Son of Poseidon

My name is Ashton. Ashton Irwin. I'm Son of Poseidon, Lord of the sea, and my life is anything, but ordinary.....


13. Metting the Girls

Hey guyssss!!! I am SO sorry about not updating but I will try my best to update as much as I can. School starts tomorrow, NOOOOOOOO!!!!! ikr. Well without further adoo(don't think I spelled that right lol).....


Grace Smith- (demigod and child of Athena)

hair: long dark brown w/ caramel highlights  

clothes: crop tops and casual stuff, jeans, shorts, sweatshirts, vans, converse, etc.

eyes: chocolate brown

hobbies: amazing fighter, loves sports

additional info: Best friends with Issabella and Lucy (introduced later in story), sisters with Becky (also later introduced in the story), helps Tamuss run camp, is greatly respected by other campers, boyfriend is Nico even though she can't stand him. She is afraid to break up with him because of what he could do to her because he is so powerful. Daughter of Athena.  


Rebecca (Becky) Moore- (demigod and child of Athena)

hair: short blonde hair w/ red tips

clothes: muscle shirts, black skinny jeans, vans  

eyes: crystal blue

hobbies: sings, acts

additional info: arena fighter trainer, sister to Grace Smith, Michaels girlfriend, daughter of Athena.


Issabella (Izzy) Roxanne- (demigod and child of Aphrodite)

hair: Jet black, medium length

clothes: crop tops, ripped skinny jeans, converse

eyes: dark brown

hobbies: playing guitar, writing music, drawing, reading

additional info: Luke's girlfriend, best friends w/ Grace and Lucy, child of Aphrodite, Luke's guide at camp


Lucy Fergausen- (demigod and child of Ares) 

hair: long, very straight, light brown

clothes: casual and simple (easy to fight in)

eyes: light green

hobbies: loves fighting with swords and daggers,

additional info: Calum's girlfriend, can summon fire and read emotions like Mikey, Mikey's sister (on godly side), Calum's guide at camp, child of Ares  


Michaels POV


Nico wanted to talk to me, alone, and I know what he was going to say/threaten. Once we were alone with no one around us, Nico grabbed me by the shirt and pinned me against the wall. Now if anyone else would have done that I would have beaten the shit outa them, but this was a Prince of Olympus we were talking about, so that's a big no-no.


"Listen here" he told me angrily. "I know you and the rest of the Ares cabin can read my emotion towards Ashton, and I don't want you ruining my image. Since you are leader of the Ares cabin, I want you to tell everyone in there that if they tell ANYONE, Grace will punish them under my orders, got it?"

Grace Smith is Nico's girlfriend, and she is strict but super nice once you get to know her. You don't want to get on her bad side though because she is capable of many things. She also helps Tamuss run camp so if he isn't here for some reason, Grace is in charge of everyone and everything. (Description of her at beginning of chapter)


Time to play my cocky card... "And what if I don't?" I spat back at him. He smirked and let go of my shirt.


"Well, Becky might just find out about your little secret." He said evilly. Becky was my girlfriend and yes she was a demigod. Child of Athena to exact. (description of Becky at beginning of chapter).


"Now go on to your stupid little friend and remember, you say one word about it, and Becky will know and hate you forever." he smirked and turned on his heel as he was walking away. Oh Michael what did you get yourself into? 

I watched as Nico made his way over to Grace. Her back was facing him so he slipped his arms around her waist from behind and whispered something in her ear. She smiled and looked up at him while turning around.

She stood on her tiptoes and placed her lips onto his. I could tell he was enjoying it but she was not. I felt sorry for her honestly.


"Hey man" Ashton says right next to me.


"Holy shit!!! You scared me!!" I said


"I noticed." he replied with a small smile.


"Who's that?" He asked pointing to Grace. I noticed that tone of voice. He had it whenever he talked about Rachel, like before she tried to kill him.


"Umm- that's Grace Smith. Nico's girlfriend." As soon as I said Nico's girlfriend, his faced dropped. I saw that Grace was staring right at Ashton with shock and confusion.


"She deservers better" he mumbled. I just nodded in agreement and sighed. Oh man this is going to be a very long day, I thought.


I noticed that Nico was talking to one of his friends and Grace was motioning for me to meet her somewhere. I quickly excused myself from Ashton.


"Who is that?!?" She whisper-screamed at me referring to Ashton.


"Oh that's the son of Poseidon everyone was talking about" I stated like it was obvious.


"WHAT?!? Michael you DO remember the prophesy about the son of Poseidon saving me, don't you?" she asked.


"Yeah, I do." The prophesy went something like this:


A child of Athena

is destine to fall,

unless saved by

a son of Poseidon,

the underworld will call her soul.


"Well where are the two mortals? You aren't supposed to leave them alone!" and as if right on queue, Calum and Luke walked over to Ashton and they all started to talk.


"We will have to get them both their own guides so that they will never be left alone, and also so they can meet some more people here." she suggested.


"Sure. Who do you  have in mind?" I gently asked her.


"We should probably pair Lucy and Calum together and Issabella (Izzy) and Luke together" (description of both at beginning of chapter).


"Sounds good. I'll call them over. Hey Calum, Luke!! come here!!!"


They jogged over to us with Ashton right behind as Grace went to get Lucy and Izzy.


"Yeah?" asked Calum.


"Well we aren't allowed to leave you alone so you will both be getting guides. Luke, your guides name is Izzy and Calum, your guides name is Lucy." Then Grace returned with a girl with brown hair and big green eyes and another girl with jet black hair and chocolate colored eyes.


"Well, Luke this is Izzy" she pointed to the girl with the black hair. "And Calum this is Lucy" she said referring to the one with the hypnotizing green eyes.  


  All they did was stare into eachothers eyes. Great, now we've met almost all the girls except Becky, I thought. The horn for dinner blew and we all made our way over to our chairs. Well, I guess they'll meet my girlfriend tomorrow...




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