Classic Bad Boy

Leah Morrison's new next door neighbour seems to be a walking, breathing example of a 'Bad Boy'. Luke Hemmings doesn't make it easy to get on with him. He has a massive ego and has the idea that what he says goes.

Rebecca wants to have as little to do with him as possible but it seems that fate has other ideas. How long can she put up with Luke?


1. Welcoming the New Neighbours

"Leah!" Mum shouted from downstairs, "The new neighbours are here. Come down and say hello!"

I groaned, a little annoyed, I was currently writing a story on an online website and I had just gotten into the flow. Hitting the save button, I closed my laptop. I had been sitting at my bedroom desk for quite a while and had gotten pins and needles in my feet. Limping out of my bedroom, I passed my younger sisters' bedroom. The twins were blaring the latest popular pop hits and singing along to it in irritatingly tone death voices. Well, they are only thirteen. There's chance for improvement.

I quickly made my way down the stairs, skipping the last few steps like I usually do. My Mum was in the living room, talking to a women (who I guessed was our neighbour). "Come on in Leah," Mum said to me before turning back to the women, "Melaine, this is my daughter Leah. Leah, this is Melaine Hemmings."

"It's nice to meet you." I said politely, shaking her hand. 

"She just moved in this week," Mum explained, "she's bought the house next door and she came round so she could get to know us."

Melaine was a very lovely looking person. She had a gentle smile and soft blue eyes. I guessed she was probably close in age to my Mum. "It's so nice to meet you Leah," Melaine smiled, "if I'm correct, I believe my son will be close in age to you. I do have two other sons but they've moved out in pursuit of their education so I just have to deal with the one."


"So, is your son going to the school here?" I asked. Mum and I had been casually chatting  with Melaine.

"Yes, it would be the best choice as it's close by. I wouldn't want him to have to travel very far each day." Melaine told us. "Where is he right now?" I asked, it was strange that he hadn't come over with his mum. 

"He wanted to go out and explore the area. I told him to come here when he's done but I'd thought he'd be here by now." Melaine said.

"I got here a while back actually." An unknown voice said. It made me jump in my seat and I turned to the direction that the voice came from. A tall boy stood there. And by tall I mean he literally is tall. He must be over six foot. His eyes were blue and he had blonde hair styled up in a quiff. As he walked closer, I also noticed that he had a lip percing; a little black hoop that I had to admit looked cool. I quickly put two and two together and realised that he must be Melaine's son. Either that or a murderer had just walked into the house. "Luke!" Melaine exclaimed, "I told you to knock on the door!"

"Sorry. Forgot." He replied. He turned to my Mum, "It's a pleasure to meet you." He shook her hand and she smiled back at him. "You have a nice home, Ms Morrison." Luke complimented.

"Thank you and you can just call me Natalie." Mum replied. Luke was being overly polite, I could tell.

"And you are...?" Luke then asked me.

"Leah." I told him and he shook my hand. 

"Leah, how about you show Luke around the house. While you're upstairs send Sasha and Mina down... and tell them to stop playing their music so loud." Mum said.

"Okay." I then led Luke out the room.


It was really awkward when I had to shout over my two sisters blaring music but I eventually managed to get them to switch off and go downstairs. They can be a real pain sometimes. I led Luke to my room. Thankfully, I'm a relatively neat person and my room is always presentable. My favourite colour is green so that's the theme for the room. Pastel green walls, a grass green carpet, green striped curtains and even green bedding. "Well, here it is. My room." I said with mock enthusiast.  I know Mum didn't really want me to give a tour but it was really an excuse for Melaine and her to get some time to just talk. Probably about adult stuff. Like taxes or whatever the heck it is.

"It's not much but-" I stopped when I noticed Luke had picked up one of the picture frames from my bedside cabinet. "Please don't... put it down." I tried to take it back so I could put it down. I didn't want anything broken. I failed to get it because Luke had some sort of death grip on it. "Rude much? Haven't you been told not to snatch things." Luke mocked. I frowned then sighed. I let go and then held my hand out, "Luke, please give it back."

"Who are they?" Luke asked. He was referring to the two people with me in the picture. While he was distracted, I quickly grabbed the frame out of his hands. "That's for me to know and for you to find out." I said, as I placed the picture back into place. Luke ignored me and carried on poking around my room. "You can look but don't touch anything!" I lectured.

"Jeez, calm down. No need to be such a kill joy." Luke complained.

"Kill joy? I am not a kill joy! You-" I started.

"You're proving my point." he interrupted.

"Wh-" I spluttered but Luke carried on looking at my stuff.


"Anywayyy. How old are you?" I asked in an attempt to salvage something worthwhile out of this train wreck of a conversation. "What's it to you?" Luke retorted. I was a bit shocked at his attitude but I had to try and stay composed. If I had a major argument with him, Mum would not be happy. "Well, my Mum and your mum seem to be getting on well, your my neighbour and you'll be going to the same school as me. I'm just trying to get on with you."

"Where's this?" Luke asked, pointing to a picture on my cork-board. It was of Mum and I at the Ice-rink when I was younger. "That's the ice-rink." I said.

"The one in the city centre?" He asked.

"Yeah, I went a lot when I was little but I haven't been there for ages." I admitted, I realised I had been sidetracked, "So anyway, like I asked, how old are you?"

"Almost eighteen..." Luke stated and left it at that.

"Okay. Are you looking forward to school." I asked. Luke laughed at this.

"Ha! More like the opposite. I can't wait till I can leave." He laughed.

"That's a bit of an over reaction. Seriously though, it can't be that bad. For starters, you know me and th-"

"I already have friends. So don't count me as one of yours." He turned to me. He walked closer. I could tell he was trying to intimidate me with his size but I wasn't giving so easily.


"So we're not friends." I said.

"No. I don't want any rumours starting up if you go around acting all 'pally' with me. In a way, I'm doing you a favour as well. Do you want people to be bitching about you behind your back."

"No," I admitted, "so we'll get along but that's the end of it."

"Heh, you're not as slow as I thought. You've got the idea Lee." Luke taunted. I frowned at his insult.

"Wait, why are you calling me Lee? My name's Leah." I said.

"Do you really think I care?" Luke sneered.

"Well I guess I'll call you Lu now." I retorted.

"Looks like there's a bit of fight in you." he smirked.

"What's with you?" I snapped, "You were nice enough downstairs. Why the sudden attitude change?"

"I have to save face in front of my mum. So while she's around, we're 'friends'.

Luke's blue eyes were cold and unforgiving. I could see him looking down on me as though I wasn't worth his time. Why did I get stuck with the neighbour from hell?

"What a shame Lu. I thought we could be besties." I mocked. Luke glared at me but before he could speak, we both heard Melaine calling him from downstairs. "Looks like times up," Luke smirked, "see you in school Lee."


With that he was gone. What a jerk. I can't believe that my neighbour is pretty much a classic bad boy.



So what do you think? Comment if you want more. I'd also appreciate any likes and favs. I'll try and get the next chapter soon.

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