A Life of Problems [5SOS Fanfiction]

Valerie Smith feels that the world has abandoned her. With her life a mess, she's pretty much given up. But what happens when four guys walk into her life. Will Valerie's life ever change for the better.

*Warning: contains topics such as self-harm and anorexia which some may find upsetting. You have been warned.*


2. Adopted by Who?

Valerie's P.O.V.

I ran my fingers through my ponytail nervously as I waited by the front door. I had pulled my long hair back into a simple ponytail so I looked presentable but it was starting to get tangled from how much I was running my fingers through it. My suitcase sat beside me and my other hand was gripping the handle. My knuckles were turning white from how tight I was gripping it. On my feet, I was wearing my favourite pink baseball boots. "He should be here in not too long." Miss Heather said positively. Thoughts about my adopter ran through my head. Is he nice? How old is he? How long will he put up with me? 

I leaned against a wall, my legs already tired. How much longer before my new... my new what? Dad? Parent? Carer? whatever they'll call themselves gets here? "You're not getting too warm are you?" Miss Heather asked, noticing my behaviour, "There is still time to change into a cooler top."

"No, thanks, I'm just fine. This t-shirt is pretty light as well anyway." I filled my voice with as much positivity as possible. Honestly, I felt like I was going to faint from overheating but if Miss Heather saw the marks on my arms. I didn't want to have to see Mrs Harold again. She's my therapist. I had to see her when Miss Heather raised concern about me losing weight. Mrs Harold isn't bad but she's irritatingly... nice. So I ended up trying to pretend to be better just so I could get out of her sessions.


"If you get too warm, roll up your sleeves sweetie." Miss Heather fretted.

"Thanks, I will if I do." I said, I wish I could. There was a knock at the door. My heart felt like it stopped for a second. Miss Heather opened the door and greeted my adopter. I couldn't quite see them but i saw a mop of curly, light brown hair. Miss Heather stepped away and I saw his face. His strangely familiar face. Oh my God. I know why he's familiar. His face is on Tania's bedroom wall's.

"Valerie, this is Mr Irwin. Mr Irwin this is Valerie as you already know." Miss Heather introduced us.

"Hello Valerie." He smiled. It took me a few moments to realise he was holding his hand out towards me. I swallowed nervously and shook his hand. My hand was a bit sweaty. He probably noticed. "Sorry." I mumbled, getting embarrassed and my face turning red. "It's alright!" He laughed.

"If you just wait here Valerie, we'll just sign all the necessary paperwork." Miss Heather said to me and she walked into her office with him.

I was left stunned. I don't listen to a lot of music but Tania does and her favourite band is 5 Seconds of Summer. She has t-shirts, wristbands and posters plastering her bedroom walls. "Smithy~" Tania's voice sang into my ear. I jumped back into reality. "How's it going?" she asked. I tried to organise my thoughts.

"It's... hard to explain... but not bad." I breathed.

"Oookkaaayyy," Tania said, "Well, I wanted to be here when you left and also if you ever need me call me. Well, seeing as I don't have a phone, call the orphanage and then ask for me, okay?"

"I will!" I promised. 


I turned to look at Miss Heather's door. They were taking a long time. I edged closer to the door and listened. I could hear Miss Heather's voice. "...reoccurring nightmare. Sometimes she talks in her sleep but other times, she may cry. She'll need support at these points. Try not to ask about her family though, it's a touchy subject."

"I understand." I heard Mr Irwin respond. I began to panic a bit. What if I did talk in my sleep. I don't really like people overhearing. "What are they talking about?" Tania asked. 

"You know, the usual official stuff. Nothing major." I covered up.


Miss Heather walked out of her office with Mr Irwin. "Well that's everything sorted. You're free to go now Valerie."

