The Horror You Inspire

The days changed like you wouldn't believe.
When he was here, the grass was green, the flowers were pink, & the night was so bright.
Life had sunshine & smiles, and all those things us pessimist's despise.
Home wasn't like it used to be, because a house was never home, & he was never really planted like the flowers that lead up to their house.
He was home, and anywhere they went, as long as they were together, they were home.
There is, in fact, no place like it.
After he died, everything suddenly lost taste, like he had taken it with him.
So, she had to become friendly with the darkness and all sorts of scum, like the sewer rats & the Venus fly traps that she thought sometimes talked to her.
She had become comfortably numb.
All the animals spoke highly of him, and they only really fear the Seventh Son, his offspring.
It wasn't quite prophecy, but his rage & evil were predicted not long ago; regardless, she ignored it for as long as she could, because ignorance is bliss, right?


15. Chapter 14

Every other day when Keturah and Mitchell are out doing who knows what, Hilkiah comes in and creates the spell with Maybelyn. 

"So, in heaven we have this room that has all the ingredients you would ever need for a spell, for times like these when we need to make a spell to save humanity and or heaven, and because of my past endeavours and conquers, I have been given a right of passage from upstairs to down here and back, and even that room" Hilkiah shares. 

"What you're telling me is that there's a kitchen in heaven and the spice cabinet is full?" Maybelyn asks, judging in her mind. 

"That's correct. Speaking of which, we need sanctified gold, I will be right back" the angel says quickly and disappears. 

"Wait...!" Maybelyn tries to say, but knows he already left. 

"He'll be back" Maybelyn tells herself. 

But before he comes back, Mitchell comes back early with another young teen girl who Maybelyn assumes is a new body for Keturah, and worries about her last girl, hoping she's okay. 

"Hiya Maybelyn, like the new costume?" Keturah says. 

"What did you do to the last girl, and who is this?" Maybelyn asks quickly; while remembering Hilkiah might be back any moment and if he suddenly appeared, Keturah would know they've been doing something and Maybelyn would get punished. 

"Oh, Elaine... Alexia.. or something... I think? She's fine, we just bundled her all up like a yucky old t-shirt and tossed her on the side of the highway" Keturah replies, and Maybelyn puts her face in her hands. 

"May, you should be happy with me! This one, she committed suicide! I didn't even take a body anyone would miss cause she wasn't even alive!" Keturah exclaims, like it was the best news ever. 

"The body bag said Lilliana Sanchez" Keturah says with a smirk. 

"You!" Maybelyn screams. 

"You're a fast thinker aren't you?" Keturah taunts. 

"You made the girl kill herself just to get in her?" Maybelyn asks. 

"And then?" Keturah adds. 

"And then what?! You mean there's more?!" Maybelyn shouts. 

"You offend me, Maybelyn. I am known in heaven, on earth, and in hell for having a bit of flair, and you think the most I would do was make this little girl kill herself?" Keturah says. 

Maybelyn cringes and hopes she'll spare her the dramatic essence of details. 

"No, no, no, dear, this Lilliana Sanchez is someone familiar. If you might recall, you had a customer awhile back named Edward..." And then it really hits Maybelyn. 

Ed, and his daughter who messed with the ouija board. 

Lilliana bothered whatever spirits that were in her house, and they started acting out against Ed and his family. 

"Leave that family alone, they've probably already had a hard enough time with Lilliana's death, and now you want to take her to their home and give them all heart attacks by seeing their beloved back from the dead" Maybelyn says shakily. 

"Heart attack? I was thinking suffocation or perforated skin, you know, easy to tear, and I've got to step it up from my last performance with Eva" Keturah says like it's a matter of fact. 

"Why are you doing this?" Maybelyn asks genuinely. 

"Because I can, also, I have this wand, and I know it possesses the power to do great spells, which will come in handy" Keturah says and pulls Maybelyn's wand out of her pocket and twirls it between her fingers. 

"Self destruct" Maybelyn says, and then the wand burst into a million different shreds of wood and flies all over the room. 

"Mitchell!" Keturah yells. 

Mitchell comes to Keturah's rescue and immediately grabs Maybelyn by the shoulders, without even knowing what happened, because somehow Maybelyn is always the bad guy. 

"What did she do?" Mitchell asks while holding her dangerously tight like she might escape and kill them both. 

"She made her wand self destruct in my hand" Keturah says, and shows Mitchell all the blood and splinters of wood in her hand. 

"Well she can't get herself a new wand cause she hasn't stepped outside since Tom died, so she is punishing herself as much as you, but I think it's time to take out another one of her precious customers" Mitchell says.

But before Maybelyn can think of anything to try and defend her customers with, a loud vehicle pulls into the driveway. 

"Saved by the bell, huh?" Mitchell remarks as he lets Maybelyn go so she can serve her customer, and grit her teeth as she tries to figure out how to save their life without losing hers, which she would be willing to do, but Mitchell wouldn't take that for an escape. 

"It's the 'no fear' girl again" Mitchell calls into the hall right before he goes into Maybelyn's office and dims the lights till he's too far into the shadows.

"What was her name?" Maybelyn asks Mitchell. 

"No clue" Mitchell replies. 

She comes in, her same confidence radiating and her black boots slamming into the floor like hammers. 

"Back for more" she announces as she sees Maybelyn and cracks her neck and fingers before sitting down. 

"It's good to see you, dear. Our last session I didn't catch your name, and if you don't remember, I'm Maybelyn" Maybelyn says. 

"Amelie East" she says. 

"Thank you, Amelie. Now, what would you like to do today?" Maybelyn asks. 

"I was thinking the crystal ball. Do you claim clairvoyance?" Amelie asks, and Maybelyn is genuinely surprised by such a rare and observant question. 

"I do not in fact claim clairvoyance, but I can oversee current events, and give my honest and hopefully knowledgeable opinion on what I perceive" Maybelyn says truthfully. 

"Then maybe just a fear evaluation again? Maybe things have changed since last time?" Amelie asks, and it puzzles Maybelyn, but she obliges anyway and waits for Amelie to take her rings off, and when she puts her hand on the desk she begins to trace her palm right away. 

As Maybelyn is searching her mind, she chuckled when she notices that Amelie asked for this service purely because of the deep sleep she was able to get last time. 

Clever girl, Maybelyn thinks, while still trying to pin point an area that keeps Amelie awake at night and causes her to need the sleep she does, and the only thing that keeps a person awake as much as fear is stress, and Maybelyn sees no signs of stress. 

After Amelie leaves that day, Maybelyn remembers Hilkiah and wonders what that angel is up to. Hopefully gathering spell supplies. 

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