Collegiate Experience

"Is this seat taken?" Words that would change Ashley Carter's life forever. It wasn't just any boy sitting next to her, it was Liam fucking Payne. After a recent breakup would she keep him at arm's length or let it turn into something great?


5. Sleep Talk

     It was now Thursday evening and I had convinced my parents that they could leave and I would be fine. It took lots of pleading, but thankfully my dad took my side. They'd been gone for about two hours and I decided to take a nap. When I awoke from my nap, I saw Dan and Peter sitting in a chair next to my bed, with Dan sitting on Pete's lap. 

"Hey guys." I said with a small smile. 

"Hey cutie pie! How are you feeling?" Dan asked chipperly. 

"I've been better." 

"We were going to get some food at the cafeteria, anything you'd like?" 

"No thanks, Pete. I can get some food from my special menu." I said laughing while holding up a small pamphlet. 

"Okay, well since you're awake, we'll bring the food back up here! We don't want you to be lonely." 

"That's sweet, Dan, but you can eat down there. I might take another nap." 

"Only if you're really sure." Pete said putting his hand over mine.

"Guys, it's no big deal. I have some work to do anyway."

"Alright, we shouldn't be long. Love you." Dan said with a kiss on my forehead. 

When they left I tried going back to sleep, but I just couldn't. So I pulled out my phone and texted Liam, just to say hi.

     Me: Hey there, how was your day? 

     Liam: Hi! It was long, would've been better with you tbh

     Me:  Well my parents have finally left, and I told Mia she wasn't allowed to visit again. (Rude? I don't know haha) So feel free to visit whenever. 

      Liam: I don't think it's rude, she was kind of crazy. No offense because she's your sister and all. And I'd love to visit, but I'm cramming for this psych exam. 

     Me: If you want to get out of it, I can give you the flu, worked for me

     Liam: Hmm what's worse? The flu, or the exam?

     Me: In my professional opinion, the flu. But hey, maybe it won't be as bad for you hahah

     Liam: If I visit, can you help me study? 

     Me: It'd be my pleasure! 

     Liam: Okay, I'll be over in about 30 mins 

     Me: I'll be here haha

Pete and Dan came back up with their food, against my wishes. 

"Hey, so Liam is going to come visit me, and we're going to study." 

"So we should leave?" 

"I don't want to say yes, because I love you guys, but I want us to actually study." 

"Say no more, I'll just go back to Pete's dorm and hang out. Let me know if you need anything!" 

About 40 minutes after Pete and Dan left, Liam arrived. "Sorry I'm late! I got held up in traffic." 

"It's fine, where were you coming from?" 

"My apartment, in Upper East Side, but I had to finish up a paper, and shower quickly." 

"You live in Upper East Side?" I was flabbergasted. 

"Did you think I lived in the dorms?" Yes.


"You're totally lying. Why would someone like me live in those awful things?" He had a point. 

"It just made sense, and it's so expensive to live in New York, and then there's you, living in the Upper East Side." 

"Ashley, I'm famous. I think I can afford it." 

"I forget that you're famous. Though I'm not sure how I could, I was a big Directioner." 

"Was? What happened?"

"You guys broke up." 

"Please, it's just a hiatus." He said with a wink. 

"Whatever you say. Anyway, we should really start studying." 

"Good call. I need help. I'm so confused." 

"Confused by what?"

"Classic conditioning and operant conditioning, and Maslow's hierarchy of needs." 

"The hierarchy confuses you?"

"No, I just can't remember the order."

"Okay, I think I can definitely help you! So what confuses you about classic conditioning?" 

"I get it confused with operant conditioning, and remembering the difference between the unconditioned response and the conditioned response. Same with the unconditioned stimulus and the conditioned stimulus." 

"Okay, so the response will be the same both times. For example, Pavlov's dogs, the salivation  of the dogs is the response. Give them food, the salivate. So food is the unconditioned stimulus. Then every time Pavlov gave them food, he rang a bell. So after a few trials, the dogs would salivate at the sound of a bell. Thus, the bell is the conditioned stimulus." 

"Hmmm. I guess that makes sense." 

"Just remember the response is the same. And if it's unconditioned, it's going to happen naturally. So the stimulus is the same way, natural it's unconditioned." 

I helped Liam with the other things he was unsure about, and then we just went over our notes for a while. I could feel my eyes getting heavy after about an hour, but I was determined to stay awake. I could tell Liam noticed how tired I was though. 

"Should I go? I don't want to keep you awake."

"No, it's fine. I can stay awake, I need to study more."

"Please. you're not even taking the exam tomorrow!" 

"But you are! And I want to help you study the best I can." 

"You've helped me immensely. I want to help you get better now. Please rest." He said taking my hand. WHY DID I FEEL BUTTERFLIES? 

It was just a crush, nothing more. Crushes are normal, they're easy to ignore. Hell, I had a crush on my brother's best friend for years. They're nothing. 

