Collegiate Experience

"Is this seat taken?" Words that would change Ashley Carter's life forever. It wasn't just any boy sitting next to her, it was Liam fucking Payne. After a recent breakup would she keep him at arm's length or let it turn into something great?


6. Jungle Juice

   It had been a week since I got out of the hospital and I had decided to go out with Sabrina and Regan. I finished all of my work that I missed and I decided that I deserved a night of fun.

Sabrina and Regan were identical twins, and pretty much everything you could hope for in a woman. Tall, long legs, long blonde hair, and a nice rack. They hooked up with guys almost every weekend, but who really cared? It was college after all. They, of course, looked hot as always. Sabrina was wearing high waisted jean shorts with a black crop top. Regan was wearing a light pink bodycon dress with a plunging neckline. Sabrina was always the edgier of the two, probably embracing her name. It always made me think of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. I was wearing a pink floral romper. They most definitely looked hotter than I did, but that's okay. I wasn't looking to fuck anyone, just get fucked up. 

"Let's go baby!" Sabrina said grabbing my hand. I'm not sure how she found all of these parties, but she never went a weekend without getting turnt. 

"I'm so excited you're coming with Ash! We've been wanting to go out with you, but you've kept yourself locked away since sylly week!" Regan said grabbing my other hand. 

"I know, I know. I'm here now though!"

"Yo, true!" Sabrina added before hailing a cab. 

When we finally got to the party we got in for free, being a girl was really nice in that aspect. There were guys hitting on us, but nobody that struck our fancy. So we just grinded with each other and drank our jungle juice. I was always a whore for good jungle juice. Two cups in and I could feel a nice buzz from the vodka. 

"Hey girls, I'm Chris and this is my cousin, Trevor. He's in town this weekend and is looking to meet up with some pretty ladies, anyone interested?" Chris was alright, but Trevor looked like he was a bit creepy. No thanks. I could tell Sabrina and Regan thought the same thing. 

"Listen buddy, I'm out of his league. He might be a nice kid, but I'm a little shallow. I'm only looking to fuck and I like them to be hot." Regan said with a flip of her perfect curls. 

"Ouch. Sorry Trev." Chris said pulling him away. I could tell he muttered something under his breath, probably bitch. 

A few minutes later we were approached again by two hot guys this time. "We were looking for the hottest girls here, and I think we found them Kev." 'Kev' was tall, maybe 6'5" with dark brown hair, and green eyes. The other was equally as tall with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. Both were extremely built.

"I'm Sabrina, but you can call me Rina, this is my twin sister, Regan, and this is our friend, Ashley." 

"Like Ronald Reagan?" 

"Kinda, spelled differently though. And you can call me Regs." Regan hated that question, almost as much as anything twin related. 

"Nice, I'm James and this is Kevin." 

"Hey." Kevin said to us. I knew the girls were going to fuck these guys. 

We all danced together for a while, when I noticed that Sabrina was gone, as was Kevin. I had had 4 more cups of jungle juice and was becoming belligerent. Shortly thereafter I noticed Regan was no longer with me. They were getting fucked. And I was getting fucked up. The world was right. Until I decided to drunk text. 

     Me: Ya know what Oliverr, fuc u 

             I hate yoy 

            You broke my fuckimh hert 


     Me: Liham come meet me. We cann partyy. You liker alcohole right? 

     Liam: I think you're a bit too drunk love. 


     Liam: You're drunk, it's probably not okay. 

     Me: I kmow what I want doe, and thats your 

     Me: you*

     Liam: How about I come pick you up and you can spend the night here, I'll send my driver

     Me: Im Liam Ayne an I have a driver bc Im rich and fameous 

     Liam: Please drop a pin to where you're at. 

     Me: Only if we fcuk 

     Liam: Come on Ashley. 

     Me: fineeeeeeeeeeeee


     Oliver: Um excuse me? 

     Me: you broek up with me for not reason 

     Oliver: Are you okay? 

     Me: Aw fjck off 

     Oliver: I'm calling you 


"What Ol-i-verr?"

"Are you okay?" 

"I'm great! I'm going to have sex with a celebrity. Something YOU could be doing if you didn't chose OR-E-GON over the beautiful New York City."

"Wouldn't we still be together if I was in NYC?" 

