Son of Poseidon

My name is Ashton. Ashton Irwin. I'm Son of Poseidon, Lord of the sea, and my life is anything, but ordinary.....


34. Nadia Zamets; The Warrior Princess

Hey guys and girls I am going to start putting at the beginnings of chapters the "Songs Of The Chapters" and its basically the songs that inspired what I thought for that chapter. Also THIS CHAPTER HAS SEXUAL CONTENT IN IT. IF YOU ARE NOT OLD ENOUGH, DO NOT UNDERSTAND IT, OR DO NOT LIKE IT SKIP TO THE NEXT CHAPTE!!!! Love you XXX






Songs of the Chapter:

-No Control by 1d

-Good Girls by 5sos

-Cinderblock Garden by All Time Low

-Midnight Memories by 1d

-Don't Forget Where You Belong by 1d

-International Love by Pitbull

-Live While We're Young by 1d


Calums POV


Lucy just said that she wanted to talk to me. I don't know why because I still thought she was pretty mad at me, but I guess she had gotten over it enough to a point that she wanted to talk to me. We walked in a tense and awkward silence to my cabin which was unfortunately far away. I was gonna say something but when I looked over at her she looked deep in thought, so I decided against it. Finally, we got to the Hades cabin and I swung the heavy door open for her. It was cold and dusty inside because no one had been in here in a long time. We stepped inside and Lucy shut the door and locked it. I started to say,


"So, why-" but I got cut off when she jumped on me with a giant hug. I was still a little mad at her for not trusting me but I have to admit I missed her like hell. I hugged her back and buried my face in her neck and breathing in the sent that I missed. I felt her heart beat against my chest as I heard her softly crying into my shirt and I held her tighter. Ya know the feeling of when someone you love leaves you for a long time, but then that rush a relief and happiness and sadness washes over you when you see them again? Well that's what I felt like. We hadn't told eachother that we loved eachother when we were dating, it was just too early, but now I knew that I did love her and that I should've told her. We stood hugging and crying for 15 minutes and she finally pulled away and looked at  me with teary eyes.


"I-I'm so s-sorry for not t-trusting you Calum. I'm so sorry." she whispered the last part and squeezed her eyes shut as she slid down the wall and onto the floor as she put her head in her hands. I sat on the ground and crossed my legs and put my finger under her chin, forcing her to look up. I was gonna tell her, I was just gonna say it:


"Lucy baby, I love you."



Graces POV


"Mya?" I said. I didn't know anything about a Mya but she did look really eager to see Calum. She nodded.


"Me and Calum had a, uhh, misunderstanding before he got here. And I really want to apologize to him and hopefully make it right again." I nodded.


"I think him and Lucy just went into his cabin. I bet they are still there if you want to go look." She raised an eyebrow.


"Who's Lucy?." I don't know why but her tone made me get very defensive of my best friend.


"She is my best friend and she is very powerful. Her and Calum were dating. I wouldn't mess with her if I were you." I glared and got up and started my walk to my cabin without saying another word. I saw Mya get up and walk towards Cal's cabin and I'm hoping nothing goes wrong......



Calums POV


"Y-you l-love m-me?" Lucy asked shocked.


"Yes. And I understand if you don't too I mean it is still early and we broke up and I don't want to rush anything or-" She stopped me by covering my mouth with her hand.


"Calum I regret not telling you that I loved you when I figured it out. Can you forgive me?" I didn't actually didn't think that she would love me back so I was really happy. I nodded and smirked. By this time we were standing up again, so I grabbed her wrist gently, and pinned them above her head. She smiled at me and I knew she loved when I played these games with her and when I teased her. I leaned in so our lips were barely centimeters apart.


"You know, I really missed you baby. I've been a mess without you." I said in a low seductive voice. She groaned and I could tell it was turning her on.


"Did you miss me?" I asked and leaned onto her neck and placed small kisses there. Her breath quickened.


