The Horror You Inspire

The days changed like you wouldn't believe.
When he was here, the grass was green, the flowers were pink, & the night was so bright.
Life had sunshine & smiles, and all those things us pessimist's despise.
Home wasn't like it used to be, because a house was never home, & he was never really planted like the flowers that lead up to their house.
He was home, and anywhere they went, as long as they were together, they were home.
There is, in fact, no place like it.
After he died, everything suddenly lost taste, like he had taken it with him.
So, she had to become friendly with the darkness and all sorts of scum, like the sewer rats & the Venus fly traps that she thought sometimes talked to her.
She had become comfortably numb.
All the animals spoke highly of him, and they only really fear the Seventh Son, his offspring.
It wasn't quite prophecy, but his rage & evil were predicted not long ago; regardless, she ignored it for as long as she could, because ignorance is bliss, right?


10. Chapter 9

Maybelyn has an appointment scheduled from a man named Ryan who is a single dad with twins, saying they have a spiritual problem, and the priests couldn't help, which means it's the wrong type of spiritual. 

His daughter Cassidy seems to be being an out wright terror, and not the '7 year old, stick her tongue out at her brother' type of terror, the, 'light your brothers bed on fire while he's sleeping' type of terror. 

His son; Elias, the victim, seems to be the opposite of terrible, and he treats his sister like she's never hurt him before, despite all the times she clearly has... almost like he's got an angel and a devil. 

"She is out to kill him, and I try to tell the doctors and the priests, but when they question him he tells them she is a good sister, and he cleans her messes around the house as a slave, and they're both only 7. I don't understand and I've heard good things about you, so I'm hoping you could help" he explains to Maybelyn. 

"If you could bring them both in, take them out of school for a day if you have to, but bring them here as soon as you can, because if she gets bored with him, guess who's next" Maybelyn says, and with the reality of that statement, Ryan realises he never thought of that truth, and therefore is afraid even more so, because he can't ever bear the thought of losing his kids. 

"I've asked Cassidy why she wants to hurt her brother and she says it's what she has to do, I mean, who would have her do those things to her brother, they got along fine for the last 6 years? and I'm afraid of the change, and how horrifying she's being to him. I don't know why Elias doesn't defend himself, because I've tried to teach him ways to help himself and to call me when she's hurting him, but he says that she is a good sister and just needs to be saved, now saved from what, I don't know, but I don't know what to do" Ryan explains. 

Maybelyn tries as hard as she can to help him with the short time he drops in to schedule an appointment, but to be able to sit down with him and the kids and talk to them would help her evaluate the situation at it's fullest lengths. 

As Maybelyn asked, Ryan brings his children into her shop and home, and as he said, they are both only good and only bad. 

Cassidy starts to slowly destroy things around her as soon as she walks in, starting with the ceramic Socrates statuette on the hall counter. 

"Oh god, I'm sorry about that, I can pay for it to be replaced right away" Ryan says right away and grabs his checkbook out of a coat pocket, only to discover he wrote his last check, and his register book is full of miscellaneous items that Cassidy has broken or damaged and he has to pay for. 

The thought of handcuffs has crossed his mind, but they don't make them that small, and even if they did, Ryan knows Cassidy would get creative. 

"No, dear, it's perfectly fine" Maybelyn brushes it off and relieves Ryan of one of his many worries. 

Elias gets a little leaflet out of his pocket and uses it to start to clean up his sisters mess, and apologise for it, as if he broke it himself. 

"Cassidy, sweetheart, my name is Maybelyn, May for short, and I am not here to hurt you, but I do want to look at those pretty eyes of yours, so if you could come here" Maybelyn tries, being nice at first, which usually doesn't work for a demon. 

As presumed, Cassidy nods her head 'no' and stares Maybelyn right in the eyes as she punches the glass in the small door leading into the office. 

"Can I write a check for that?" Ryan asks desperately. 

