Son of Poseidon

My name is Ashton. Ashton Irwin. I'm Son of Poseidon, Lord of the sea, and my life is anything, but ordinary.....


18. The Quest

Later in the story...

Jackson- Leader of the Hermes cabin

Hannah- Leader of the Dionysus cabin

Leo- Leader of the Hephaestus cabin

Ashton- Leader of the Poseidon cabin

Michael and Lucy- Both Leaders of the Ares cabin

Izzy- Leader of the Aphrodite cabin

Becky- Stepped up to Leader of the Athena cabin because Grace is gone





Ashtons POV


"A quest?? How is that dangerous?!" I asked Tamuss.


"Follow me." He turned to all the campers and said, "This is a tragedy. But we will issue a quest to save Grace. Go back to your daily activities, Except all cabin leaders and mortals, follow me and Ashton to the pavilion." He turned and clopped away with me following and the cabin leaders and Luke and Calum behind us.


Once we got there we all sat around the table they had in the meeting room. At the head of one end of the table sat Tamuss and at the other end Michael. When Mikey saw me and started to get up for me but I told him not to treat me like anything special, so I sat next to him. There were 12 seats at the table and the order of the seats went like this...

Michael and Tamuss were at the heads of the table and Ashton, Calum, Lucy, Leo, and Jackson were to the left of Mikey. Luke, Issabella, Becky, Hannah, and Grace's empty seat were to the right of Mikey.




We were all staring at Graces empty seat wondering what is happening to her right now. Graces sister, Becky broke the silence.

"So how are we going to get her back?" Becky asked, mostly directed at Tamuss.


"We don't even know where Nico took her" Leo spoke up (description at beginning of chapter).


Then the table went back to silence. After a while Becky gasped like she remembered something.


"Before Nico teleported Grace somewhere he said, if I can't follow my own rules here, then I'll just bring her to Mount Othiris." 


Then everyone looked at me. "What? I don't know where Mount Othiris is!" I said, but they didn't look convinced.


"You may not know where it is exactly, but tomorrow is the day you and Nico were supposed to battle for King, and you were supposed to battle at Mount Othiris" Tamuss said.


"Oh" I said.


"No one knows where Mount Othiris is except the gods and the Titans. The gods should tell you today, then we need to send out a quest to rescue Grace. The gods have already postponed the Throne Games but they cannot locate Nico and Grace because Nico is working for the Titans. Ashton, you are one of the most powerful demigods to ever live in history. Probably 10 times as strong as Nico is, and he knows it. He took Grace with him knowing you would go after her and lead you to the Titans so they could kill you. You are one of the few people that can kill a Titan, so you have to take 4 demigods with you on your quest." Stated Tamuss.


"Whoa. Wait a second. 5 demigods in the same place at the same time? That's not a good idea. It could attract too many monsters" Hannah reminded everyone.


"Your right, Hannah. We would have to take one or two mortals with us to cover up the smell." Jackson suggested, so everyone looked at Luke and Calum who were stuffing their faces with the snacks that were on the table.


"Oh hell no!!!" Calum said. "We will not help at all. We will probably just make too much noise and get you captured."

Luke said.


"You are also right Luke" Tamuss said. They both let out a sigh of relief.


"That's why we will transform you both into demigods" Decided Tamuss.

Luke spit out the water he was drinking and Calum dropped the apple he was eating. They both looked at Tamuss shocked.


"WHAT?!?" Luke screeched.


"I thought you could only be a demigod if you were born half god!!" said Calum.


"We have our ways" said Lucy, smirking. "Come with us" Issabella and Lucy got up from the table. Lucy grabbed Calums hand and intertwined their fingers which made Calum blush.


"Aww does Cawum have a wittle cwush?" Michael asks in a baby voice while smirking.


"SHUT UP!!" Calum yells back as he was as red as a tomato. Lucy was bright red also as she pulled Calum towards the entrance of the pavilion to go transform him into a demigod.


We all looked back at Izzy and Luke. She grabbed his hand and did the same thing that Lucy did except instead of blushing he looked down at their hands and smiled the biggest smile ever. This time Luke pulled Izzy towards the entrance and followed Calum and Lucy. Izzy was blushing but she looked like she was enjoying it.


"Well everyone can go back to their normal activities while Michael and Ashton go help the girls with the mortals. Ashton think of the four demigods, plus Calum and Luke, that you will want to take with you." Tamuss said.


"I just nodded as me and Mikey walked out of the pavilion and followed the guys and girls that were waiting outside.



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