Niall is life

I'm new to this app and I wanted to write a fanfic.


1. Getting ready

(A/n: Throughout this story you will be referenced as y/n and the boys will be written as their names and your best friend will be bff/n. Thanks for reading hope you like it.)

You woke up early that morning because that night you were going to a ONE DIRECTION CONCERT!!!! You were going with your best friend, bff/n. You were really excited because this was your first One Direction concert. The boys had been a band for a year already. Your and your bff had backstage passes to meet the boys after the show. Your favorite member was Niall. You had liked him ever since you had first seen him on X-Factor. 

Later that day... 

You figured you had about half an hour till you had to start getting ready for the concert. So you went into your living room and turned on your favorite show. You watched one episode and then went up to your room to start getting ready. You hopped in the shower and then picked out a red crop top and some white jeggings with your red high tops. You styled your hair in loose curls and put on some natural makeup. 

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