The Horror You Inspire

The days changed like you wouldn't believe.
When he was here, the grass was green, the flowers were pink, & the night was so bright.
Life had sunshine & smiles, and all those things us pessimist's despise.
Home wasn't like it used to be, because a house was never home, & he was never really planted like the flowers that lead up to their house.
He was home, and anywhere they went, as long as they were together, they were home.
There is, in fact, no place like it.
After he died, everything suddenly lost taste, like he had taken it with him.
So, she had to become friendly with the darkness and all sorts of scum, like the sewer rats & the Venus fly traps that she thought sometimes talked to her.
She had become comfortably numb.
All the animals spoke highly of him, and they only really fear the Seventh Son, his offspring.
It wasn't quite prophecy, but his rage & evil were predicted not long ago; regardless, she ignored it for as long as she could, because ignorance is bliss, right?


2. Chapter 1

It all started when Maybelyn Carson's husband Tom died. 
She pulled her son Mitchell out of school, and stopped leaving the house for anything; paying the bills with Tom's life insurance, and getting food delivered was her and her sons only way of eating and any type of social interaction. 

It lasted fifteen years, and then she opened a Mystic shop right out of her own home. 

Maybelyn claims she needed fifteen years to reclaim herself after her husband died, and to fully understand her knowledge of being a Medium. 

She opened the shop right in her office and living room, and it's a haunting place, but it's quite popular. 

Today a curious housewife in the neighbourhood stops by, more on the grounds of finding out the juicy details of how crazy Maybelyn Carson has become, and any gossip she might be able to stir around. 

She comes into the shop with a sense of doubt, Maybelyn senses this, so she prepares to tell a lie.
Maybelyn lying is quite occasional, but special cases like this need the truth stretched for the full effect, but she'd never lie on a dangerous case. 

"Come this way, if you will, my dear, and see what the future holds" Maybelyn says in an disguised voice. 

Carol obliges, while still nosing around what she can, and enters the room where Maybelyn sits behind a table laden with tarot cards and a crystal ball. 

The dark interior intimidates Carol, but with the reputation of always having the best gossip, and the first one in her group to brave it inside Maybelyn's house; she carries on. 

"Sit, dear" Maybelyn says and notions to the chair across the table. 

Carol does, and winces at a sharp pain she thought she felt, but looks down to see no blood or any sharp object, so she brushes it off. 

"What have you come here for?" Maybelyn asks, rather dramatically. 

"What do you offer?" Carol asks nervously. 

"A Ouija session to talk to a spirit you might want to, a crystal ball to read into your future, a palm reading, a tarot card reading, tea leaf reading, or a fear evaluation" Maybelyn shares as she motions to the items around the room. 

"Fear evaluation, what is that?" Carol asks. 

"Something I'm sure I'm the only one to offer. In the evaluation I search your mind for your biggest fears and you have a time and opportunity to evaluate your fear and decide why you are afraid of such, and decide wether the fear is a legitimate fear, or wether you should... How do I put this nicely... Get over it" Maybelyn says rather harshly. 

"Which, uh, which one of your services is the cheapest?" Carol asks, and again Maybelyn senses she really doesn't want to be here.

"The fear evaluation" Maybelyn says dryly. 

"Okay, then that one please" Carol confirms. 

"Would you like a drink?" Maybelyn asks. 

"No thank you" Carol replies quickly. 

Maybelyn gets the hint to go on. 

With a hand motioning to the door, Maybelyn shuts it from across the room, and that's what really gets Carol's attention. 

Maybelyn's wand is in her sleeve, but Carol doesn't need to know that. 

"For privacy purposes of course" Maybelyn confirms and Carol nods while gulping. 

Maybelyn's magic skills, which are fairly simple, still surprise the average person, like Carol. 

Maybelyn begins, leaning on both elbows and staring into Carol's eyes; much to her discomfort, and reads her soul. 

"I need to see the palm of your writing hand" Maybelyn says.

Carol puts out her right palm and Maybelyn takes it right away and starts to trace the lines in her hands, and shortly after, Carol slumps over in a sleep trance. 

Maybelyn presses her fingers to Carol's forehead and further reads into her mind and soul.

When she finds her fear, much like everyone else, it comes attached with trauma and memories. 

Carol's parents died in a devastating car wreck when she was a teenager, and Carol's biggest fear is a car wreck, much like her parents, with severed heads and missing limbs and metal protruding through her heart. 

Carol is known for walking all around town instead of driving, and with all her work out gear and sweat suits and protein shakes, which everyone assumed she was trying to stay fit and healthy, but this was not her intention.

As Maybelyn brings these fears to the forefront of her mind she sees Carol's body tremor, and dips her finger tips in a small dish of water to stimulate and wake her. 

"Do I have to be thinking about my fear constantly right now?" Carol asks shakily. 

"It is at the forefront of your mind, metaphorically speaking, but all you have to do is explain to me why this is your fear, when it wasn't you who experienced it" Maybelyn states. 

"I did experience it! Not directly, but I was the 13 year old without parents, and that was terrifying" Carol recalls. 

"But what are the odds of you dying the same way your parents did, twenty eight years ago?" Maybelyn asks. 

Carol thinks. She has never considered the time that has gone by. The cars are much safer, the roads are much safer, and just because it happened to her parents doesn't mean it's going to happen to her. 

"Okay. I see what you mean, and now I understand this whole evaluation thing" Carol confirms after much thought and silence. 

"Splendid. I will put you back in a trance to extract your fear and you will wake up fresh" Maybelyn says and Carol nods. 

Maybelyn takes Carol's palm again and traces the lines until she slumps over again and Maybelyn is back in her mind, removing traces of her fear, that as Carol so recently discovered, are irrelevant and unimportant. 

The fear comes out of Carol and materialises into a wilted rose in Maybelyn's hand, and it doesn't surprise Maybelyn that Carol's fear was structured on a flower as it's body. 

Sessions like this with customers went on every day, and nobody ever paid mind to Maybelyn's son who was constantly creeping in the shadows, often eavesdropping on the sessions, taking notes; what for, who knows. Maybelyn was virtually the only one who knew he was there. 

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