Son of Poseidon

My name is Ashton. Ashton Irwin. I'm Son of Poseidon, Lord of the sea, and my life is anything, but ordinary.....


32. Ashtons Older Sister

Ashtons POV


What. What the hell?! Luke has a twin brother named Dakota that works for the Titans? Well shit. That's new information to everyone I think.


"WHAT?!?" Luke yells. Michael scratched the back of his neck. "Yeah. Sorry I forgot tot tell you." Luke just rolled his eyes. "Whatever." Dakota looked back at Nico.


"What you gonna do about it? cry?" he laughed as he touched Graces cheek and bent down to kiss her. I didn't think so I just slashed my sword across his cheek. He staggered backwards as blood ruined his perfect Luke-like face. Now that I think about it, they actually almost looked exactly alike. He was about to say something when I looked over and I heard a shout. Nico had broke the chains through brutal force and strength. His eyes were black and he had black dust swirling above his hands. He looked extremely scary.


"I told you not to touch her again or you'd be sorry." He said in a dangerously calm voice. Dakotas eyes widened. He said something in ancient Greece to the guards and they formed a line between us and Grace. It was Dakota and 4 inhuman creatures against Me, Michael, Luke, Calum, Becky, Issabella, Lucy, and Nico. Issabella and Becky took one monster while Cal and Lucy took another one. Luke and Michael each took one individually while Nico and I took on Dakota. We were doing well until the floor shuddered and everyone, including Dakota, stopped fighting. An image appeared and started to form into a human. For a second I thought it was Kronos, but it was too short, thin, and agile to be him. It looked like a young woman. She finally appeared in her true self and everyone gasped and looked at me. Dakota and the monsters bowed and soon so did everyone else but me. Something told me that I shouldn't kneel. The girl came to me and I could clearly see her now. She had jet black hair and sea blue eyes like the ocean. She wore a battle outfit and you could tell she was not girly at all. She had a violent yet caring and loving look on her face. She held out her hand towards me.


"Hey Ashy. I'm Audrey Smith, your older sister." I shook her hand slowly.


"My what?!?"


"Your older sister. I'm also princess of the Gods even though I don't look like a princess. I hate dresses." she shuddered at the thought of them. "I'm daughter of Poseidon and Athena. So technically I am a god too, but I have some mortal blood in me so I consider myself a demigod." She turned to everyone and commanded them to stand. Even though Dakota had to show respect for her because she could rip his head off with one flick of a finger, he looked pretty pissed and that didn't stop him from being rude to her.


"What the hell are you doing here?"


"Excuse me?" She glared and took a step towards him and she looked really scary.


"I-I mean what are you doing here your majesty?" She shot him another look and looked back at me and spoke through my mind;

I came to tell you about our father. He needs you to save Grace then come to his palace underwater. I will stay here and help you fight them but Poseidon needs you immediately. I nodded. We stared at eachother for a second before she whipped around at the speed of light and knocked Dakota back. The monsters scrambled off, scared. Then she rushed over to where Lucy already was, holding a passed out Graces hand. She was covered in blood and bite marks. I swear I saw a tear slip from Nicos cheek but he quickly wiped it away.


"She is almost dead."


"Well do something!!" I said loudly. The others looked like they expected her to like put a curse on me right then and there, but she just smiled softly and said. "Oh. Brotherly love." quietly. Audrey took Graces hand and closed her eyes. A faint glow of gold appeared around her and she suddenly gasped for breath. Grace looked around widely and scared but relaxed when she saw Dakota lying dead on the floor. She locked eyes with me.


"ASHTON!!!!" She shouted and sprang into my arms and hugged me. I hugged her back. Her soft brown hair had gotten a lot longer. Her sweet sent was still there. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment of holding the love of my life in my arms.



"Sorry to ruin the moment Grace, but I have to get Ashton to Poseidon's Palace." Grace seemed to Notice Princess Audrey for the first time.


"OH!! Your majesty." she went to kneel but she stopped her. Instead she hugged her.


"No need to kneel. I mean after all, you are my little brothers love." She smiled.


"Yes I guess I am."


"Well It was nice to see you all again and I better get out of here before Kronos senses me. Everyone close your eyes and you will be back at Camp-Halfblood. She grabbed my hand and said some Greek stuff. When I opened my eyes I was underwater. I can breathe under water and I guess Audrey could too because I saw bubbles coming from her mouth.


"Follow me." she said and she sounded fuzzy but I followed. We swam for a while until we came about this enormous castle.


"This is father's home." and she took my hand again and lead me up to a man. He turned around and he looked so much like me and Audrey that it was startling.


"Hello my children. I've missed you!!" he brought us into a hug. He pulled away and looked at us seriously.


"We've got lots to talk about."

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