Son of Poseidon

My name is Ashton. Ashton Irwin. I'm Son of Poseidon, Lord of the sea, and my life is anything, but ordinary.....


16. Love at First Sight

Graces POV (yup I'm serious ;)


I had just confessed that Nico has been abusing me daily to Ashton. I had lived with that secret for almost 2 years. I've wanted to break up with him ever since he did that, but he told me that if I did, he would do something much worse than just abuse me, as in torture me then kill me. I trusted Ashton with my life. I know we just met but I trust him not just because of the prophesy, but because I felt something with him that I had never felt before, not even with Nico before he started abusing me. It was different. Every time I saw him I got butterflies in my tummy, and the rest of the world is blocked out. His smile and laugh are my favorite. He has such an awesome personality and body. He makes me feel safe and special. Anyways back to what is happening right now...



"I know we just met but when I saw you, I felt something that I never felt before. It felt like someone had stopped the world and everyone and everything was blurry, except you. I think I really like you Ashton." I told him.



He brought his hand up to my face and wiped away a fresh tear that had fallen. He looked me in the eyes.


"I really like you too." Ashton whispered.

He started leaning in and so did I. Our lips touched and they felt like . I put my hands on the back of his neck, deepening the kiss. Nico never kissed me like this. His kisses were rough and meaningless to him. He told me he only wanted me for my body and face. He said I was beautiful, but that's all he liked about me. Ashton actually likes me, and we may possibly end up loving eachother. Then my worst nightmare happened.

Nico swung open the door and was standing there shocked. Ashton and I pulled away.


His expression turned from shock to rage. I have to admit I was petrified when he was hurting me, and that's all he ever did. So lets just say I am completely afraid of him all the time.

"I left you alone with this thing, for 10 minutes and you cheat on me?!?" he screamed.

I was fed up with all of his shit. It's time I stood up for myself. I got off the bed and noticed everyone was standing behind Nico.


"How can you be talking to me about cheating when all you do is beat the fucking shit out of me every single day?!?!?" I screamed at him and I swear every one stopped breathing. They just stared at us, except Ashton who got up from the bed and started to walk over to me and try to deal with Nico himself.

"It's fine Ashton. It's time I stood up for myself" he just nodded and took a step back. 


"What are you talking about?" Nico replied. He was playing dumb, which just made me even angrier. Lots of people had gathered around the Athena cabin to see what was going on, even Tamuss. He looked too shocked to do anything though.


"Don't play dumb Nico!! Every single day you abuse me. You never loved me!!" I turned towards everyone who was watching. "The only reason I didn't break up with him was because he said if I did he would do something much worse than abuse me." I said to them with a broken voice as more tears slipped down my face. I rolled up my sleeves to show them the proof.


"And I'm going to keep that promise" he growled as he ran behind me and took out his sword. He put his arms around me, pinning my arms to my side as he held the sword to my neck.


"Nico Di Angelo!! That is ENOGH!!" Bellowed Tamuss.


"I'm assuming you forgot who you are talking to" said Nico towards Tamuss.


"You may be a Prince, but you are in my camp and you are under my rules." he said back.


"Nico!! Let her go!!" Ashton screamed with his sword out.


That just made Nico push the sword harder against my neck, drawing blood. I let out a painful gasp.


"Ashton please help" I whispered. He was going to do something when Nico said, "Move, and she's dead." so Ashton stopped moving. Nico turned back to Tamuss.


"Well, if I can't follow my own rules here, then I'll just bring her to Mount Othiris" he smirked and chuckled evilly. One of Nico's powers was teleportation, so he was going to teleport me there. But Ashton caught on too late.


"No!! Ashton said and tried to reach for me but Nico was just too quick. Ashton, please help me!




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