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With the looming threat of a criminal mastermind, Harry risks every chance he has at another shot of happiness and pursues Zayn, in hopes of getting rid of him for once and all. But the risk is big and the opportunity small and only luck will be the chance he has. İn the meantime, he hopes to mend Jennifer's, now, broken heart, but that isn't the easiest to do, when she's determined to keep him out of her life... this is the sequel to 'She's not afraid' in order to understand this book, you have to read the first one available on my page of course :) WARNING : THIS BOOK MAY INCLUDE VIOLENT SCENES OR OBSCENE LANGUAGE . READ AT OWN RISK. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © ;) MATURE SCENES WITHOUT WARNING ;)


3. Chapter one

Previous chapter, Harry's POV

"Harry, I....I love you." She said, her eyes searching mine desperately, nervously. She loved me? How could she possibly love me, after all those hings I did to her. After all those things Zayn did to her.

"Please say something." She loved me. Holy shit. How could she love me? No, she can't. She can't and I won't let her. I won't let her get attached to me, like I am her. They'll do the same shit that they did with Diana. They'll never leave her alone. But why? Why did this have to happen? I can't love her, even if I do. Heck, of course I do, but why does it have to be so fucking unfair?

The nervousness and embarrassment was clear on her face and I just wanted to hug her and tell her I loved her. I just wanted to grab her face in mine and stroke my thumbs on her baby soft cheeks and tell her that she's beautiful. 

"You love me." It was still incredibly unbelievable that this beautiful, amazing girl in front of me loved me. 

"Yes. Yes Harry so much. I realized at the hospital and I can't let the thought go and-"

"Well you should." Her face twisted from relieved to shocked. Embarrassed and rejected. Feelings I wanted to take away so badly, but I had to protect her.  

"Wha- what?" 

"You should. What could you possibly love in me? Get the silly idea out of your head, because the feelings aren't reciprocated. Now drop it." The tears were staring to fall on her cheeks, wetting them, but that was probably the least she thought about now. She was heartbroken. I caused that. It almost made me want to cry too, but I couldn't let her know that. I couldn't show her any emotions, that indicated what I really felt for her. 

I was horrible. I was a dick and she knew it, because as soon as the realization really hit her, she straightened, wiped her tears off of her face and glared at me.  Oh Jen, if only you knew.

"Yeah. Yeah you're right. How silly of me. How could I possibly love you? I should've known from the start that you were just like everyone else. Wow, I really am stupid for thinking that, that you maybe felt the same about me, but I was clearly wrong." She spit, her eyes full of anger, hate and sadness. 


"Fuck you Harry. Don't ever bother me again, but first let me tell you something. Even though you don't like me back and even though you are a dick, you felt it too. The connection and I know you did. Bye Harry." And with that she walked out of the kitchen, her hair bouncing as she hastily walked. I heard the door slam closed and let out a breath I was holding. I wasn't even realizing that a tear had spilled out, until it rolled down my cheek, just like hers were just before. 

I despised myself. What the fuck did I do? Zayn was going to pay for this. He made me do it. This was all Zayn's fault. With one last blink I walked out of the kitchen, grabbed my keys and locked the door, calling Louis.

"Be ready in ten, I'm gonna' fucking kill Zayn."


Louis' POV, present

When Harry called me and told me that he'd 'Fucking kill Zayn', I assumed it was one of his anger moments. I paced around slowly in my apartment, waiting for him to show up and knock on the door angrily, before I woud let him in and he'd tell me what had happened. But that didn't happen at all, no. He arrived in silence, stepping in, with no words spoken. No signs of any anger, nothing. His face was expressionless. And that's when I knew he wasn't joking. He was drop-dead serious, literally. 

"Care to explain?" I asked, waiting for an answer, but I got none. He was just sitting on my old sofa, staring straight ahead, with a pained expression on his face. I knew he hated the life out of Zayn and would probably be happy if he died, but he'd never made the first step to get revenge. It had always been Zayn making the first move, followed by his small fucking minions. But Harry's actions got me worried. He was speechless, not even angry. And that's when I got nervous, because the only thing that could have him act this way, was Jennifer. That was all he'd been talking about the past couple of weeks and I knew that they, in no time, would have escalated in to something further. 

"What happened between you and Jen? Is she alright?" He dropped his face into his hands, and let them rake further up his hair. It was getting quite long now, almost shoulder-length. 

"She told me she loves me" He said, looking up at me with now bloodshot and puffy eyes. He had been crying. 

"That's great! I kne-"

"And I threw it all back at her, telling her that I didn't give a shit about her. I fucking broke her, Louis" He teared at the strands of his hair, obviously not caring about the pain it would cause. I felt a pang of sorry for him. He always ended up getting hurt, by putting others' feelings before his own, even though he didn't want to show it. In all the years that I'd been friends with Harry, he'd missed the love. I know Diana was a soft spot for him, he loved her, but she was taken away, by the only one who would want to hurt Harry; Zayn. I didn't quite understand why he would tell Jennifer such things, when we both knew that he felt the exact same way towards her. 

"But why?"

"Because of Zayn. What do you think would happen, if I got attached to her? Do you remember what happened to Diana?" He spit, standing up and starting to pace through my apartment. He was breathing deeply, and I was astonished to see him like this. I hadn't seen him like this, ever since Diana.

"Harry, you're not thinking clearly. That was what? Four years ago? He won't do the same"

"He will, he's a fucking cunt Louis and he will. That's why I'll kill him. I'll fucking make sure of that the last thing he sees is my face" The anger was slowly showing up on his face, clouding his thoughts. 

"No, you can't Harry and you won't. You'll have to-"

"I have to get him out of my life Louis, Jennifer's life"

"I won't let him be the cause of you getting in jail for life time, do you understand?" He sighed, sitting down again, nodding. He was hopeless. He kept rubbing his hands together, wearing a thoughtful expression. 


"Harry I think it's best if you just-"


"- Take some time to let it all-"

"Louis!" He exclaimed, looking up at me. I didn't like where this was going at all, not when I knew he had an idea. If it was regarding Zayn, it was bad and I knew it before even having to ask.


"I'll bust him, legally. I'll fucking expose him to the media, I'll report him, catch him in the act." 



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