Son of Poseidon

My name is Ashton. Ashton Irwin. I'm Son of Poseidon, Lord of the sea, and my life is anything, but ordinary.....


29. Authors Note

I AM SOOOOOO SORRY FOR NOT UPDATING!!! I really am :( I have been at my dads house and I don't want to use the computer because if he saw what I was righting, lets just say I wont be updating anymore lol.


I wear to god I am going to kill my brother. I swear he was put on the earth to just annoy me. Don't get me wrong I love him, but right now I want to hit him. With a bus. A thousand times. If you have younger siblings you would understand my pain. And if you don't, consider yourself lucky.... *jealous look* lol


Anywho, back to the story I promised and I will get as much done as I can!! Love you guys SSSSOOOO much!!!! XOXO




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