Son of Poseidon

My name is Ashton. Ashton Irwin. I'm Son of Poseidon, Lord of the sea, and my life is anything, but ordinary.....


14. The Big Secret

Ashtons POV


As Nico and Mikey walked away, I decided it was best to ease drop on the conversation. I heard a thud and ducked behind the bushes.


"Listen here" Nico told Mikey angrily. "I know you and the rest of the Ares cabin can read my emotion towards Ashton, and I don't want you ruining my image. Since you are leader of the Ares cabin, I want you to tell everyone in there that if they tell ANYONE, Grace will punish them under my orders, got it?" Who's Grace?


"And what if I don't?" Michael spat back at him, which I thought was pretty brave considering he was a little afraid of him.


"Well, Becky might just find out about your little secret." What secret and who's Becky?


Then I saw Nico walk away and walk behind a beautiful girl with long, brown and caramel colored hair. She had big chocolaty eyes and the body of an athlete and leader. She's perfect, I thought. 


Then my heart dropped as I saw Nico slip his arms around the girls waist. She turned around with a smile and stood on her tiptoes, kissing him. It was long and passionate, but something looked wrong. She didn't seem to be enjoying it even though Nico was. I couldn't watch any longer so I stood up and went over to Michael.


"Hey man" I said right next to him.



"Holy shit!!! You scared me!!" he said while putting his hand over his heart like it would stop it from beating so fast.


"I noticed." I replied with a small smile.


"Sorry for ease dropping but what secret was Nico talking about?" His smile slowly melted away.


"Well, Becky, my girlfriend, knows that I am a child of Ares but she doesn't know that I can produce fire. She hates people who can produce fire. She and her mortal family have had bad experiences with fire in the past and she doesn't like to talk about it. So if Becky found out, I'm 99% sure she would break up with me and hate me forever, and I can't live with that."


"Oh" I just said. I felt bad for him. Living with that kind of secret for a long time must be hard. Especially when you are hiding it from someone you love.


"Who's that?" I asked pointing to Grace and trying to change the subject. He looked at me sympathetically and concerned like what he was going to say next was going to crush me.


"Umm- that's Grace Smith. Nico's girlfriend." As soon as soon as he said those last two words, it felt like my heart had been shattered into a million pieces. She was now staring at me with shock and a hint of excitement. Umm that's weird, I thought.


"She deservers better" I mumbled. He just nodded in agreement and sighed.


Nico had turned around and was talking to one of his friends and Mikey had excused himself for a second. I saw him walk over to where Grace was now standing and she still looked shocked. I couldn't hear what they were saying but she was pointing and looking right at me. Grace said something to Mikey and then walked away but she seemed to be going to get something because he didn't move. Then Luke and Calum came over to me and we started talking about random things.


"Hey Calum, Luke!! come here!!!" Mikey called over. We all jogged over there just as Grace was coming back with two other girls.


"Hey guys" she said. Her voice was angel like. I could listen to it for hours and not get bored.


The girls that Grace returned with were a girl with brown hair and big green eyes and another girl with jet black hair and dark brown eyes.


"Well, Luke this is Izzy and she will be your guide around camp." She pointed to the girl with the black hair. "And Calum this is Lucy, she will also be your guide around camp." She said referring to the one with the hypnotizing green eyes.


Luke and Izzy were staring into each others eyes with small smiles on their faces. Calum was sending Lucy a mischievous smirk which resulted in her blushing and talking a step closer to him.


"I'm sure you will all be great friends. Maybe even more" Grace smirked causing Luke, Izzy, and Calum to blush and Lucy to blush even harder. But all I could think about was Grace. Everything about her was perfect. Her hair, her smile, and voice, her body, her personality, her- ok Ashton chill, she's got a boyfriend, I thought to myself. She was looking at me with a small smile and a confused look on her face. I smiled back.


"What's goin on here?" says the most annoying person in the world. I bet you can guess who. Grace rolled her eyes so Nico couldn't see. He stepped in between Grace and I and he put his arm around her shoulder and shooting me a death glare. I just rolled my eyes too.


"I was assigning Luke and Calum guides." says Grace, referring to Lucy and Izzy.


"Hey babe" says a girl I had never seen before but I assumed was Becky. She slipped her arms around Michael's waist, resting her head on his shoulder. She had short blonde hair with the ends dyed blood red and crystal blue eyes. She looked perfect for Mikey.


"Hey baby" he replies turning around and bending down to kiss the girl. Why do they have to rub it in?

After they pulled away, she looks at me.


"OH MY GODS!!! YOUR ASHTON IRWIN AREN'T YOU!!!??" She said excitedly with a big smile. "Yeah?" I said confused. Then she litterly tackled me to the ground  with a hug.


"I LOVE YOU SO MUCH YOU ARE SO COOL!!!" She said to me. "Umm thanks" I said hugging her back and looking at Mikey who had an amused look on his face and was trying to hold in his laughter but couldn't. Then everyone else started to laugh except Nico who shot Grace a look who immediately shut up. That's weird, I thought.  I just happened to look at her arm and realized there were many bruises all along it. She rolled down her sleeve and I gave her a questioning look. She just shook her head and looked down. I've seen those bruises before on someone else and it was because they were abused by there parents. Oh.My.Gods. If those are what I think they are, Nico is a dead man.




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