Jet Black Hearts

A seventeen year old girl and her twin sister went to a 5sos concert not knowing that they're mother worked with them when she was still alive. It was her first time meeting them personally. HEART BREAKES. HEART ACHES. LESSONS IN LIFE. Will Kayla find space in her heart to live again or will she try to avoid it


5. Chapter Five

Kayla's POV

Luke followed me on twitter and I saw his tweet 'Can't wait to go back home'

He's coming back home?

I received a text message from Jacob

"Hey hot stuff. What are you doing?" And I replied "Please don't call me that!!" "Why not? Your pretty and hot." "Stop your insulting me!" I replied "Excuse me!? How am I insulting you!?" "Your insulting me by calling me weird made up pen names of yours!" "What!?" He texted back "Whatever." I replied as I turned off my phone. I kept on recieving messages from Jacob and so I decided to go to all of my social media and just simply make myself single. I just hate it when people call me pen names I just want go be called by my name. I cried under my pillow and I herd a creek from my door "Hey sis are you okay?" Kamila asked "Yeah I'm fine." "But you don't look fine to me." "Fine." I said giving in "It's Jacob." "What did he do to you? Did he broke up with you?" "Something like that but we just got into a fight that's all." "Oh I'm gonna go there and kick his ass!" Me and Kamila had an exchange of an attitude and I noticed that. Before she had a boyfriend I was overprotective of her. I wanted to be the sister she would love. A perfect stister.

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