Love's Hard

Alex was having a good life and graduation was coming up and she was prepared for it, but when the wrong person asks for help, everything gets out of whack. Alex is a good girl, but has her bad in her as well. The bad boy, Luke, is the biggest bad boy in the school and thinks he owns everything. As the bad boy of the school goes to Alex for help in class, things start to change in both of him. Read to find out how these two have differences and have similarities.


2. About The Characters

Alex- Smart in school and is like every other teenager, she is a good girl for her parents and the teachers but when it comes to bullies or anyone who tries to get her way. she turns into a bad bitch. She recently moved Tennessee to California with her mother because her dad left them to be with Alex's mom's best friend.She has long brown hair, skinny, and loves One Direction. Her dream is to meet them.

Luke- Luke is a full bad boy, clothes always dark and wears a leather jacket, drives a crotch rocket and also has a nice charger as well. In school, he is known or the school's bad ass and biggest player, he always has his three friends with him and that are also jerks but have  sweet side to them as well as Luke. He fails most of his classes and doesn't try in school, until the teacher tells him that he needs to pass his math class or he can't graduate.

Ashton- He has that asshole attitude but really cares about people underneath. He is usually the quiet one of the group and keeps his opinion to himself unless Luke makes his speak.  Ashton wear's normal clothes and drives a mustang. *Looking for a girlfriend. Comment*

Calum- The loud one of the group, and the one that always runs his mouth at everyone. He thinks that he is going to take Luke's spot as the leader of the group. He drives a challenger,him and Luke get's in fights most of the time. He wear's some of the same kind of clothes as Luke and some as Ashton. * Looking for a girlfriend. Comment*

Michael- He's the one that doesn't really like drama but will still help his friends in making people feel like shit. He wears the same type of clothes as Ashton and drives a normal Chevy car. *Looking for a girlfriend. Comment*


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