One Piece x Fairy Tail


1. Intro


Running away from an angry Celestial Dragon was not a part of the plan. Being an escaped slave for sale didn’t help either. He wasn’t gonna give up on his most prized slave now was he? To explain the situation a bit better I’m a kitsune. A fox deity people worshiped forever ago. I can’t stand being a slave anymore. After what happened on Tenrou Island I managed to get myself transported to some other world that wasn’t Edolas or Earthland. The village I was staying at got raided and I was captured for being a fox person, as they called me. Idiots mistook me for a neko.


He then took me to Sabaody to the slave auction house when I made my escape from there. It’s been seven long years since I last saw all of my friends at Fairy Tail. Wonder if those on Tenrou Island are okay. Dunno how I ended up adrift from the island before getting myself here somehow. I ran into a well wooded area taking all these turns, hoping to shake off my chasers. There was a tree that called me to climb it, to hide in it for a whole.


Smirking I climb the tree praying that I’m not followed up. “Where’d that trouble-making fiend go? Find her!” Hehe, idiots. Waiting in the tree for a few hours I snuck back down and ran the one way they didn’t go. A dangerous abandoned railroad town.


That was my life story. The beginning of it anyways. After hiding away in that town for a few years, I was able to teach myself some hunting skills. I honed them for years before setting off on my adventure. That was the time the Straw Hats were making a name for themselves. I watched them from afar in some towns so I became awed with them since then. I wanted to join their crew, but they’re on a different level than I am. Who’d ever want me on their crew? Right?

I’ve meet the Whitebeard pirates on multiple occasions, at some point when I first meet them I was saved by one of them, eventually tagging along with them for a while before going my separate way. Okay, take back what I said earlier. The Straw Hats let me join their crew after what some people would call fate. This is how I came to join the Straw Hat crew.

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