"Thanks." I hugged her. Even though she was a carer, she was also like a friend. I turned to Tania. Who looked like she was frozen in time. She was staring at Mr Irwin. I felt stupid, of course she'd be star struck. "Bye Tania." I hugged her. "Tell me about everything." She whispered in my ear. I nodded. I headed towards the door with Mr Irwin. I said a last goodbye to Miss Heather, Tania and a few of the other kids who were hanging around. "Hope to see you again!" Tania said. "Give it a week..." I muttered. 

I followed Mr Irwin out the door. "I'll carry that for you." Mr Irwin said, gesturing to my suitcase. "U-um, thanks Mr Irwin."

"Just call me Ashton, okay? Using Mr makes me feel old." Ashton joked.

"Okay... Ashton." I tested. It felt a bit weird to be talking to him on a first name basis. We walked towards a simple black car. Which suprised me. I guess I kind of expected him to have a limo or something. I don't really know the lifestyle of famous people.

Ashton opened the boot to put my suitcase in. "So this is her?" A face appeared from the back seat startling me. "Valerie is your name, right?" Another face appeared.

"Hey give the girl some space!" A voice lectured from the front of the car. All I could see was a mass of spiked blue-dyed hair. I raked the back of my brain for their names. I knew Tania had told me but I couldn't quite remember. I guess I didn't really care when Tania was fangirling over them. "Don't mind them too much. They get easily excited. Admittedly I can't blame them." Ashton explained. He opened the car door, letting me into the back next to the dark haired one and the blonde one. Ashton got into the front next to the blue haired one. He turned round to me as the car pulled away, "These are my friends. That's Luke, Calum and Michael." He pointed to each of the guys in correspondence with their name and each of the guys in return said a friendly 'Hi!'.


An unnerving silence settled over the journey. The guys tried to make small talk but my nerves got the better of me and I couldn't fully engage in their chat. During one of the silent moments, my stomach let out one of the most loudest growls. I felt my face turn red and I prayed that no-one had heard. "Hungry, are you?" Calum joked. 

"Um, maybe..." I mumbled. Calum bit his lip and frowned slightly. I'm not sure why, I worried that I may have upset him. Thankfully, it wasn't too long before we got home. Home? It sounded weird to me. Like it was always slightly sarcastic. Anyway, home, was a gorgeous apartment block. I guessed I was in a well of neighbour hood. We took the elevator to the top floor. Ashton unlocked the door and I stepped in. My breath caught in my throat. I had stepped into a spacious room. The walls were dark shade of blue. There was a space with a white leather couch and blue carpet. Another space contained a dining table. The kitchen space was to the far right. It contained all the necessary stuff and had what I think you call a breakfast bar with tall stools. In the middle of a ceiling, a small chandelier hung. "What do you think?" Luke asked.

"Cool..." Was all I managed to utter.

"So, do you want to see your room?"

"My what?" I asked.

"Your room. Where did you think you were going to sleep?" Michael laughed.

They led me to a simple white door. "You ready?" Ashton asked. 

"Wait! Let me..." Luke pulled out his phone. After a little tapping, he put on the noise of a drum roll. Everyone laughed and I managed a small giggle. Ashton swung the door open and I walked in. The room was a beautiful hue of purple lined with colour changing fairy lights. A desk sat in one corner, a bed sat in the other and a wardrobe was built into the wall. As I walked, I noticed the carpet was purple and soft and fluffy. I looked up at the ceiling and it had glow in the dark stars on it. 

"Honestly, it was difficult putting this together. I din't know what you liked but Miss Heather pointed out things you were fond of. Sooo... do you like it?" Ashton nervously asked. 

"I... I love it." I gasped. There was a collective sigh of relief from the guys. 

"Well. You get your stuff unpacked and settle in. When your ready, you can find us through in the main room. Okay?"

"Yeah..." I said. They left me, closing the door behind me. I flopped down onto the bed, marvelling at how soft the duvet was. This place, those guys... they all seem so... nice.



Here's another chapter! I hope you like! Please leave a comment, positive/negative, anything as long as it's constructive. Please let me know if you like it so far!

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