Son of Poseidon

My name is Ashton. Ashton Irwin. I'm Son of Poseidon, Lord of the sea, and my life is anything, but ordinary.....


19. Turning Demigod

Calums POV (FINALLY ;)


When Lucy grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers, it felt amazing. They fit like they were meant to be together. I'd only know her for one day so far, but she was beautiful. While Grace and Ashton were talking, we got to know eachother since she was going to be with me most of the days anyways. I learned that she was a daughter or Ares, so she was kind of Mikeys sister. She had seen our bands covers on Youtube and she loved us. Mostly the entire camp did, so that was good to know. She loved to fight with her sword and she was a student of Michaels girlfriend, who was a fighting trainer at the arena. She had come to Camp Half-Blood when she was 12 and had become best friends with Grace over the years. Her personality was amazing. Her least favorite food was peanut butter and she liked to play soccer. She had big, green eyes that everyone said sparkled with life every time she saw someone she loved. I could tell they did that with her cabin-mates and her best friends. I hadn't heard her talk of a boyfriend yet, but I had only known her for like one day. Slow down man, a girl this beautiful should already have a boyfriend, I thought to myself.

I told her about me. She already knew that we had a band so I just explained some of the stuff we do to her. I told her Luke was my best mate and that we had known eachother since 1st grade. when I said that she said, "Awww".  I told her pretty much everything about me until Nico rudely interrupted our conversations by screaming at  some people in the Athena cabin.... How bout you hear some of the story from my point of view...  


Nico had already accused Grace of cheating on him with Ashton. Let me tell you, she.looked.pissed. She had also yelled back at him something else. Lucy and I went over there to see what was happening.


" Don't play dumb Nico!! Every single day you abuse me. You never loved me!!" I looked at Lucy to see if she knew that but she looked just as shocked as everyone else. Grace turned towards us and said that Nico told her if she ever broke up with him he would kill her and make her death very slow and painful. She then rolled up her sleeves to show us the proof. There were dozens of bruises and cut marks that looked like they were from a dagger, more specifically, Nicos imperial gold dagger. I was extremely mad at Nico for doing that. I had also only known Grace for a couple hours but I knew she didn't do ANYTHING to be treated like this. Then Nico mad his move. He grabbed Grace and eventually made a cut against her neck spilling blood everywhere. She gasped in pain. I looked over at Lucy again and saw that she had turned around and was crying into some guys chest. That must be her boyfriend I thought. Then, Nico disappeared with Grace and I heard Ashton call out something, then ran over to Tamuss. Then that is how we ended up in the pavilion and now Luke and I are about to be transformed into demigods some how. Anyways back to the present...


"Come on follow me" Lucy said to me. She was still holding my hand and leading me somewhere. Then the guy I saw Lucy crying into came over to us. When she saw him she immediately let go of my hand. Yup, that's her boyfriend all right, I thought.


"Hey Jason." she said with a smile.

"Hey Luce" he said and gave her a tight hug and looked at me.


"Who's this?" He asked protectively.


"Oh- uhh- this is Calum" she stammered. He gave me a warning look.


"Where are ya'll heading" he asked.


"Well Tamuss needs me to change him into a umm- demigod"




"Well I gotta go" he said. He gave Lucy a quick peck on the cheek and looked at me one more time.


After he was out of ear shot she said, "Sorry about Jason. He's way over protective"


"I understand. I guess he doesn't want other guys around you. It makes sense."


"Yeah. Well where we're going is right across there. It's called-"


She was interrupted by someone tackling her to the ground.


"You aren't allowed to say the name, remember?" said the girl who tackled her was. It took me a second to realize it was Issabella and Luke was standing behind her looking just as confuse as I was.


"Oh yeah. now get your fat ass off me " She said trying to hold in her laugh. We all ended up laughing.


"Ok, ok. Now we really should get going before its too late." said Issabella.


"What do you mean too late?" Luke asked.


"Well, the guy that can turn you into a demigod, let's just say he's a little whacko" she nervously gigged. we all started to walk through the door of the place.


"Well all of this demigod stuff has happened to us with in less than two days, so I bet nothing is going to be any more weird than that" I said as a man walked up to us. Boy oh boy was I wrong.

The short fat guy was wearing a Hawaiian palm tree shirt with red orange yellow and green colors splashed across it. His pants were pinstriped with the colors swamp green and canary yellow. He had on these big-ass shoes that had red polka dots on them. And his hair. Oh man the hair was just too much. He looked like Albert Einstein had just got run over with a lawn mower. So basically he looked like the McDonalds guy from the 60's. Except even uglier.

I heard Luke whimper and take a step back as the ugly-ass walking rainbow made is way over to us.


"Hello my darlings. I see you have brought some mortals with you?"


"Yes Morthos. We need them both to be changed into demigods as soon as possible."


"Ahh yes you can go sit in the waiting room until I have both potions ready."


"He has a waiting room?" I whispered to Lucy as he walked away.


"Well its more like a bedroom. Follow me" she said as she and Issabella led the way.


We made our way over to a closed door and opened it. Surprisingly, everything seemed very expensive.

"wow" Luke said.


"I haven't been in here before. I didn't think the old dragon could afford all this stuff" Issabella said.

Luke and I looked at her weird.


"Old dragon?" I asked her.


"Its an insult in ancient Greece"


"Oohh" we both said. There was a curtain that separated the room into two parts.


"Well Lucy and Calum go over to that section. You and Luke should enjoy your last minutes as mortals because after the spell is done, you can't change it back." Issabella said. She grabbed Lukes hand and dragged him over to the other section. Lucy took mine and we sat down on the floor in front of the bed.


"You can say or do anything you'd like if you want. The curtain is sound proof so they wont hear you."


I just nodded and looked at the floor in front of me lost in thought.


"Being a demigod isn't as bad as it sounds. Don't worry."


"Thanks but im not worried about that" I told her. "I was thinking about someone. I was thinking about her but I wasn't going to tell her that.


"Is it your girlfriend?" she asked. She sounded sad and not ready for the answer, but I didn't no why.


"No" I slightly chuckled. "No girl would ever want to go out with me." I replied sadly.


"I know someone who does, but she thinks that your too afraid to ask her. She loves your smile and your laugh, your personality fits perfect with hers, and she thinks she loves you."


I was honestly shocked when she said that. "Who?" I asked eagerly she smirked and looked up at me.


"Me." she replied simply.


"Wh-what? How could a beautiful girl like you ever want t go out with me?"


"Because your handsome and very kind. You treat people like they should be treated and you don't let what anyone else thinks of you bother you. And that's what I want." She smiled up at me, and I smiled back.


She started to lean in. Then just as our lips were about to touch, I remembered something. Jason.

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