Son of Poseidon

My name is Ashton. Ashton Irwin. I'm Son of Poseidon, Lord of the sea, and my life is anything, but ordinary.....


26. Another Secret?

Beckys POV


While I was unconscious, I was able to talk to Graces spirit.


"Hey sis" Grace said from behind me. She and I were of course ghosts at the moment so we could touch eachother. I ran over to her, hugged her, and cried into her. Eventually I stopped and pulled away.


"Hey sis?" she asked as she wiped my tears and put her finger under my chin making me look up at her.




"I need to tell you something that you can not tell anybody but Calum. If you do I will stay like this forever."


"Ok" I said softly and I was very confused.


"I'm not dead."


"WHAT?!?" I screamed.


"You can only tell Calum because he can see me because he is s child of the dead. Nico knows, and he is not the cause of my death. I tried to kill myself, not him. He tried to save me." Grace told me the story about how Nico changed and that she tried to kill herself because she thought that he didn't love her. But he does and she knows he is being honest because when you are a ghost you can read minds. I felt better when she told the story and cleared it up because I would have litterly killed Nico if she hadn't of said that.


"Won't Ashton be crushed though?" I asked. Her soft smile turned into a frown like she hadn't thought of that yet.


"I'm not sure. I love him and Nico the same. I mean, Ashton gave me something no has before. I've never felt like that with even Nico. But I've also only known him for less than a week. I've known Nico for 4 years and I know they both love me. I'm not sure who I'll pick." 




"You are going to wake up soon so remember, do not tell anyone besides Calum because if you do, I will actually be dead. Tell Calum what I said and make sure no one kills Nico when you arrive. I love you sis. See you later." She waved as it got darker and darker until it was black. Then my eyes shot open and I gasped for breath.


"Becky!!" I heard Michael say and he layed me on the ground. I didn't know what to do so I just started to scream Calums name because I had to tell him now.


"Calum!! Calum!! Calum!!" I stood up.


"What?!" he asked concerned and confused. I ran over to him and grabbed him by the shirt collar and pulled him away from the others. I yelled back at them,


"What is this all about?!"


"Ok I am going to tell you something that happened when I was unconscious. But you cannot tell anyone because if you do Grace will stay dead  forever!!!"


"umm- ok. I promise" Calum said.


"Grace isn't dead." His eyes widened with shock and he looked at me like I was crazy.


"How do you know that?"


"While I was unconscious I talked to Graces spirit and she said she's not dead" I said with a smile. "She also said that I can tell you because you you are a child of Hades. If you or me tell anyone she will actually be dead. Also she told me to tell you that Nico was not the cause of her death. He actually tried to save her. He has changed and she tried to kill herself because she thought that he didn't love her but he actually did and she knows that he does love her because when you are a ghost you can read  minds so you and me cannot tell anyone, but when we get there we have to keep everyone from killing Nico."


"Wow. That's a lot to process."


"JUST PROMISE!!" I said angrily.


"Ok, ok. I promise. Now lets go back there before they suspect anything."


We jogged back and everyone was asking what we were talking about but we said we couldn't tell them. I looked at Mikey and he looked hurt that I told Calum something instead of him. I hope he doesn't think I'm cheating!!




Ashtons POV


Grace was dead. Grace was dead. Grace was dead because you couldn't get to her fast enough. It's all your fault. The thoughts kept running through my mind. I bet Nico killed her I thought disgusted. I was going to get my revenge.


Becky was being carried by Michael bridal style and she was still unconscious . The rest of the trip was silent. Suddenly Becky gasped for breath and everyone rushed over to her. Michael layed her on the ground. 


"Becky!!"  Mikey said. But instead of paying any attention to Mikey or the rest of us she started to scream.



"Calum!! Calum!! Calum!!" she got up and ran over to Calum and took his collar in one of her hands and dragged him away. Then she said,

"DO NOT FOLLOW US!! I HAVE TO TELL HIM SOMETHING EXTREMELY IMPORTNANT AND IF YOU GUYS HEAR YOU WILL RUIN IT!!! STAY HERE!" So we all stayed where we were for about 5 minutes and then they came back. We all asked them what they were talking about but they said they couldn't tell us. Michael looked a little hurt that Becky told Calum a secret and not him. Well I guess if my girlfriend did that I would be hurt too. We continued to walk and I could only think of all the ways I would kill Nico and get my revenge for killing Grace.


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