"Yes babe I did." I drew patterns with my toung up and down her neck and then blew air on it. I'd done it one of the nights we were traveling and I remembered how she liked it so much that I had to stop because she was moaning loud and she was going to wake up the other people. I let one of her hands go and held the other above her head still. She took her other hand and pulled at the hem of my shirt as she let out a couple more moans. I was now sucking and biting down on her neck giving her a hickey. Her moans were turning me on and making me hard and to make matter worse, she took her free hand and started to palm me through my shorts. I moaned against her neck and brought my lips to hers and we made out and touched eachother all over. Then she pulled my shirt over my head and jumped up into my arms. I grabbed her butt and carried her to my bed. I layed her down and crawled on top of her and pinned her waist to the bed as she continued to play with my growing erection. I'll let Lucy tell it from her point of view.......



Lucys POV


Calum attacked my neck with his memorizing sweet kisses. I was moaning and teasing him by playing with his problem. I eventually got his shirt off of him and he carried me to his bed and as he layed me down I got a feeling in the pit of my stomach that I had never felt before. It felt like a knot had formed, but it felt good. Cal legs were on both sides of my thighs and he was pinning my waist to the bed. I had never done this before but I'm sure he had. I'm not sure what got into me, but it was like my hands had a mind of its own. They worked their way towards the waist band of his shorts and started to tug them down, and Calum didn't stop me. He slipped my shirt over my head and continued to kiss me. I was getting a little nervous about where this was going, but I trusted him. He started to take my shorts off when we heard a knock on his door and we froze in mid-kiss. We didn't move so they would think that no one was in here because I don't think you are supposed to do you-know-what at camp. I'm glad I locked the door. The person knocked again but we still didn't move a muscle. I heard something slip underneath the door but neither of us looked over. Then we heard feet walking away so I guessed they were gone. I pulled his face back down to mine and kissed him with passion. He continued to take my shorts off so now he was only in his boxers and I was in my lace bra and underwear. He was full on hard now and he pressed himself to the inside of my inner thigh and a wonderful feeling rushed up my body. He slipped down his boxers and reached over to his side table and pulled something out. He ripped the plastic off of the package and slipped the condom on himself. He went back to kissing me and his gentle hands worked their way down towards my panties, He rubbed circles on my lower stomach, slowly making their way downward. Then he hooked his thumbs inside and ripped them off. He lined himself up with me and as he hovered over me with concern in his beautiful brown eyes, he asked,


"Baby are you sure you want to do this? We don't have to if you don't want to."


"Do it. I trust you Calum, j-just go slow."


"I will babe." He went down and pain shot up my body and I squeezed my eyes shut as he entered me. I felt him staring at me so I nodded. He started to make his thrusts gentle and slow so I could adjust and let me tell you it hurt like hell. But after a couple more, the pain went away and it was replaced by pure pleasure. I let out a couple small moans and felt Calum smirk against my neck. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he buried his face into my neck and picked up the pace. I felt like nothing else in the world mattered at the moment but me and Calum. His vocal moans made it even better. We were both sweating and moaning like crazy.


"Faster" I breathed out and he listened because I think he wanted to do it anyways, he was just waiting for me to tell him. He kept a steady pace and I felt like I was in a romantic movie. Suddenly, he pounded harder and even deeper and it felt so good. I was reaching my orgasm and I could tell he was too. He used his free hand and wrapped my legs around his back and he pinned my arms above my head as he sucked on my neck and pounded into me hard, fast, rough, and deep. I loved being vulnerable to him and I loved when he took control over me. He was going so deep that I could barely handle how much pleasure he was sending through my body. I wanted to pass out from how good he was making me feel.


"B-baby I'm close." he moaned out but before I could respond, it pushed me over the edge. I let out a half scream-half moan from the pleasure and I was so loud that Cal had to kiss my lips to get me to shut up. He came soon after me and he did a few more slow, sloppy thrusts and he collapsed next to me on his bed. I lay there in complete shock and trying to make sense of what all just happened.


