The Horror You Inspire

The days changed like you wouldn't believe.
When he was here, the grass was green, the flowers were pink, & the night was so bright.
Life had sunshine & smiles, and all those things us pessimist's despise.
Home wasn't like it used to be, because a house was never home, & he was never really planted like the flowers that lead up to their house.
He was home, and anywhere they went, as long as they were together, they were home.
There is, in fact, no place like it.
After he died, everything suddenly lost taste, like he had taken it with him.
So, she had to become friendly with the darkness and all sorts of scum, like the sewer rats & the Venus fly traps that she thought sometimes talked to her.
She had become comfortably numb.
All the animals spoke highly of him, and they only really fear the Seventh Son, his offspring.
It wasn't quite prophecy, but his rage & evil were predicted not long ago; regardless, she ignored it for as long as she could, because ignorance is bliss, right?


14. Chapter 13

When the morning comes and Maybelyn's room is torn apart and covered in blood and black goo and more unimaginable liquids, she finally finds the hex bag when she flips her bed over, and she crushes it under her dresser. 

Maybelyn makes sure to collect herself before going to the shop, like changing her clothes and doing hair and cosmetics, and she tries to put on a confident face, but because she ravaged all night just to live, she looks more tired than anything. 

She cleans most of the room by casting spells with her wand and saying incantations till the room is cleaned up and slips her wand back into her pocket. 

Keturah gets the satisfaction she wanted as Maybelyn comes down the stairs looking slightly mortified and extremely tired. 

"Maybe, sweetie, how'd you sleep?" Keturah asks haughtily. 

"Get away from me, demon" Maybelyn demands. 

"I slept good too, thanks, but oh, dear, your friend Eva? I don't think she slept very well at all" Keturah says dramatically. 

"What did you do to her?!" Maybelyn screams.

"No need to fret, she is fine, I mean, I'm sure she went to heaven! If you want me to go check, I'll go downstairs and be back in a jiffy!" Keturah beams, and Maybelyn starts to shake. 

"She's dead?" Maybelyn asks.

"I'm afraid so. Funny thing though, she asked, before she died, and before she was tortured of course, which earrings look better on her, but when I answered her, she didn't seem like she wanted an answer, and god, would she not stop screaming, so I had to do something!" The demon says, knowing she's making Maybelyn's blood boil. 

"Leave my customers alone" Maybelyn says slowly. 

"I told you before, and I'll say it again... No" Keturah replies, and Maybelyn doesn't know what to do. 

Eva was a young aspiring musician and revealed to Maybelyn so many things, like how she wanted to travel the world and sing to people, and now she's dead, which is partly Maybelyn's fault.  

"Sit and listen!" Keturah demands and grabs Maybelyn by the wrists and forces her into a chair and with the wave of Maybelyn's own wand, dozens of ropes come and tie themselves around Maybelyn to keep her firmly planted in the chair. 

"Now, here is the story of young miss Eva, who died last night. Consider this a live obituary, instead of reading it from a newspaper of course. Eva Rose was a 19 year old folk musician who was known by many and loved by all. Eva was found dead in her apartment, horrifyingly tortured and torn apart by an incarnate satan, who was truly stunning and used utmost talent on making Eva a tragedy. 
Once in her life, Eva visited a witch who tried to help Eva as she poured her heart out, confessing her biggest fears, but little did Eva know that those confessions would be used against her in the end; undoubtedly if she knew she would have withheld. 
But Eva was still a fighter, she kicked until her feet were sent through the electronic recycling bin, and she scratched until her nails were ripped out, and even then, she punched until her knuckles were skinned from her hands, and yet then, she only soon stopped fighting after her generator was pulled, but her famous last words before her pretty little lips were cut off were 'you never conquered,' and then her teeth were aquatinted with her eyes. She was kind, smart, generous, and she will be deeply missed. Funeral at your local Catholic Church, and a party to follow, celebrating her death of course, please bring a dish to share."

When Keturah finishes her mock obituary Maybelyn is in tears, because she heard some horrifying things, like her heart being torn out and her teeth being ripped out and shoved into her eyes, and Maybelyn can no longer listen to Keturah without cringing or crying because she is simply the most disgusting demon Maybelyn has come across. 

"No one deserves that treatment, except for you" Maybelyn spits. 

"No, honey, I deserve much worse" Keturah grins. 

"Go buy stuffed toys and get your wrath out on them, leave real lives alone" Maybelyn suggests, rather begs. 

"Now that's not nearly as fun! It's not messy and loud, and it doesn't leave a mark when those little stuffed puppies die, but when real people die, oh, but the gap it leaves, it's a comfortable gap for demons like me" Keturah argues. 

"You're sick" Maybelyn says. 

"I appreciate that. Anywho, I've got to get going, got to see who I can have my next play date with!" Keturah says, grossly happily and exits the room, first to Mitchell's room to get him, and then they both leave, Maybelyn's wand still with Keturah. 

Maybelyn sits there for what feels like hours, worrying what this will look like if a customer comes in, but knowing there's nothing she can do about it. 

Any object she could've used to cut the ropes has been long since taken to Mitchell's room and kept locked up, and it's enchanted rope anyways, it wouldn't let her go that easy. 

So Maybelyn waits, not sure for what though, surely not some type of rescue, maybe just for Keturah and Mitchell to come home and then they might be gracious and untie her. 

A familiar voice proves her first assumption however unlikely, that she is being rescued; partly. 

"You what?!" Maybelyn exclaims as a new body of Hilkiah unties her from the chair. 

"I came out of Elias, and tried to save him and his father and sister, but it was too late, so I searched for a new body that I wouldn't destroy, and he was the only one I could find. You humans are getting weaker and weaker" he repeats, and continues, "But after I found him I came over here and waited close by every day until I learned the demon and your sons schedule, and I know they won't be back for another two hours, so I needed to come inside to talk to you" he finishes. 

"I understand. I don't know if you're aware, but they've been on a killing spree, and they're not stopping" Maybelyn replies. 

"I was not aware they were killing, but that gives me even more a reason to give you this..." He says, and then reaches under his jacket and hands Maybelyn a book. 

"I found it, and it's in Latin, which I know you can mostly translate. I'll come by every chance I can get and I will help you translate the bits you can't and get the ingredients to destroy Keturah for good. This is the spell book" Hilkiah says, and Maybelyn nods. 

"Will she sense it? Will she sense you've been here?" Maybelyn asks. 

"She might be able to sense me, but if you keep the book well hidden they won't find it" the angel replies. 

"Should I re-bind it and put it on the shelf?" Maybelyn asks as she takes a fake binding off the shelf and wraps it around the fragile book. 

"That might work, but remember, if they get their hands on it, that's all we have to defeat her, and if that gets taken, we're hopeless" Hilkiah says, and the reality of that scares Maybelyn because she really needs the demon, and maybe even her son gone. 

Maybelyn knows she can't live like this. 

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