"I THOUGHT WE'D BE TOGETHER EVEN WITH YOU IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE, YOU DUMB FUCK." People were definitely looking at me. I was also starting my seventh cup of jj. "Was there someone else? Were you fucking someone else?" 

"God, no, Ashley. I just couldn't handle this long distance thing. Don't you realize that I'm still madly in love with you?" 

"Good. Because now you can wallow over your mistakes BABY. I'll be fucking some other dude." 

"You're not the same Ashley I was in love with, and that's comforting to me." 

"Oh. Fuck. Off. I'm the same, except I had my heart broken by some jack wagon." 

"I didn't mean to break your heart. I just wanted you to be able to experience your life without me." 

"I may be drunk, but I can tell when you're lying. I know there was someone else." 

"Fine, Ashley. You're right. There was another girl. I was close friends with her and we kept getting closer, until one day I realized I wanted more with her. I would NEVER cheat on you though, so I had to break up with you."

"You-you you lied to me."

"I thought it would be better that way." 


"Yes, and maybe it was wrong, but I did what I thought was best. If it makes you feel any better, she turned me down. I've been missing you ever since."

"Fuck you." I hung up just in time to receive a phone call from Liam.

"Hello love. My driver is out front. He'll pick you up and bring you here." 


"What's wrong, Ashley? You don't sound like the drunk girl that texted me earlier."

"Nothing. I'll see you soon." I hung up and walked downstairs. I felt a tear escape my eye as I thought about the Oliver situation. I was still in love with him, as much as I hated thinking about it. As soon as I stepped outside into the brisk New York air I felt more sober, not sober, but more sober. I took a deep breath, wiped my eyes and walked to the driver standing outside a car. 

"Ms. Carter?" The driver asked. 

"Yes, that's me." He opened the backdoor for me and shut it when I was in. "Thank you." I said, although I'm not sure he could hear me. 

We finally arrived at Liam's upper east side apartment and I was in awe. It was everything I thought it'd be, and more. Though my only experience with the upper east side was Gossip Girl. 

"Hey there Ashley!" Liam said kissing my cheek.

"Hi Liam." 

"What's wrong? You don't seem like the happy drunk that I was talking to earlier!" 

"I talked to Oliver. He just made me very sad, and angry, but sad, but angry!" 

"Wow, sounds like you've had a big night." 

"Kiss me." 

"What? Ashley, you're too drunk for this." 

"You could get equally as drunk."

"That would solve nothing Ashley." 

"Liam, please, I know what I'm saying. I've wanted you to kiss me since I first laid eyes on you." 

"Ashley, please, just drink some water and go to sleep."

"Can I sleep in your bed at least?" 

"Sure, I'll sleep in a guest room." 

"I want to sleep in the same bed as you Liam." He looked taken back with everything that came out of my mouth. Which was understandable I suppose, I was saying things I wouldn't normally say to him. I just wanted to be wrapped in his muscular arms, but more than anything, I just wanted to be next to someone. 

"Did you go to this party alone?" 

"No, I had two friends with me, but they went to fuck guys, guys that didn't care that they were drunk."

"Ashley, I can't be sure that this is what you want and not the alcohol talking. I'm not going to have sex with you. I know I made some mistakes when I first met you, and I'm not going to do this and have you hate me for it." 

"Liam, I care so deeply for you." 

"I know you don't sleep around Ashley, and I'm not having sex with you until, and unless, we're dating." 

"That doesn't seem like the you I've come to know." 

"It doesn't matter if I sleep with random people, it matters that you don't." 

"Can we go to sleep? I have a headache, and my stomach hurts." 

"Please don't vomit in my bed." 

"I can't promise I won't, but I'll do my very best." 

"I put a trashcan next to you. You can sleep in one of my t-shirts, that jumper type thing doesn't look comfy." 

"Thanks Liam." He directed me to his bedroom and handed me one of his gray t-shirts. It smelled of him, it smelled so damn good. "Can you unzip me please?" He nodded and walked over to me, his cold hands sending shivers down my back as his hand lightly brushed my bare back. I stepped out of my romper and I could feel his eyes staring at my ass. I wasn't wearing a bra so I stayed turned away from him. I slipped the shirt over my head and felt so comfortable. Not just because I was out of the romper, but because this was Liam's shirt and I knew I was safe here. 

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