"That" Calum said, "was the best sex I've ever had. I love you so much Lucy. I'm proud to call you my baby." He wrapped me in his arms and I pulled the blankets over us I placed my head on his chest and heard his steady heart beat. I kissed his feather tattoo.


"I love you too Calum." I said as I drifted off into a deep sleep.



Nicos POV


"NICO DI ANGELO GET YOU SORRY ASS IN FRONT OF ME THIS INSTANT!!!!!" I knew I was screwed as soon as I heard Kronos scream at me. I trudged to the throne room and I should've been prepared for what was coming; Nadia Zamets. The beautiful Princess Warrior. But don't let her beauty fool you. You get her pissed and she'll cut your head right off your shoulders with her double-crossed Demon blades with no mercy. Nadia was about 5'6 and had long blonde hair, blue eyes with a fierce hazel streak, and had a laid back style. Had an amazing, agile body and was just simply beautiful. But she always wore her armor and carried her Demon blades. The blades were made of imperial gold, celestial bronze, silver, and iron. They could kill demigods, monsters, and humans, and could seriously injure Gods and Titans. Her parents were Ares and another mortal human. Because her father was Ares, she was the Warrior Princess because Ares if the God of War and all his children are born with rough personality's and were merciless. But Nadia was different. She had feelings. She loved things even if she never showed it. I entered the room and I was met face to face with a raging Kronos.


"WHY THE HELL DO YOU THINK I HIRED YOU?? TO LET THEM GO?? YOU FUCKING MORON!!!!" He turned around and took some deep breaths to calm down and I decided against saying anything. Then he turned back around and his gold eyes were even brighter than normal.


"I will give you one more chance to get Grace back here and to get rid of Ashton Irwin for good. And if you can't handle that, I'm sure Nadia could." he smirked as I looked up to find Nadia watching us below. Her lower face was covered with a black and red cloth like a cowboy but damn she made it work. I saw the mischievous glint in her blue-hazel eyes that I loved almost just as much as Graces. Grace. Oh yeah right. Nico, you love Grace not Nadia, ok? I scolded myself but I couldn't even convince myself that. I'm not sure if I loved Nadia yet, but I definitely had known her long enough to develop feelings for her. She jumped down from her spot and landed silently infront of me and reached to her back. She pulled out the handles on her Demon blades and held them infront of her. I didn't notice it until now, but there were dozens of extra worthless guards in the throne room.


"Show him, Princess." Kronos said. She glared at him.


"I do not take orders from yo-"


"Ahh, but alas you take orders from your father, am I right? And I believe one of his powers is rebellion. Therefor, You. Serve. Me." She rolled her eyes but faced the guards.


"Attack." he stated. The 200 heavily armed guards yelled and charged Nadia. She spun her swords and crossed them infront of her as she put all her weight on her back leg and jumped up on the first balance beam that held the ceiling up and dove to the next one dodging the arrows that some guards had. I stared in amazement at her as she proved her ability and skill. She dropped to the ground and used one of her powers to send a shock wave when she landed which knocked out 50 guards. 50 down, 150 to go. She slashed with amazing speed and killed her enemies painfully. One guard caught her arm while another grabbed her other arm. One guard came forward and raised his sword. I was going to help her but Kronos put his arm infront of me so I stopped. I stared in horror as he brought the dagger down, but Nadia kicked pack and did a back flip, pulled the guards arms infront of her like a shield, and they were the ones who got cut, not her. She kept the pattern going until they were all gone. The she casually strolled over to us and said to me,


"Have I proven my point hottie?" I nodded quickly. She smirked and walked away and pushed her swords back into the holsters that were strapped to her back in an 'X' form. Kronos said to me again,


"May I remind you that I will give you one more chance, and if you fail, Nadia gets your position, and you will be dead."

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