"That will not be necessary" Maybelyn says. 

Elias comes and picks up all the glass, cutting himself accidentally a few times, but sweeping it into the trash he wipes the blood on his shirt and comes back over by the desk and waits for directions from his father, or until his sister makes a new mess. 

Maybelyn leans over her desk and points her wand to the bits of glass still left on the floor, and then carried on with Ryan and his kids. 

"Elias would you come here please, and Ryan would you stand outside the door?" Maybelyn asks while passing a pentacle from one hand to the other. 

Ryan leaves and Elias follows Maybelyn's instructions and she examines his eyes, mutters a few Latin words, and tries various small tests to try and find out what exactly is possessing him and see if it might be a lead to his sister as well.

"Angel, if you're in him, please explain to me what is going on?" Maybelyn whispers by the boys ear. 

"It is i, the angel Hilkiah, and I am trying to save the messenger of the new heaven and earth from the utter destruction which the demon inside of that one is trying to bring upon us" he says while pointing at Cassidy. 

"Who is inside of Cassidy?" Maybelyn whispers to the angel inside Elias.

"A demon named Keturah, who is known for her nuisance behaviour, and nasty taste for revenge" the angel says. 

"Will a regular incantation work to exorcize Keturah?" Maybelyn whispers while keeping an eye on Cassidy still. 

"No, I'm afraid not. There is a book, in which the proper incantation is in, but it is a rare book and hard to find, and there is little to no hope for the sweet little girl inside that body, but I am doing my best to keep Elias alive and I am so sorry that I have to inhabit a child, but he is strong, and he was willing, and his soul will still be intact after I leave" the angel affirms. 

"What about Cassidy?" Maybelyn asks. 

"If Keturah is defeated, she will unlikely be intact, and her father will need to know. Please reveal it softly" the angel asks, and puts a lot of pressure on Maybelyn. 

"Do you clean up all her messes willingly?" Maybelyn asks, more out of curiosity than anything. 

"She's a precious soul stuck in there, and I'm trying to help her, and so is the boy, which it's more of him, he's angel material" Hilkiah replies. 

"Can you bring Cassidy to me?" Maybelyn asks Ryan from outside the doors.  

"Sure" he nods and grabs Cassidy's arm. 

Cassidy tries to bite and scratch Ryan, but he doesn't put up with it and sets Cassidy down in front of Maybelyn. 

Maybelyn grabs Cassidy firmly but not roughly, and looks right into her eyes, and the demon blinks quickly, but not quick enough for Maybelyn not to notice the black pits she has for eyes. 

"Cassidy, why are you hurting your brother?" Maybelyn asks the little girl. 

"He's not my brother, and is trying to kill me, I am just defending myself" Keturah explains through Cassidy. 

"Why are you in this little girl and what are you going to do?" Maybelyn whispers to the demon.

"She is strong like her brother who can hold an angel. I am going to put the right people back into power; the guards, presidents, officers, teachers, and remove the weak" she says. 

"Why is your host a child? And will those leaders and people authority be evil? Because according to that angel, you are the infamous Keturah; nuisance of hell and all of the above" Maybelyn says sarcastically. 

"That angel is a drama queen, and he just wants to go back to heaven with the credit of saving the world from little old me. They will not be evil, just people the Master wants in power because he knows them" Keturah says. 

Maybelyn struggles with who to believe, because the angel sounded strangely serious and partially dramatic, but the demon sounded matter of fact-ly about her mission, and didn't sound too determined on destroying the world as much as the angel lead on. 

Maybelyn pulls Cassidy's arm once more and looks her in the eyes, trying to communicate to the demon. 

"Keturah, listen to me. Find someone else and inhabit her. Get out of this girl, she has a dad and a brother that need her"  Maybelyn demands strongly. 

"I can't leave this vessel, so don't try and challenge me" the demon says evilly. 

