Son of Poseidon

My name is Ashton. Ashton Irwin. I'm Son of Poseidon, Lord of the sea, and my life is anything, but ordinary.....


20. Babe?

Calums POV


Lucy had just told me that she wanted to go out with me. anyways...


 "I know someone who does, but she thinks that your too afraid to ask her. She loves your smile and your laugh, your personality fits perfect with hers, and she thinks she loves you."



I was honestly shocked when she said that. "Who?" I asked eagerly she smirked and looked up at me.


"Me." she replied simply.


"Wh-what? How could a beautiful girl like you ever want t go out with me?"


"Because your handsome and very kind. You treat people like they should be treated and you don't let what anyone else thinks of you bother you. And that's what I want." She smiled up at me, and I smiled back.


She started to lean in. Then just as our lips were about to touch, I remembered something. Jason.


"W-wait" I stammered as my eyes shot open to see the hurt expression of Lucy.


"Oh. I'm sorry. I thought you wanted to." She mumbles as she looks down.


"I do, Trust me. But what about Jason?" I asked her waiting or her response as she looked at me confused.


"What about him?"


"Well, if you kiss me, wouldn't that technically be cheating on him?"


"What?" she said surprised and a big smile grew on her face. "You thought I was dating Jason?!" she said as her smile grew bigger and more amused.


"Well yeah. Earlier you were crying into his shirt while he held you and just a couple minutes ago he gave you a big hug and was super over protective of you and he kissed you on the cheek and-" I was interrupted by her laughter.


I loved her laugh but she looked like she was going to die any second from amusement.


"What's so funny" I asked her.


"What's so funny is that you thought Jason and I are dating!" she said as she let out one more laugh.


"Well, aren't you?"


"No." She said as she put her arms around my neck.

"Jason is my older brother." I swear I have never been so relived to hear those words in my entire life.


A smile grew on my face. "Well, in that case, where were we?" I asked her as I sent her my famous smirk. she laughed quietly.


"I think we were-" she was cut off by my lips on hers. She looked a little shocked at first but she closed her eyes and kissed back. I have never felt anything so amazing in my life. I swear we were meant to be together. I know cheesy, but true. Soon the kiss got a little more heated. I licked her lip asking for entrance, but she was being stubborn because she didn't let me in. She could tell I was aggravated because I felt her smirk into the kiss. So I decided to make things even hotter. I started to suck on her bottom lip just waiting for her to moan. I heard the amazing sound and took the opportunity to slip my toung into her mouth and explored it. She brought her hands up to my hair and started to tug on the ends which made me moan. I broke the kiss only because she was trying to take my shirt off. When she was done I said huskily,

"Jump" and she obeyed. We went back to making out but this time her legs were wrapped around my body and my hands were on her butt, holding her up. I layed her on the bed and she started to take her shirt off. While she was doing that I ran to the door and locked it. We don't want anyone walking on us, now do we? I thought. I came back over and saw she was only in her shorts and a red laced bra. We started to kiss again. I started to kiss down her jaw line and onto her neck. I kissed all over until I found her sweet spot, and started to suck on it. She let out a moan. I decided to give her a hickey to mark that she was now mine. She let out a couple more moans and I started to get hard. I pressed my body harder on her so she could feel it, and I'm assuming she did because she took one of her hands away from my hair and cupped it, teasing me. She took off her other hand and started to undo my pants. Once she got them undone I kicked them off and slid her shorts off. Just as we were about to go even further, we heard a knock on the door. It was Issabella.


"Hey guys come on out. Morthos has the potions ready!" she said.


"Ok be r-right out" she said out of breath. We both started to dress quickly and Lucy said,


"I'm assuming we will finish that later?" she said.


"Heck yes." I replied kissing her.


"Also I need to ask you something." I said.


"What?" she asked concerned.


"Will you be my girlfriend?" I asked her.


"Heck yes." she replied mimicking me. We kissed one more time and went out the door. We came face to face with a smirking Issabella and Luke. I guess they figured it out since my hair was a mess, Lucy was out of breath, and we were fixing our clothes.


"You just had to here." Issabella said smirking and walking away.


Luke just laughed as he turned and followed her and left us there blushing. Lucy looked up at me, stood on her tiptoes, pecked me on the lips, and ran away.


"Come back!!" I begged laughing.


"You gotta catch me first!!" she said laughing at me. I ran after her. When I caught her I scooped her up bridal style and she screamed from surprise.


"Now what is my reward for catching you?" I asked her sarcastically.


"This" she said and kissed me passionately.


"Ok lets go love birds we don't got all day" Issabella said from behind us as I carried Lucy all the way to the lab.


"You know I can walk right?" Lucy said.


"I know you can, but you may not" I said l smirking. I saw Luke roll his eyes at us and smiling too.


When we got there I put her down and saw the Morthos dude mixing some potions together.


"Alright" he said when he saw all of us.


"I will have to run some tests on the both of you to determine what else to put in the potions.


"Ok" we both said as Luke and I sat down in the lab chairs as rainbow dude hooked up all kinds of wires to us.


"I am going to read everything you did today and that will determine what to put in there." said Morthos.


Me and Lucy's eyes widened and we looked at eachother.


"Y-you don't have to read everything, do you?" Lucy asked.


"Oh yes my dear, everything. If I don't it wont be able to work." Morthos said.


"Oh gods" she said and sent me a horrified glance. I looked back at her with the same look and waited for him to say it.


"Well for Luke, he ate breakfast at the pavilion, took a shower, met his friends outside the Big House, met Grace, Nico, Becky, Lucy, and Issabella, then witnessed Grace getting abducted by Nico, went to the meeting room in the pavilion, and then came here, went into the waiting room, and him and Issabella made out until I came and got them." he said. My head snapped up and I looked at a red and smiling Issabella and Luke and Lucy let out a small giggle. Then Morthos read over mine before he told everyone.


"Oh dear lord Lukes end is nothing like Calums" he mumbled to himself. Luke burst out laughing knowing exactly what he meant. I shot him a glare, but he didn't shut up.


"Alright. Calum woke up, ate breakfast with Mikey, met his friends and Becky, Issabella, Lucy, and Grace, witnessed Grace getting abducted by Nico, went to the meeting in the pavilion, came here, then went to the waiting room, then-" he paused. I waited for him to finish hoping he was going to not say it. Lucy had sat down and had her head in her hands. "Him and Lucy almost had sex on the bed." Morhtos said. Issabella and Luke smirked at both of us. I  smirked and Lucy was bright red.

"It's ok babe." I told her.


"Babe?" Luke questioned.


"Oh, yeah. umm besides the thing that umm Morthos said, I asked her to be my girlfriend an she said yes." I told them.


Issabella walked over to Lucy and said, "YAY!!!! My little Lucy found her knight in shining armor!!" She squealed and hugged her.


"I sure did" Lucy said smiling at me. I winked at her and said'

"And I finally found my princess."

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