Premade Story Ideas And Such

Ideas that I have, but I don't have the time nor the patience to write them.


4. Story 3


Title: Who Am I? 


So this is a story about self worth and the founding of identity. 

Bianca has moved around a lot and never gotten to stay in one place for very long, she has friends from all around he world, and she does things that no one ever dares to, she is a risk taker, and a rebel, but when she moves to Wisconsin she feels as if something is different this time. Bianca had a set of rules for survival in a new place, and she follows them every time she moves, in order to survive. 

1) No Boys

2) Stay out of girl drama, or any kind of drama

3) Don't make close friends

4) Never fall in love

These things has kept Bianca commitment and attachment free her entire life. That is until now. When things heat up between her and her new school, will she move again, or will she find something worth staying for? 


Credit for initial story idea is required. This is story idea #3 

Cover will be mumbled if you would like to use this story idea. Cover credit is required, use of cover is optional. 


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