"Why?!" Maybelyn whispers in an attempt to shout. 

"Because we are biblically enemies from the beginning of time. When Leah and Rebekah were both married to David by manipulation of Laban, Leah and Rebekah both bore children back and forth until they were barren. 
We are the product of their disaster.
In your centuries bibles we are named differently, but we are of the descent of the biblically famous feud of the two sisters married to David. 
Our inhabiting of siblings who have always resented each other has meaning and to ruin it would ruin all balance. We could have picked cousins to inhabit, but we couldn't find cousins who were strong in each other quite like these brother and sister were" Hilkiah answers from Elias who is across the room. 

"You need to stop trying to kill him when you're not in your own body. You will cause that man unbelievable heartache if you end this feud by killing his children" Maybelyn says firmly, with tears in the corner of her eyes as she thinks about missing her old son, and feeling so passionately about other parents getting it right with their child, because she knows she didn't, and hopes for the best for Ryan. 

"Yeah, but..."
The demon tries but Maybelyn interrupts "no but's. Leave him alone" she says harshly. 

"You're lucky I'm aware you have the power to send me back downstairs, otherwise I wouldn't" the demon snaps, and walks away.

"Ryan, I'm sending the children out of the office for a minute, and if you could step inside, that would be helpful" Maybelyn says as the kids open the door to exit. 

"But Cassidy will destroy stuff, and Elias will hurt himself trying to help, are you sure they're okay out there by themselves?" He asks in hesitance. 

"I've had a chat with them and I assure you they will now be on their best behaviour" Maybelyn says. 

Ryan raises his eyebrows in shock but shrugs and sits down in front of the desk.

"So what's the diagnosis, Doc?" Ryan asks, trying to lighten the mood. 

"I am in no shape or form a doctor, but to answer the question I'm assuming you're trying to ask, your children are still perfectly alive, and I could give you the honest truth or I could tell you a lie, and the choice is all yours" Maybelyn says bluntly.

Ryan thinks for awhile, clearly torn up about it, because it is a hard decision. 

"Tell me both and let me decide what's the truth and what's the lie?" He asks finally. 

"Okay..." Maybelyn nods. 

"Your children are inhabited by an ancestries old, I'm talking, beginning of the bible old, rival cousins that must inhabit relatives for god knows why, but they are both on missions, the evil one on a simple mission, and the good one on a mission to kill the evil one, and your children are strong and can hold strong forces inside of them, and because the good saw the character change of the bad, the good child opened them self to save their sibling, and is inhabited by an angel, and the other inhabited by a demon. Your children are inside, and I cannot guarantee will come out okay when this is all over, but I assure you their current madness will stop" Maybelyn says, and then pauses. 

"Or, your children are clinically depressed, and each of them express their self hatred differently, one being selfish, one being selfless, and need to be prescribed medication, but as I said before, I am no doctor" Maybelyn says rather harshly, giving Ryan his unnatural truth, and not exactly doing it lightly. 

At that time, a giggle comes out of Cassidy from the hall. 

Ryan and Maybelyn both get up and go see, because that is a good sign. 

When they both open the doors, Mitchell is standing with Cassidy, tickling her, and Maybelyn gets soft inside because she thought all hope was gone for her son, but by this act has been proven wrong. 

Ryan on the other hand is surprised another man is in the house, and he's got his daughter.

"Who is this?" Ryan asks as he goes to grab his daughter from Mitchell. 

Maybelyn hesitates to reply, and Mitchell doesn't reply, so after an awkward silence she finally says "my son" and what a mistake that was. 

After Maybelyn finishes her talk with Ryan and him and his children leave, Mitchell brings torture on Maybelyn with burning, slapping and stabbing with needles, all of which he's aware she's afraid of. 

He releases her later and when she goes to bed, she is black and blue and bleeding, but is too tired to properly clean herself up, and goes to bed, ruining her sheets by covering them in tiny blood spots.

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