Being Harry styles sister

Hi my name is Carrie Styles, and I am 15 years old. You guessed it I am the sister of the one and only Harry Styles!! I miss him a lot when he is on tour, but what happens when a tragedy occurs and I have to move in with my brother, and his band mates. What happens when she reunites with an old friend? Will Carrie be able to get used to the attention? Read to find out

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5. Chapter 5

Carrie's Pov,
Me and harry have just been cuddling for an hour while watching YouTube. My mind went back to Louis, 
"Harry?"I asked looking up at him.
"Yes snuggles?"he said looking down at me.
"Did you apologize to Louis?"
"Then can you please do that for me?"
Liam called us down for dinner, we stood up and left my room.
Once we all sat down at the table, I looked up at Louis who was sitting across of me, I gasped when I saw a large bruise on his neck.
That seemed to get everyone's attention, they seemed confused until they saw what I was looking at. Nobody said anything, I didn't want to ruin dinner, so I just went back to eating my food. Once I was finished I put my dish in the sink and went upstairs, closed and locked the door after me. I sat on my bed and didn't know I was crying until someone knocked on my door, I opened the door to see Louis,
"I am so sorry, this is all my fault,"I cried into his chest.
"It's okay don't cry, I am okay"he said while rubbing circles on my back.
"No it is not okay, because of me now you have a gigantic bruise on your neck, what are you going to tell your fans once they see it 'oh harry just almost killed me'???"
"Stop freaking out, I will just cover it with makeup, nobody will suspect a thing,"he said.
"I guess,"I shrugged.
"Good. How about we go watch a movie or two?"Louis suggested.
We went downstairs to find everybody sitting on the couch watching something on TV.
"Hey guys want to watch a movie?"I asked.
They all agreed, after a lot of arguing, we decided to watch "White Chicks" 
After the movie we all went to sleep, because we all had an interview early in the morning.

Next morning,
I woke up to Louis screaming and jumping on my bed,
"I'm up, I'm up"I groaned, and pushed louis off my bed.
He dramatically cried, I smiled at how cute he was, wait I am not crushing on him am I?
"Come on we have to leave in an hour, by the way, you are going to school on Monday" (Today is Saturday) 
"What?? I don't want to," I said, while,crossing my hands like a 5 year old.
"Come on it is not that bad,"
I got up and got ready,


Once I was ready, I went downstairs and had some breakfast with the boys.
I was watching TV, until there was a knock on the door, Niall opened the door it was Paul,
"Good morning boys," Paul said.
Good mornings were being said from the boys.
"Oh hi Carrie!" Paul said.
"Hi!"I replied.
"Ok it's time to leave,"
We got into the car and drove to the place that the place the interview was taking place.
*Skip Car Ride
Once we got to the studio, we looked outside and there were thousands of fans outside screaming, once we got inside we went to the dressing room, and the boys changed and got their hair done(idk what happens in there).
*30 minutes later
Me and niall were watching TV until the boys were called to start the interview and I was going to go in later, I started preparing by going to the bathroom, and making sure I look nice, I went to get my shoes but I couldn't find them anywhere. I heard my name being called, I just walked on stage barefoot,
"Harry I can't find my shoes," I said pouting like a 5 year old.
'Aww'the crowd said.
"It doesn't matter just come here,"harry said trying to hold in his laughs. 
"Fine," I said making my way over to him, sat in his lap because there was no space left.
"So, we are going to play a game, called 'The One Direction Awards' I will ask a question and you will say who deserves the award, for example 'who is the person with the best sense of humor?' like that ok?"the interviewer said.
We all said ok.
"First one, who is the first to wake up?"
"Liam"we all said. (I am just guessing idk who wakes up first)
"Second one, who is the worst pranker?"
"Harry" I said without having to think.
"No!!"harry protested.
"Yeah, remember that time you pranked 5sos in the nude?(is that actually true?) that is not a prank that is traumatizing young poor children," I said and everyone laughed.
Harry just pouted,
"You are the cutest thing ever,"I said while pinching his cheek, which got him smiling again. 
20 minutes later
We just finished the interview, we had the rest of the day off,
"I'm not the worst pranker," harry said still upset.
"Yeah sure," I said teasing him.
"You know what I am best at though,"
He tackled me down and started tickling me,
"Harry stop,"I said in between laughs.
"Not until you say'harry is the best brother ever and the best pranker in the world,' "
"Ok harry is the best brother ever and the best pranker in the world,"I said.
He let go of me, and put me down on my bed,
"I hate you,"I joked.
"I love you too,"harry said.
A yawn escaped my mouth, harry must,of heard it, because he laughed,
"I think it's someone's nap time,"harry said.
I got under the covers, and closed my eyes, harry kissed my forehead and left the room, after about 5 minutes I fell asleep.

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