Tame the Monster | M.C au |

The supernatural aren't real, that's what everyone thinks. Until recently things start changing, those myths start to come to life, again.


2. Strange


Selena and I hopped back into my car and into town for our girls night out. Yeah not everyone of us won't be there but hey, it's better than nothing. I was driving the normal sight of the sidewalks emptying by the minute I had to admit was kind of eerie but hey it's like 9 0'clock, so I can expect the streets to be a little bit empty, it's nothing out of the ordinary. I parked outside of the local bar, the two of us getting out to enjoy us some much needed girl time.

"So girly, how are you and your classes coming along?" I casually asked her as we got settled on a couple bar stools, waiting for our drinks we ordered.

"Eh, it's the usual. Got this massive project due next week and I have absolutely no idea what to do! I haven't even started and the stress is already building up and this so called project has to deal with something major going on and putting a twist to it." Selena complains to me while sipping on the drink that was placed in front of us.

"Well that should be easy. Take the stupid rumors that have been going around and do something with that. Purposely make a joke out of that, I'm sure you could turn that into something interesting." I shrugged, voicing my opinion.

"I guess I could, I mean it is bizarre enough. Oh, what the hell, I'll do it." She nods.


The rest of the night the two of us just sat at the bar talking, making jokes and everything young people do now. As we were talking though, a bit of a new clip came on one of the T.V.s, I don't know why there was suddenly a news report randomly at a bar at like almost 10 at night. I looked at it and the heading read this; ​Another Mysterious Occurrence. ​It then went on to talk about another so called victim in the strange attacks that have been happening at night. The news reported stated that it wasn't that long that this has happened for the victim was barely conscious but this one showed a bit more evidence of fighting back but was still got major injuries.  

I rolled my eyes at this. This was honestly so stupid, why are people making such a big deal over something that would happen in a fantasy story. News flash people, this isn't fantasy story. Get your heads out of your imagination and get outside.

"This is stupid, people need to stop wandering around after dark alone. All of these 'mysterious occurrences' happen at night. Need to have at least some sense. Don't you think Ciara? Don't you think that by now people would be smarter if they know that 'strange' things are happening?" Selena's out loud thoughts, brought me back to reality.

I nodded, "Yeah, they either clearly just came out of their rock and don't know a thing or they're just plain retarded."

Just then the tall, lanky blonde bartender comes up to us. "Hey, you ladies want another drink?" He asks in a deep accent, clearly new here considering I've never seen him out of all the times we've been here.

"Yeah sure, I'll take some vodka," I casually say, glancing at his name tag pinned to his shirt which read; Luke.

"I'll take a margarita please." Selena gave him his order.

"Of course, coming right up." Bartender Luke turns around to get said drinks. "So I have feeling you two are strongly against everything that's happening huh?" He asks, starting up a conversation with us.

"Yeah, it's honestly so stupid. Whoever started this bullshit has a really over exaggerative imagination for everyone in fucking town to believe it." Selena nods, sipping her drink.

"What if it wasn't bullshit, like you say. What if it was real? What would you say then? All of your skeptical thoughts would fly out the window." He rests his elbows on the bar, looking at each of us in turn. At this moment was the first time I've noticed his eyes and his facial features. I have to say that they were blue. Like a really pretty piercing blue and a little black ring in his bottom lip standing out from his pale-ish skin.

"Well if that was the case then I would be thinking that Halloween took this town into a whirlwind and now it's Halloween 24/7 and I've been in this fantasy when I've been walking around like everything was normal when really nothing was." I say throwing in an eye roll.

"In that case, you're in a whirlwind then because nothing will ever be the way it was. Nothing is normal now." Luke says and turns to walk away.

I furrowed my eyebrows confused. I looked at Selena and her face read the same thing, she looked at me. "What the fuck?" She asks me.

"My reaction exactly." I nod in agreement, trying to catch a glimpse of that Luke dude but it seems as if he just disappeared. He was literally nowhere. He wasn't down the way at the end of the bar, no where. What the hell does he mean by 'nothing is normal now'? This hot bartender is not only hot but very confusing. "That was strange, where'd he go?" I asked her, thinking out loud.

Selena shrugs, "I don't know but I think I'm done for the night, I've had enough strange things happening for one night. Wanna just hang at my place?"

"Yeah, might as well." I nod, getting up off stool followed by Selena and exited the bar. We hopped in my car again and drove back to her place.


​What the hell is going on? That bartender was really weird, he started off just a normal hot bartender but then he got weird and asked us those questions. Eh, maybe he was just curious and wanted our opinions. Why does he have to be one of those strange, awkward one that makes things somehow mysterious?


(​A.N: Hey everyone! Hope this is getting interesting. I'm coming up with ideas as I go. Keep the comments coming. If you like this so far, let me know! Love you! )


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