Being Harry styles sister

Hi my name is Carrie Styles, and I am 15 years old. You guessed it I am the sister of the one and only Harry Styles!! I miss him a lot when he is on tour, but what happens when a tragedy occurs and I have to move in with my brother, and his band mates. What happens when she reunites with an old friend? Will Carrie be able to get used to the attention? Read to find out

A/N: I will try to update as much as I can


4. Chapter 4

3 hours later

Carrie's POV,
I opened my eyes to be welcomed by the sun light shining through the curtains, I looked around(Picture of bedroom inserted above) for a while, then decided to get up. There were three doors in total, I went for the one on the right to find out it was a bathroom (Picture inserted), and then went to the door that was on the left, it turned out to be a huge empty inside closet(Pic above)
Suddenly I got excited to go shopping and fill the closet up, which reminded me that I was in the same clothes as yesterday, I went over to the suitcases by my bed and chose an outfit and a couple of other things like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc..
I stepped in the bathroom, I stripped down and stipped into the shower, and you know what happens next(not going to get into details)I stepped out of the shower, and wrapped my body in a towel, I put on my outfit, brushed my hair and put it in a messy bun.
l went downstairs, to be tackled down into a hug, I looked up and saw Louis smiling down at me,
"Good morning love," he said.
"Good morning Lou," I replied and returned the smile.
It was obvious that he wasn't moving any time soon, after a while harry stepped into the room holding a couple of cups, they were soon shards of glass on the floor, his cute forest green eyes turned dark, as he made his way over to us. I heard Louis curse under his breath as we scrambled away from each other, 
"What the heck was going on tomlinson?"(I don't want to swear a lot)Harry said, fists clenched.
"Calm down Harry we were just hugging"I said trying to calm harry down.
" You keep your mouth shut,"he said, shoved me to the side, and made his way towards Louis.
"No stop!!"I tried to stop him but he just ignored me.
I looked over to Louis who was being pressed against the wall behind him by harry who was holding him up by his neck.
They were by my side in a couple seconds once they realised what was happening they were trying to get Harry's hands off Louis' neck, after a while we finally calmed him down. I was shaking in the corner, harry never yelled at me or hurt me in anyway, I tried to hold in my sobs but I couldn't stop myself, harry snapped back into reality once he heard me, he looked back at me, regret and sadness filled his eyes. He started making his way over to me, I just cried harder and harder with every step he took. Liam rushed over to my side, I cried into his shirt, he caried me into the kitchen, whispering sweet things into my ear, after a while I finaly calmed down, then I had a snack.
Harry's POV
What have I done?
My sister can't even look me in the eye, I didn't mean to scare her that much, I hope she forgives me.
Carrie is currently in her room reading, I went to Niall and asked him if I can talk to her, because for the past hour I have been begging niall to let me see her, and finally got him to let me.
I went upstairs to her room, knocked on her door,
"Come in"I heard her say.
I took a deep breath and stepped inside her room, once she realized it was me, she whimpered and started moving away to me.
"Carrie please I don't want to hurt you"I said tears in my eyes.
I sat on her bed, then I hugged her while apologizing to her.
"I forgive you"She said and hugged back.

A/N:sorry I didn't update in so long, but I gave you a hopefully long chapter

I hope you like it!!!


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