Son of Poseidon

My name is Ashton. Ashton Irwin. I'm Son of Poseidon, Lord of the sea, and my life is anything, but ordinary.....


23. Sons Of Zeus and Hades

Lukes POV (Finnnaallyyyy *sings* lol)


I could not believe what I just heard. Me and Calum were now Princes just like Ashton and Nico. Except I was the son of the King of the Gods. So technically I didn't have to compete for the position. There wasn't going to be any Throne Games anymore. I was going to be crowned as King of Olympus and Issabella was going to be my queen. I was snapped out of thought when I noticed everyone was bowing for me and Calum. At least I thought they were until Tamuss cleared that right up.


"Hail future King of Olympus, Son of Zeus." I noticed even Calum was kneeling and smiling up at me and giving me a thumbs up. I looked around and saw everyone still kneeling so I did what Ashton did on his first day.

"You may umm- all stand?" It came out more like a question though.


"Luke and Calum come with me. We have much to talk about before you go on your quest."


Calum and I followed Tamuss.


"Congrats, mate. Your gonna be King of Olympus!!" I put on a fake smile. Did I really want to be crowned King of Olympus?



Graces POV


I was sitting on my bed in my new room and was reading one of the books that was in here. It was about the history of Ancient Greece and the Battle of the Titans and as Wisdoms daughter, you always want to learn new information. Then I heard Nico scream, "WHAT!?! WHAT DO YOU MEAN TO TELL ME CALUM IS A SON OF HADES AND LUKE IS A SON OF ZEUS? ITS IMPOSSIBLE!!! I DONT CARE WHAT ANY FUCKING MACHINE HAS TO SAY!!! I WILL BE CROWNED KING AND LUKE WILL NOT GET IN MY WAY!! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME??!" He screamed at someone or something.


"Y-yes sir!!" said some monster.

I had been here for almost 3 days and Nico has been extremely sweet and kind. He even gave me my own personal servant, which was a woman in her late 30's, maybe 40's. I treated her the best I could and only asked her to do things that I couldn't. Like if I was hungry I would have to ask her to get me something because I wasn't allowed out of my room. But other than that I could do pretty much everything myself. Suddenly my door was swung open and there stood a pissed Nico, which was a pretty scary sight.


"What's wrong?" I asked concerned. When he heard my voice he seemed to relax a little. But instead of telling what was wrong he did something I had never seen him do, like ever. Not even once. He put his back against the wall, slid down it, and put his head in his hands. He cried. Yes, the all powerful Nico with the littlest heart in the world was crying. I got up and walked over to him and I held him while he cried. I rubbed his back which I knew always made him a little more calm. I loved that he was comfortable enough to cry in front of me. After about 5 minutes of him crying, he had put his head in my lap and seemed to be sleeping. I looked down at his peaceful face and stroked his hair, which I knew also made him feel better. Once I was sure he was asleep I decided to tell him my feelings since he wouldn't really hear because he was asleep. I said,

"Oh Nico. Last night I had a dream about our life before all of the abusing happened. I remember when we had our first kiss, we were sitting on the dock by the ocean and you kissed me. It was my first kiss and you made it special." I swear I saw him smile, but I shook my head and decided it was nothing. "I also remember when you asked me to be your girlfriend and your nickname for me was princess. And I loved it, and still do. I also dreamed about that time when we exchanged our first ' I love you's '. I had pushed you into that river because I was mad at you for some reason. You snuck out and while I was looking for you, you picked me up bridal style and jumped in with me In your arms. I felt safe when I was with you. When we came above the surface, I told you I was going to kill you and you replied with 'I love you too'. I was shocked when you said that, but when I said it back, I meant it. I wish nothing ever changed. I still love you Nico. No matter what you do, I will always love you."


"I love you too" Said Nico. I froze. I thought he was asleep!?! His brown eyes shot open and looked into mine. I saw another tear slide down his cheek.


"I am so sorry for ever treating you like that. You never did anything to deserve that" he sat up as more hot tears slid down his face. His eyes were red like he had been crying all night.


"I-I thought you were asleep" I studdered.


"I was but woke up. I wanted you to tell our happy stories like nothing bad ever happened between us. I miss you. I miss us. But I don't deserve you. Not after what I did to you. I am telling you I am sorry, but I don't expect you to forgive me. What I did was something unforgivable." I let tears slip down my face because I never thought I would hear those words come out of Nico's mouth.


"I still love you Grace" he said as he let out a quiet sob and put his head in his hands. He got up and said, 


"I'm sorry I guess you probably want me to leave now." He made his was to the door but I stopped him.


"Don't go" I said hugging him as he hugged back. I cried into his shirt and he hugged me like if he let go I would die. After about 5 minutes of just standing there enjoying eachothers embrace, he pulled away.


"So do you want to watch a movie?" He asked. There was a tv in my bedroom and a bunch of movies I never even noticed before. I laughed.




He walked over to the movies and pulled out the Notebook.


"I still remember your favorite" he said while smiling and popping in the movie.


We sat on my bed all cuddled up while I cried pretty much cried the whole movie. 


"Even though you've seen this movie like 15 times, you still cry?" he chuckled.


"Sure do. Try being a woman." I smiled at him.


"Oh hell no. I'd rather be turned into Joseph out there"(Joseph was a monster btw)


"I heard that!!" said Joseph from the room next room over. We both died of laughter. When we finally stopped, we looked at eachother. He bent down to kiss me and our lips touched. It was like the first time we ever kissed. The kiss was gentle and soft but full of meaning. When we pulled away,  I said,

"Remember the lake dream I told you about?" I asked Nico,


"Yeah?" he said.


I sat up and screamed at him, "I'm going to kill you!!" just like I had at the lake. He caught on and looked me in the eyes.


"I love you too" He said and this time I leaned in to give him a peck on the lips. I cuddled back into him and said,


"Its good to be back." and we both smiled at eachother.

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