My Cute Bunny Boy // Hybrid AU (Yoongi x Jungkook)

In which the world we live in is different, there are immortal Beings and Hybrids as pets,
Jungkook is a rare Bunny
Yoongi is lonely
And his 5 friends decide to throw him a party, with a gift at the end :)


1. Mr. Min

March 9th

6:27 am

'Oh for fucks sake' Yoongi whisper shouted as he hit his head on the back of the recording studio wall after falling asleep on the swivel chair. He's been sleeping here for most of the month, how long has it even been since he's been home? He doesn't spend to much time thinking about it as his phone makes an obnoxiously loud sound telling him someone is currently trying to contact him to which he pickes up without checking the caller name which now he regrets as he hears Seokjin's voice screech down the other end making him pull his phone away from his ear in a pace that's to fast for someone who hasn't been awake for not even 30 seconds.

'Yooooooongi' Jin drags his voice out as said person decides to stand up and put a hoodie on leaving the phone on speaker.

'What can you possibly want?'

'To speak to you of course, I haven't seen you in years' Yoongi rolls his eyes at Jins exaggeration, maybe 2 weeks tops since he's seen him? I'd hardly say years.

'Well we're speaking arnt we? So what do you want?'

'Like I said I want to see you, come round me and Joonies in 2 hours, no excuses, and please go home and change you probably stink of takeaway pizzas, I'll see you and I swear to god don't be late' and with that he hung up leaving Yoongi to wonder how Jin knew he'd been staying at the studio.

After going home and having a much needed shower Yoongi finally changed out of his hoodie and sweats to a much more fitting outfit of skinny Jeans, white shirt and the infamous black leather Jacket. Adding on a 3 dollar chain, beanie and some quick concealer (he can't be dealing with Umma Jin yelling at him about the bags under his eyes) and deciding to leave to get some coffee before heading to Namjins place. Yoongi doesn't really go out much which is pretty strange as he is a now 27 year old man but he just doesn't find comfort in it, what's the point apart from getting some Vitamin D in your system, and either way there's a tablet supplement for that, he knows because he takes it (along with a lot of other medication that he just can't be bothered to get into right now) finally leaving the line of workers waiting to get their morning coffee and heading out.

9:03 am

'Your late' is the first thing heard after he had knocked on the door to Namjins place.

'By what like 10 minutes?' He said coming into the house and kicking his vans off his feet.

'Actually you're 35 minutes late'

'Do you just love tracking me or something?'

'Yes Yoongi I love being worried about you and caring about when you're late, my apologies'

Yoongi just gave Jin a sarcastic closed mouth smile and walked into the living room which was fairly neat, and by fairly neat I mean that to Jins standards, to mine it was freaking spotless with no spec of dust or dirt to be seen.

'Hey Yoons' Namjoon said while still looking at the TV screen watching something that was clearly about zombies, either that or he was watching a fucked up cannibal show. Yoongi knew he was talking to him because of the horrendous nickname he had picked up, one that had started when they were in college and for some reason stuck with, even when they bought their first studio together and up till now and probably , to the annoyance of 'Yoon' would forever stick.

"Hey" Yoongi replied now sat down and staring at the weird show that had him furrowing his eyebrows.

"I'm gonna make you some breakfast' Jin shouts from the kitchen held in the next room 'you're starting to look too skinny again' 

'What are you watching?' A voice is heard to Yoongi's left, followed by a sudden screech of an armchair being pulled next to him now currently holding a cat in.

Oh right yeah that's Taehyung, Namjoon's and Jin's 'pet' or Hybrid as you might call it, A Hybrid is something that is now possible, half Human, Half Animal. Their now a new species that are within Households and a lot more useful than old pets who don't really do much.

Most households own them now but there was a whole outbreak of whether or not it's ethical, that way before Yoongi's time though and before the new Human era too. Old animals are still around but old humans are extinct, old humans lived around up until the age of on average 78 years, now though they grow up to the age of 27, only to then live for eternity unless you wish to end it to which you're given medicine to do so. It's all a bit confusing I guess so let's get back to Taehyung, a Hybrid of a Korean male and a Kurilian Bobtail. Pretty rare I hear, not that I have particularly searched up Hybrids, they're just there like Humans, you hardly notice them they blend in so well with normal life.

"Breakfast!!" Jin sings as he hands Yoongi a plate of pancakes that are stacked almost as high as his face,

"I'm supposed to eat all of this?"

"I'll help!?" Yoongi heard an energetic voice next to his ear and a hand suddenly come towards his plate only to be slapped away by Jin.

"No Tae you've already had yours I made this for Yoongi, and yes you better eat all of it."

After Jin had left the room to do whatever motherly stuff he has planned and having Namjoon engrossed in his show Yoongi decided to quickely feed Taehyung half the plate so he doesn't get yelled at when he can't eat of them, technically it's a win win right?

"Namjoooooonie" Taehyung sang now laying upside down on the chair facing the Telly with his tail wrapped around his leg.

"Yessss" Namjoon also sang (god dammit is this family made of singers?) turning his body towards Tae but still watching the show.

"What you watchin'?"

"The Walking Dead, why?" The walker death what?

"Oh, I'm more into Game of thrones but whatever floats your cute boat" Game of throwing? Geez Yoongi needs to get down with the kids he spends to much time listening to music.


How many shows was that like 4? I'm not gonna admit though but I was kinda getting into it after awhile.

"You Gotta shop" Joonie says all of a sudden.