"I suppose, but I don't want you to leave." What did I just say?

"That's sweet." Fuck me, that was not the response I was hoping for. 

"So text me tomorrow and let me know how the exam was." 

"Why's that sound like a goodbye?" 

"Because I thought you were leaving so I could sleep." 

"You don't want me to go though."

"So you're staying?"

"If that would make you happy." Oh. My. God.

"It's honestly up to you. I'll nap, and you can decide whether or not you stay or go." 

"Hmm. I think I already know the answer to that, but go ahead and sleep." 


"Hey Ashley, it's so good to see you." 

"Oliver? What are you doing here?"  I was shocked. 

"You're in the hospital, of course I came to see you." 

"All the way from Oregon?" 

"I'd cross oceans for you, baby." 

"B-but you broke up with me?" 

"It was a mistake, there's no other girl for me." 

"It's too late Oliver." 

"What?! What do you mean it's too late?" 

"I have feelings for someone else." 

"You stopped loving me after a week?"

"Well, no, but-"

"So then there shouldn't be a problem, Ash." 

"The problem is that you hurt me, and I can't trust you not to do it again." 

"Ashley... I love you." 

"I can't. Please just leave."

"Ashley, I'm not leaving you. You're sick, you're not thinking straight."

"I think the lady asked you to leave, jack ass." I knew that voice. But whose voice was it? 

"And you are?"

"The soon-to-be boyfriend. Now I think it's best if you left." Liam.

"Excuse me? What the fuck Ashley? I thought you loved me." 

"This is all too much. Oliver, you need to leave. Liam you're welcome to stay, but I need to sleep." 

"Fuck no." Just then Oliver lunged forward and punched Liam in the face. 

"OLIVER STOP IT." Liam and Oliver exchanged punches until a nurse finally heard my screams and called security. 

"Ma'am, I'm afraid I'm going to have escort both of these men out of the building." 

"Good. I don't need anyone fighting around me." 

"Can't I stay with her, sir? I didn't start the fight." 

"I don't care who started it, I had to end it, so you're both out of here." 

"Don't you know who I am?"

"Should I?"

"I'm Liam Fucking Payne you asshole." 

"That honestly means nothing to me." 

"Both of you need to leave." I said glaring at both Oliver and Liam.

"Listen dude, I'm the boyfriend."

"No you're not. Now get the fuck out of here. Both of you." I didn't want anyone fighting around me, but especially not over me.

"She's right, we should just leave her alone." Liam said glaring at me. 

What have I done? Did I lose the guy I had feelings for, and man did I have feelings for him.

I woke up panting, what the fuck was that about. 

"Are you okay Ashley?" I heard that familiar british voice ask me.

"Yeah, just a weird dream. I'm fine." 

"What happened?"

"Oh nothing, just something with my ex."


"That's the one."

"Well, tell me more."

"How's the studying going?" 

"Why are you avoiding this? Oh my God! I was in the dream, wasn't I?"


"I totally was! Tell me! You have to tell me!" 

"I'm not telling you!" 

"So I was in the dream?"


"Then tell me." 

"It's nothing. You just got into a fight with Oliver."


"Because he was being rude." 

"As if I'd fight someone for that."

"Well he threw the first punch."

"Did I throw the last at least?" 

"Security broke you up."

"Jesus, it was in the hospital?" 


"Interesting. So why was it so weird?" Because I realized I have feelings for you, and more than just a little crush.

"No reason in particular, I guess." 

"I can tell when you're lying, and we've only been friends for like four days." 

"I'm not lying. Just tired. I have the flu, remember?"

"Oh stop. Don't blame the flu! You're keeping something from me."

"Yepp, I was a lesbian in the dream." Great lie Ashley. 

"Hmm, I think you're still lying, but I'm going to stop prying. I know the truth will come out eventually." 

"I already told you the truth." I said with a wink. 

I closed my eyes for a moment and just thought about the dream. How could this have happened to me? I can't fall for someone a week after my boyfriend of a year broke up with me. That wouldn't be fair for Liam to be the rebound. 

"You know, you talk in your sleep." Liam said with a raised eyebrow.

"I do not!" At least I fucking hoped I didn't. 

"You totally do. It's kinda cute." 

"Stop! I know I don't." 

"Okkkaaayyyy." Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. 

"Anyway! The studying, how's it going?" 

"It's okay I suppose, though I have a really great tutor." 

"You better be talking about me." 

"Of course I am, silly." HE CALLED ME SILLY. HOW FUCKING CUTE. 

After an hour or so Liam decided to leave. I was kind of upset, but relieved that I wouldn't have to pretend I didn't have feelings for him. Who knows how long I could keep this up, long enough for the feelings to go away? 

Who am I kidding? I didn't want these feelings to go away. I liked Liam Payne. Shit. 


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