Premade Story Ideas And Such

Ideas that I have, but I don't have the time nor the patience to write them.


3. Story 2

title: Go the Distance 

Okay, so this story is probably a modern day romance. Basically the girl doesn't know what love feels like, and she has gotten along in her life fine without it. So she thought. Until the guy comes along and they instantly have sparks. But, she doesn't think of this as romance. Soon they become best friends and they do everything together. Until everything changes when the guy confesses his love for her. When she pulls away and Denys the affection, will he walk away from her or will he fight for her and 'Go The Distance'. 


Cover will be mumbled if you would like to use this story. Cover use is optional. Credit for cover if used is required. 


Credit for initial story idea is required. This is story idea #2 


Comment if you would like to use this idea. Thanks. Xoxo Dani

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