Premade Story Ideas And Such

Ideas that I have, but I don't have the time nor the patience to write them.


2. Story 1


so first story. 

Title: Someone Like Her


I invision this story in a guy's POV. I imagine this book written in letters to a girl that he didn't realize he loved until he let her go. Now she's gone and married and he is trying to let her go. For good. But he can't. So in order to get along with his life he writes her letters that he knows she will never see, but he does this to get out his emotions, hoping she will know what he never got the chance to tell her. 


This is Story #1

Cover will be mumbled if you would like to use this story idea. Cover use is opinional. 

Please give me credit for the initial idea, if you want to use it. Thanks.



Xoxo Dani

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