Son of Poseidon

My name is Ashton. Ashton Irwin. I'm Son of Poseidon, Lord of the sea, and my life is anything, but ordinary.....


8. The Truth

Michaels POV

I rushed down the hall and banged on Ashton's door. No reply. I tried again. No reply. I was beyond angry so I took some steps back and ran at the door. The door caved in like it was butter. Another perk of being an Are's kid. The sight was more than saddening. Rachel straddled a more-than-half-way-dead Ashton. He looked at me and was too weak to speak, so he mouthed to me help. Then his eyes closed and his body went slack. This cannot be happening!! I thought to myself. I was supposed to protect him. Great job me! I scolded my self sarcastically. "Get.Off.Him.Now" I said on the verge of catching my whole body on fire. I grabbed Rachel and pinned her to the floor. I put my blazing hand on her hair and caught her whole body on fire. She screamed and wailed in pain but she was a monster so it didn't matter what she felt or said. "Calum,Luke! Get Ashton now!!" I yelled at them. They were looking between the fire-covered-and-wailing-in-pain Vampiris and the blood-covered-and-looking-dead Ashton. They finally snapped out of their trances and picked Ashton up and ran down towards Luke's car. I heard the horn beep signaling that they were gone. I looked back at where the Vampiris was and saw a pile of dust. That's what happens to monsters when they're killed. Their body's turn into dust and there evil little souls are sent back to Tarturus(hell) and are eventually reborn. I cleaned up the house and washed the blood soaked sheets so Mrs.Irwin wouldn't freak. Yes, Mrs.Irwin knew who Ashton's father was and who I was. She also knew that it was only a matter of time until he was sent to Camp Half-Blood, the only safe place in the world for demigods. I left her a note saying where we were and stuck it on the fridge. I took off the way the car went with my super speed. You might be thinking that being a child of Ares is awesome because you get all these powers. Don't let me fool you, it sucks.


(Still Michaels POV)


The car was about 40 miles down the road and it only took me less 5 minutes to reach them. While the car was driving I opened the door behind the shot gun seat and scooted in next to an unconscious Ashton.


"AAAHHH!!!!" Luke and Calum screamed but relaxed when they saw it was only me. They looked freaked out and I didn't blame them.


"Does someone mind telling us WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!?!?!" Calum screeched still looking like he saw a ghost.


"Yeah I owe you guys an explanation I guess."


"SURE AS HELL YOU DO!!!" Luke yelled back.


"Well," I said in a relaxed tone, "The Greek gods still exist. Sometimes the come down to earth and have children with mortals. Some of those children can be very powerful, such as me for example. The Big Three also know as Hades, Poseidon and Zeus, have children that are called Princes of Olympus. Ashton is a son of Poseidon. The Big Three try not to have children often because..."


"Why don't they?" Luke asks.


"Well, each decade all the princes go to a special place called Mount Othiris. When these games happen, a god is 'captured' and which ever prince rescues him gets to be crowned King of Olympus for as long as they live." This year the chosen god was Ashtons father. The gods have been pretty good about not having kids, except for Ashton, here, and one other son of Hades, Nico Di Angelo."


"So your saying that Ashton and this Nico guy have to go to some unheard of 'magical' mountain and rescue a Greek sea god called Poseidon, then who ever rescues him is crowned king of some Olympus place?"


"Well when you put like that it just sounds stupid!" I laughed to myself.


"Where the hell is Olympus anyways?" Luke asks staring at the road in front of him.



"Yes that's correct and Olympus is hidden from mortals and demigods that don't know what they are. That's why Ashton has never talked about it is because he still doesn't know what he is." I explained.


"What don't I know?" Ashton asks in a raspy voice. I guess he woke up :-/


"This is bullshit." Calum mumbled. I just rolled my eyes. "Trust me Calum, I can make you believe it eventually."


"Well Ashton this is going to sound crazy but you are a Prince of Olympus and a possible King of Olympus."


"I'm a what now??" Ashton looked at Luke and said, "Am I supposed to be offended?"


"No, Ashton. Remember at school how you heard of all those a Greek gods and goddesses? Well they are still around and sometimes they come to earth to have children with humans (mortals). And, you are the Son of Poseidon, one of the three most important gods that have ever existed. Also, do you remember how you have dyslexia and ADHD? Well you have dyslexia because your brain is hard wired for ancient Greek and your ADHD helps you stay alive in battles against enemys."


Then we heard Luke and Calum scream like little girls again. We looked out the front window to see that some monster had landed on the windshield.  


"AAAAHHHH!!!" The car flipped over onto the roof and the windows shattered.


"Dammit we were almost there!!"


"Almost where?!" Ashton asks standing up from the shattered glass.


"Camp Half-Blood. The only safe place in the world for demigods. I'll explain more later."


"DUCK!!!" Calum screamed as a car part was thrown over our heads.


"What did we do?!? Why are they doing this to us?" Ashton asked.


"Nico Di Angelo must have sent them to kill you. Without you, he wouldn't have to compete in the throne games. He would just be crowned king without having to deal with you and your powers!!" Also, because he is a son of Hades he can control most monsters and tell them what to do. I bet he sent Rachel after you!! "RUN!!" I screeched at them and pointed at the camp entrance. We dashed over logs and car parts rushing desperately through the woods to get there before the Minotaur caught us (btw I'm pretty sure a Minotaur is like half man-half bull). Fortunately, all around the camp there were guards so that when new demigods arrived and monsters were chasing them they could kill them. Unfortunately, they were all on break. Just our luck I thought.


"Once we get inside, the Minotaur can't follow us. The camp is invisible to them." 


"Ok, well I think the camp is invisible to Calum and I too because all I see is woods!" Luke said.


"Yeah just follow Me and Ashton. We can see it. Once we get inside you should be able to see everything."


Just as we got to the entrance I got pulled back, and that's the last thing I remember before blacking out...

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