16-year-old Alexandra is forced to move from the town she knows and loves. At her new school, she discovers the group of bullies that go by the names Michael, Calum, Luke, and Ashton. But Ashton is different from the rest. He has a good heart and he cares about Alex. But will his good-natured character last when he hangs out with guys like Michael, Calum, and Luke?


1. New Home

Chapter One: New Home

Alexandra's POV

I had my window rolled down, with the wind blowing the occasional leaf in my face. There was no conversation going on between my mom and me. Everything was silent. Well, except for the faint CDs playing in the background.

This was the car ride to our new home.

My mom and I were evicted from our family home in Santa Clara shortly after cancer took my father's life. Now, 3 months after my father's death, we were now on our way to our new home in Los Angeles.

"We're almost there, Alex", my mom said as positive as she could.

"Mm", I mumbled in response.

We were getting closer and closer to our new small apartment in the heart of Los Angeles. It was just 3 blocks away from the new high school I would be attending, Redwood High School.

"Looks like we're here", my mom said as she pulled into the sketchy parking lot of the apartment complex.

The color of the apartments was an ugly beige color. The roof was black and the shingles were coming off. The doors were brown and there were flowers planted in multiple places. Maybe the flowers were planted to try and distract people from the uncleanliness of everything else around them.

"I can see our apartment. Number 113. It's up those stairs and a few doors down", my mom said.

We lugged our bags up the creaky stairs and into apartment number 113. My mom opened the door and I was honestly shocked. The inside of the apartment was a lot nicer than the rest of the building. The first room, or the living room, had a nice leather couch and a rather large television. The dining room had a chandelier with a dining table on a nice rug. The kitchen had black cabinets and marble countertops. Down the hall was the bedrooms and bathroom. The walls of the rooms were royal blue and each room had a queen-sized bed.

"This isn't so bad", my mom smiled.

"It's a whole lot nicer than the outside", I scoffed.

"We'll get the rest of our stuff in the morning. It's late and right now, you need some rest before your first day of junior year tomorrow", said my mom.

"Mom, do I have to go?", I groaned.

"I'm afraid so, sweetheart", my mom said as she gave me an apologetic pat on the back, "You'll do great. Don't forget to make some friends".

"Alright, I'm going to bed now", I said, trying to avoid continuing this conversation.

"Goodnight, honey!", my mom called after me.

" 'Night", I said as I disappeared into my room.

My room felt empty. Probably because we hadn't fully moved in yet. But it didn't feel like home and I was worried it never would. But oh well. I couldn't do anything about it now.

I slipped into the only pair of pajamas I had in the bag that I brought up with me into the apartment. Then I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. Once I had rinsed out my mouth, I examined myself in the mirror. My hair was a mess, I had no makeup on, I was breaking out, my arms looked fat, and you could clearly see the scars.

No guy would ever want me. Not like this.

But I couldn't think about those things. At least not right now. I had more important things on my mind, such as overcoming the loss of my father and my first day at a new school tomorrow.

I knew it wouldn't end well.

~ The Next Morning ~

My alarm woke me up at 7:15 am. That meant that I had precisely 45 minutes until I'd have to meet the bus at the corner of my street. So I straightened my hair like I normally do and put on enough makeup to cover up the acne. Then I got dressed into some ripped black jeans and a Metallica t-shirt. To finish off the outfit, I picked out some dark gray high-top converse.

"Alex, are you nearly ready? You're bus is going to be here soon", my mom said to me from the kitchen.

"I'm ready", I said as I walked into our small kitchen. I was a little disappointed that I didn't have time to eat.

"Here's your backpack. Have a good day, honey", my mom said.

"Bye, mom", I said with a forced smile.

I walked out the door and down the stairs. As I walked down the street and towards the bus stop, I could see a few kids were already there. Two girls and three boys. I just assumed they were from my school. I walked up to where they were standing, but said nothing. I just looked at the ground as I waited for the bus. I could feel a few of them staring at me.

"Is that the new girl?", one of the boys whispered.

"I think so", said one of the girls, "She dresses kind of weird".

"And she's kind of funny looking", said another one of the guys.

Before any of the others could say anything, the bus arrived and we all piled inside. I chose a seat near the back of the bus in order to avoid the people I encountered at the bus stop. But it didn't do any good. Two of the boys, one with a blonde quiff and the other with dark purple hair, came and sat down behind me. The other one that looked Asian was sitting towards the front of the bus with another boy.

"Hey, new girl", the one with purple hair whispered devilishly in my ear, "I'm Michael and my friend here is Luke. We specialize in making the lives of the new kids miserable".

I could practically hear both of them smirking.

This was going to be a long day.

~ Later At School ~

"Hello students. My name is Mr. Johnson and I'm going to be your first period Chemistry teacher. First order of business today, I want you all to pick lab partners", said the balding middle-aged man that stood in the front of the room.

I looked around at the 32 other people that already knew each other. Michael of course picked Luke. The rest of the students scrambled to pick the partners they wanted. Some people looked disappointed because they didn't get the partner they wanted.

Then a boy with brown slightly curly hair sat next to me.

"I wouldn't mind them", he said, gesturing to Michael and Luke, "Calum's not so bad either. Just don't call him Asian".

"Thanks for the tip", I chuckled.

"What's your name?", he smiled.

"I'm Alexandra Jensen. What's yours?", I said.

"I'm Ashton. Ashton Irwin. Looks like we're going to be lad partners", he said as he shook my hand.

Author's Note:

Thank you to everyone that read this story! :D This is my first proper 5sos fanfiction. What did you guys think? Let me know in the comments :)

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Thank you for reading! <3

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