together. 

"I'll be right back i'm going to go wash these." I said about to walk out the door. 

"Wait. Could you help me get my boots off?" He asked politely,"Please?" He asked sitting up carefully. I walked over to him and bent down and untied his boots and took his socks off. I set his boots by mine and i got all his clothes together and walked downstairs to the laundry room, I put his clothes in the washer and when I walked out my mom was coming in the back door. 

"Hey sweetie, what are you doing up so late? Are you feeling better? Are you washing your clothes?" It felt like she was asking a million questions. I shut the door to the laundry room and hugged her. 

"I'm fine and i'm up because a friend of mine got beat up so he came here and he looks bad and i'm going to take care of him. It's Friday so he has all weekend to get better, and i;m washing his clothes." I said yawning.

"Is he okay? Does he need anything? Darling have you looked at the clock?" She asked setting her purse down.I turned my head and looked at the clock, 2:47 am. Damn, I didn't even notice. 

"I'm going to clean him up, then to bed. Love you mom!" I said as i kissed her cheek and ran back upstairs. I saw Luke was sleeping so i went to the bathroom and got a damp washcloth and i sat on the bed beside him and wiped the blood off of his forehead and beside his eye and i put some bandages on his cuts. He flinched in his sleep but stayed asleep. I finished and let him sleep. I covered Luke up and laid on the floor after shutting the lights off. I looked up at the ceiling and thought what Luke said about Carrie and Alyssa wanting to beat me up. I slowly drifted off to sleep. I woke up thirty minutes later, to a blanket being put on me. I opened my eyes and I could barely see so i grabbed the persons arm. 

"Hey not so hard, i was just covering you up." Luke said. I shook my head and let go. 

"Sorry, I didn't know who you were." I said sitting up rubbing my eyes. He looked at me. 

"Get on the bed Alex." He said holding a hand out. I grabbed his hand and stood up. I hope he's not trying to sleep with me. I got in my bed and covered up. He got in beside me and covered up as well. He was still in his boxers he felt cold. I started to fall back asleep when i felt a hand slip around my waist and a head resting behind mine. I didn't care i was tired. I woke up again to the sun shinning in my face and Luke beside me sleeping. 

"Ahhhh." I yelled and fell off the bed hitting my head on the stand, "Ow fuck." I said while rubbing the back of my head. He jumped up really fast and looked around.

"What's wrong?! What happened?!" He yelled looking around and then stopping at me, "What are you doing down there." He asked laughing a little bit.

"It's not funny." I said standing up. 

"Fine, now what are you doing on the floor?" He asked. I got back in bed and rolled over to look at him. 

"I fell because i'm not use to waking up to someone who hates me." I said covering up. He looked at me weird. 

"I don't hate you." He said. I turned my head and looked at him,

"Then why did you treat me badly?" I asked. He looked down.

"I don't know Alex, maybe it was because I wanted to be popular and have cool friends and the only way I could was to tear other people down. I thought it made me cool." He turned and looked at me, "I'm really sorry Alex." I looked him in the eyes.

"How do I know you changed? I mean everyone knows you're a player and you play girls. You use them and then leave." I said getting up to get clothes. I turned and looked at him. He's sitting there tearing up. 

"Yeah i get it i'm an asshole, you don;t have to rub it in. Everyone hates me and i want to be bad boy because it makes me look hot, but everyone hates me because the people i hang out with. My old friends hates me because i'm hanging out with you. But i like you! I can't help that i'm a fuckboy. I don't mean too. I mean all the other girls I've slept with was because i haven't found the girl i actually want to be with. I'm sorry for all the pain i've gave you! I made you cut and that's what upset me. I'm sorry, okay?" He said while crying now. I walked over to him and hugged him. 

"Luke, i'm sorry for bringing it up. I didn't know that's how you felt. I'm sorry." I said as i heard a car pull up outside my house and Carrie laughing as she got closer. I looked at Luke, whispering, "Do they know you're here?" I asked.

"I don't know." he said looking around. My mom laid his clothes on my desk folded. He put them on as i got up and put my 'bad girl' look on as well. He turned around and starred at me. 

"So you do have a bad side?" He said smirking. And there's the old Luke. I walked downstairs and peeked around the corner Carrie was talking to my mom.

"Mrs. Parker i need to see Alex. She bullied me and i just wanted to talk to her about it." Carrie lied to my mom. I looked at Luke and he was sneaking out the backdoor waving for me to go with him, i did. We jumped fences and ran to his house, it was huge. We saw Calum and Ashton outside waiting. Luke pushed me to go the other way but then I felt someone pull my hair and i fell backwards on my back. 

"OW!!!!" I yelled and fell. Luke turned around and got punched in the face again. He's never going to feel better.

"Well, well, well bitch. If it isn't Luke and his slut." Carrie said. I was still laying on the ground when Luke was being held back by Michael. "Hey the assholes are over here!" Carrie yelled to Calum and Ashton. As they ran over Carrie still had my hair in her hand. Alyssa came running over too. 

"Well Lukey baby, who's this slut?" She asked while putting her hand on him and kissing him. I watched as she kissed him and he was struggling to move away but Michael held him still. I kept my eyes on Luke as Calum punched him multiple times hard in the gut. I grabbed Carries hands and puller her down to lay on the ground. I stepped on her stomach really hard and kicked her in the side three times before Ashton grabbed me and held me to the ground. He was grinding on me and giving me a dirty look. 

"Ohh this is going to be fun." He said smirking as i tried to get free but couldn't. "I'll take this one with me." He said to Calum as picking me and up carrying me to his car. I watched as Luke started to punch the shit out of Michael and Calum. I started crying as i saw Luke fall to the ground, hurt. I looked at my door, unlocked. I got out and started runing to Luke. 

"Luke!!" I screamed as he looked up. Alyssa started to run at me and i pushed her out of the way and punched Calum and Michael. Ashton ran after me as i got down to Luke he handed me a switch blade. I opened it and held it up. I jumped up and got on Alyssa. I held the knife up to her hand.

"Touch us again and i'll make her fingers disappear!" I yelled, "Leave us alone!" I got up and kicked Alyssa away and they all drove away, fast. I dropped the blade and went to Luke. 

 "Luke, look at me." I said tearing up. He looked at me all bruised even more. "I'm so sorry i got you dragged into this and that you are fighting with them and that you are taking beatings" I kissed his forehead as we sat on the ground. 

"Alex it's my fault i should've told you i liked you a long time ago." He said while getting a cigarette out and smoking. We sat on the grass all day talking and then we watched the sunset. We went out to eat at burger king and then went to his house and got clothes for him. We went back to my house and laid around doing nothing all night, except, trying to make the pain go away.





Author's note: Hey guys! I know my chapters aren't that long or maybe no that good, but i'm working on it. I'm trying to make them longer for you guys. :) Hope you like the story so far!

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