Son of Poseidon

My name is Ashton. Ashton Irwin. I'm Son of Poseidon, Lord of the sea, and my life is anything, but ordinary.....


3. Michael and Rachel

Ashtons POV



"Heyy lil' curly" Calum says as I approach them. I just roll my eyes and say hey. "Hey Michael can I talk to you for a second" I said. "Sure". We walked down the hall. Michael is the only one who knows about my connection to water. He says he thinks he knows why but whn I ask him he just shakes his head and says he'll tell me when the time is right.


"so what did ya want to talk about?"


"Sam came up to me and said..." I told him the story.


"Now is this the Normal Sam or the bitchy psycho Sam?" Michael asks. "Bitchy psycho Sam 100%." He chuckled. "Well sounds to me like my theory was correct. "


"WHAT THEORY?!?" I practicly screamed at him. I was just so tired of him and Sam not explaining anything they were telling me.


"Chill mate. I'll tell you after school. Can I stay the night? It will be easier to explain."


"ummmm..... surrrreee." He looked at me kinda weird. I remembered that Rachel was staying the night and they hated eachother. like the last time they saw eachother Michael "spilled" his drink on her acidentaly. Your probably thinking whats so bad about that? Well you see, she was wearing an all white dress and Michael spilled some kind of red juice on her and It was picture day. So she grabbed him by the ear and dragged him all the way to the lockers and smashed his head into one of them. I have to admit it was pretty funny. They've hated eahcother ever since. Anyways back to my problem.


"Well I'll see you later mate." I took off running towards Luke and Calum who were both in the same spot that we left them in.  


"Guys u have to help me" I begged them. "Sure whats the problem?" Calum asked. "well earlier Rachel asked if she could stay the night." I smirked remembering our conversation. "I couldn't say no."


"And why does she want to come over?" Luke asks smirking too.


"Oh you know why just shut up " I said smiling.


"Ok so whats the problem?" Calum asked. " It sounds fine to me."


"Well Michael just asked if he could spend the night and I couldn't say no to him because he is my best mate and he has to tell me something EXTREMELY important." Both of their mouthes dropped open.


"Ash that is NOT a good idea. "


"I KNOW ITS NOT!! I need you two to stay the night also and keep Michael and Rachel away from eachother. She will think that's its only you two staying and I will tell her that Michael couldn't come over tonight."


"Fine. we'll do it but we are going to regret this. Just don't be upset with us when they both flip out once they find each other." Calum said.


"Thank you guys so much. now I have to go think up a way to keep them away from eachother. Bye see u later and don't forget!" I walked away only to walk right into to Rachel. Boy if she heard that im a dead man I thought to myself


"Oh sorry Ashton I was just coming to find you" She smiled at me. "Y-you were?" I asked her.


"Yeah. I wanted to thank you for letting me spend the night tonight."


"No problem. Anything for a beautiful girl." I said making her blush. I love it whn I can make her blush.


"There is also something that I need to tell you. The boys are also coming over tonight." I stared at her in fright as I litterly watched her eyes turn out to have some hint of black in them. "I-I-it will only be Calum and L-luke. N-no M-Michael." I studdered still horrified at her eyes. But as soon as those words left my mouth I blinked hard and her eyes were back to normal. I swear to god I am starting to hallucinate. First the water thing this morning and now my crushes beautiful eyes just turned black!! That's not normal!!


"Ok that's fine. See ya later curly" she skipped off like nothing ever happened.  


I need help.


No son, you are not hallucinating. She is a monster but you cannot see her true form unless you know who you are yourself. You cannot trust her because she will only hurt you, not just by eventually breaking your heart but phisically. Michael is close to the same thing you are and he has been watching over you trying to find the right time to tell you. I trust him and believe tonight is the right time. You will meet me sooner or later. Now I have to go.


"What the hell?" I mumbled


I seriously need help. Fist the Water Dude, then Ms.Black Eyes, now some mans deep voice that I have never heard before is telling me the possible love of my life is a monster and that Michael is the same thing as me and I don't even know what that means!! I walked to my next class hoping this will all go away soon.






Sorry for the short chapters the next one will be a lot longer. Love you all XX



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