Jet Black Hearts

A seventeen year old girl and her twin sister went to a 5sos concert not knowing that they're mother worked with them when she was still alive. It was her first time meeting them personally. HEART BREAKES. HEART ACHES. LESSONS IN LIFE. Will Kayla find space in her heart to live again or will she try to avoid it


11. Chapter Eleven

Kayla's POV

"Hey sis me and Calum will go and shop." Kamila said "Sure just don't get lost ok." "You can trust me with her." Calum said "Ok Cal I trust you." I said as they both went there separate ways. Michael and Ashley desided to go to the movies. It's me and Luke left. "So what are we gonna do?" Luke asked trying to break the awkward atmosphere. "I don't know maybe just roam around the mall?" I said shrugging my shoulders "Come I'll take you to my favorite spot here in the mall." Luke said as he dragged me. Luke led me to a place filled with musical instruments. "Here." He said "wow. This place is totally you." I said. Luke took a guitar from the rack and tried to play it. "Here try it on." He said handing me the guitar "Ok." I said putting on the guitar. I played 'Highway to Hell' by AC/DC. "What the hell!" Luke said in shock "What? Did I do something wrong?" I asked with confussion plastered on my face "Your good where did you learn how to play?" "Well uh... My dad he taught me how to play at the age of eight but I didn't continue it until the age of ten so after that I wanted to be guitarist. I studied by myself." I explained "You should make a band." "Actually we do have a band." "Really? Wow... What is the name?" "Rebels." "Cool name. You should go and tour with us sometime." Luke invited "You serious? You'd actually do that?" "Yeah it's our band we could do whatever we want." Luke said "Wow thanks!" "I'll give you my number so we could talk." "Sure." I took Luke's number and I gave him mine "Hey sis me and Calum desided to go home early Ashley's dad picked us up. What are you guys doing anyway? What is taking you both so long?" Kamila texted "WHAT!?" "What!? What!?" Luke asked in shock "Kamila and the boys went ahead of us." "Wow they just left us." "Yeah I know." I said "so what are we going to do now?" Luke asked "Let's go to the movies!" I said "sure." Me and Luke decide to watch a horror movie and I ended up cuddling with him. Oh this is so embarasing. Why did I ever agree to this?

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