"Jin's orders not mine" am I part of this family why have I Gotta shop?

"Why me?"

"Like I said Princess left a note and I don't know about you but I don't wanna get on his bad side, plus you gotta get some fresh air Yoons, I know I don't show it as much as princess but you can talk to me whenever okay? And I promise that whenever or wherever I am I'll listen yeah?" Namjoon finishing what felt like his 30 minutes sympathy speech that he has practically every time he talks with him in a hug and an aplogetic smile.

"Yeah whatever just give me the list" Yoongi says after going from 100 to 0 real fast. After getting the list from his long ass friend and saying a see ya later to Taehyung who was giggling to himself he made a quick exit, especially after seeing Namjoon starting to kiss him.


After driving for what feels like a lifetime he finally stops at the requested place, why does Jin drive so far just to get good food? Geez just go up to your local shop or order out or something. I'm guessing this is the monthly shop by looking at all the ingredients on it, either that or they eat like pigs, I mean I know Tae it's a lot. Grabbing a trolley/cart (whatever you call it in your region of the world) he started, picking up your average shopping,to then finally, the cat food, which were not exactly in tins or anything of that type but a bit different to ordinary human food, for instance there's a lot more different substances within them as Hybrids need different amounts of proteins, carbohydrates, fats ect. After picking up everything and paying with the money he had been left and an awkward encounter with the young cashier lady who was clearly a bit interested he headed back to Namjins in his Cadillac Ciel, not before one of the bags split containing a bunch of soup tins that he had to stuff in the other full bags in his boot.


Fucking hell they must eat even more shit then he expected, especially with how long it took with him to get everything. Finally taking the keys out the car, stepping out and shutting the door behind him. While doing a few leg stretches he sees the extra car parked out front who he quite clearly knew belonged to Hoseok he decided to leave the shopping bags in the boot and ask Namjoon for help with them otherwise he's pretty sure his arms would snap.

Hearing a bark from within side made him groan knowing Jimin would be there too, who's he kidding he knew Jimin would be in there as soon as he saw Hopies car, knowing that boy doesn't go anywhere without him.

Knocking on the door he heard a sudden quietness fill the house and wondered for a split second if his knock had just killed them all. That is until Namjoon opened the door,

"Hey Yoons come in" be was way to happy for a Wednesday night. He walked in only to be greeted by blackness, is this how he's gonna die?

"Surprise!!!!!" He heard a sudden shriek from within the living room and a popping sound only to have his sight then feeled with confetti, the lights dimmed on, but only to a fraction, not nearly as bright as they had been earlier much to yoongi's gratefulness.

"Well it was pretty clear, it was my birthday and I did see Hopies car parked outside" Yoongi stated looking at all the faces around

"YOOOONGI!! You could at least pretend" whined Jimin, Half Human half Tibetan Mastiff (Dog)

"Okay sorry, wow I'm so surprised guys this is amazing!" He said in a slow manner earning a slap from Jin

"Cake!" J-Hope screamed hugging Jimin while Namjoon came out with a red velvet cake holding the numbers 30 within as candles.

Taehyung jumping up to Yoongi singing happy birthday while holding his arm with both hands. After all of them saying thier hip hip hoorays Yoongi blew the candles out wishing for new clothes and shortly after he's being given a peice of cake and pushed down to the floor to play weird games that Jimin had set up.


After finishing a bunch of games such as truth and dare Jin put a black blindfold over Yoongi's eyes (he doesn't wanna know what Jin does with that, as it probably involves Namjoon and Taehyung) he then told him to stand up, after hearing shuffling and giggling for around 5 minutes he had his blindfold removed from his eyes, after momentarily being blinded from the light and his eyes dilating he blinked only to see a box of around 6ft tall with blue wrapping around it stating a happy birthday.

"Ughh what is this" Yoongi groaned looking around at the faces and seeing way to much excitement

"We thought you should have a big present since it's such a big birthday for you" Jin said as he came closer grinning.

"Open it already will you!?" Taehyung butted in coming again next to Yoongi and jumping up and down like the excited kitten he is (him and Yoongi have always had quite a close relationship)

"Alright alright hold on" Yoongi gave an amused and wary chuckle as he lifted the lid of the box, the four corners falling down with it and underneath it all was... Him a Hybrid... Wait.... They brought him a hybrid? He looks like a young teenager, fuck! Jin quickely steps up towards Yoongi's shocked face.

"Yoongi this is Jungkook, your own Hybrid!!! We thought you were lonely and needed someone to keep you company and healthy so... Yeah this is your present" Yoongi looked shocked beyond believe at the bunny currently standing in front of him, he was in no doubt gorgeous and for no longer than a second did Yoongi feel self conscious of what he was wearing when he looked at 'Jungkook' a early handsome boy with black floppy bunny ears, a short balled up fluffy tail and those teeth ughh ... Not to mention the skinny jeans, white button up and bow tie hung around his neck as he's smiling straight at Yoongi, looking at him with so much hope and love in those doe eyes, oh fuck what have they done.

"Isn't he cute Yoongi!!?" Taehyung said jumping up giddly while latching onto Yoongi.

"He's a Havana Bunny!"

Yoongi suddenly looks away from Jungkook worried he's staring a bit too much, what am I gonna do with my life!? Yoongi rethinks everything in his life. Bunnies are one of the rarest Hybrids out their currently. His head snaps back after hearing Jungkook speak for the first time, only to be met with a concerned and almost saddened face.

"Am I okay for you Mr.Min?"

Oh fuck.

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