Love's Hard

Alex was having a good life and graduation was coming up and she was prepared for it, but when the wrong person asks for help, everything gets out of whack. Alex is a good girl, but has her bad in her as well. The bad boy, Luke, is the biggest bad boy in the school and thinks he owns everything. As the bad boy of the school goes to Alex for help in class, things start to change in both of him. Read to find out how these two have differences and have similarities.


5. Confused

Stuck walking home because bitches at school, but suddenly I felt like I was being followed. I turned around to find Angel running at me crying. Angel was the volleyball captain of the team. She was a close friend to me and even though i don't play volleyball she still seems to like me.

"Alex!!!!" She yelled at me all excitedly. I started backing up carefully trying not to fall or get tackled by her.

"What's up?" I asked as she was bouncing up and down.

"You know Ashton Irwin right? The one that hangs with Luke Hemmings." I nodded. "Well I was leaving volleyball practice and walking towards my car when I felt someone tap my shoulder. Well he said that he has liked me for a while now and that e wanted to date me to dinner tomorrow night!" She squealed.

"That's really cool, but I would watch out for Luke's group. Calum and Carrie are the rudest out of all of them." I stated looking around.

"How do you know that? She questioned me.

"They took my tires off my car and poured paint ll over it so now i'm stuck walking, and Luke, he has a sweet side to him. I was in Mrs.Peters class today and she said something to him and he got pissed at first but then he got upset and I gave him a pencil and he actually wasn't an asshole to me." I said looking at my shoes.

"Alex he's bad news. Even when he's not around his friends, he's always sleeping with girls. I just don't want you dating him and playing you like everyone else." She looked down the street after she heard yelling and laughter and loud music,I looked as well. There was Michael driving a truck down the street with Luke,Calum,Carrie, and Ashton. They all had water balloons and they threw them at me, except for Luke. What was he doing? He's suppose to be an asshole to me too. Angel ran so Ashton wouldn't see her and Luke kept starring at me as I tried to figure out what the fuck was in those balloons.It was wet paint. As they drove away I looked up with tears in my eyes and looking looking worried as Michael kept driving. I ran as fast as possible home before they could turn around and do it again. I ran in the house slamming the door behind me and running up to my room. 
"Alex? Sweetie? Are you okay?" My mom asked all concerned.

"Leave me alone!!" I screamed as I locked the door went to my bathroom and locked that door too. I hurt my mom but I was to pissed and upset and confused at the same time. I took my blade and got undressed and turned the water on and sat on the floor of the tub. I looked at my painted forearm. I put the blade to my arm and cut a deep line. I cried harder as I cut 12 more. I threw my blade out of the shower and cried hugging my legs. 

"I can't be strong all the time. I have a soft side, I can't show it. Why do they always pick on me? I didn't do anything to them." I got up and washed all the paint off of me and got out and put on my One Direction shirt and a Nike pair of sweats. I brushed my teeth and walked out to my room. I was getting late and my mom had already left for her nursing job, so it was just me. I walked downstairs and ate some pizza and drank a bottle of water and watched TV until 9 something and then I went back upstairs and did my homework. After an hour of homework i could've thought I heard knocking on my house door but then it disappeared so I didn't worry about it, then I got feeling that someone was watching me so I got up and looked around and then I opened my glass doors to my little deck and walked outside and looked around and saw someone in black clothes standing next to a crotch rocket starring at me. 

"Who's there?" I asked as he stepped into the light and I saw Luke. 

"Hey sweetheart" His low voice stated, "Can I come up?" He asked rubbing the back of his neck. 

"Umm I don't know are you going to throw paint at me again?" I asked getting a little pissed. He climbed up on my deck and stood there leaning against the rail.

"Sweetheart, I didn't hit you with any." He said smoothly looking me up and down. 

"Luke, why didn't you stick up for me?" I asked trying not to blush. No, Alex you told yourself you can't fall for him, oh god.

"Because if I did, it would make me look weak around my friends and I don't want that sweetheart because then i'll be lame and lose my close friends." He said chewing his gum. I looked at him up and down. 

"Why are you here? You don't like me, you don't talk to me, you make fun of me, but what I can't figure out is why you are acting nice to me for once. You're usually an asshole to me Luke, and I guess you don't care because you're 'all bad and tough' and you don't care about anyone but yourself and your fake friends." I said getting a little angry putting my finger on his chest. He looked shocked and then it hit me, his eyes hit my arm and he looked odd. I couldn't figure out why he looked that way. He made eye contact with me and it's like his attitude had changed and he just became a different person. He was stuttering.

"A-alex." He backed up away from me in shock, "Did I make you do that? Was it my friends? When did you do that?" He walked close to me and held my arm out so he can look at all the marks. I looked down at my feet and started tearing up but I held on. He grabbed me and hugged me tight. Then I heard talking down there by Luke's bike, oh god. We looked at each other and he pushed me away and jumped down sneaking up behind some girl and the rest of the group and he ended up kissing the girl just so I had to watch. 

"Oh look a bitch." Carrie said pointing at me as the rest of the group looked at me. I shut my doors barely and curtains but listening to them carefully with the door cracked. 

"Bro what are you doing here?" I heard Ashton ask and the rest of the group wanted to know. I wanted to hear what he was going to say as well. 

"I Just needed to pull over for some air and I didn't know that she lived here." He said making 'she' sound so bad. I closed the door all the way and went to find my phone on the stand. It's no there. Where is it? I looked around and then I heard a buzz on my Facebook on my laptop. It was Luke- I have your phone, I was going to do something then return it as soon as possible. Sorry I had to leave, something came up.

He's acting like I didn't see or hear him, and maybe he didn't see me watching or listening. Oh god, what is he going to do with my phone? 





Author's Note: I'm going to start doing my author notes in the same chapter. So, hey again. I hope you liked this chapter and moody Luke. It will get better I promise. What do you think that Luke wanted her phone for? Whatever it was it couldn't be good........or was it?

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