Collegiate Experience

"Is this seat taken?" Words that would change Ashley Carter's life forever. It wasn't just any boy sitting next to her, it was Liam fucking Payne. After a recent breakup would she keep him at arm's length or let it turn into something great?


2. Group Chat

 It seemed like the day was dragging on. I was extremely anxious for whatever I had with Liam. It most definitely was not a date. I knew most girls said that when in reality it was totally a date, but I wasn't ready to date. Oliver and I had just broken up! 

The clock ticked slowly, my French professor drug on and on. I probably should have been paying attention because I had a discussion due later that week, but I just couldn't. I opened the messages app on my MacBook and typed in Liam's number.

      Me: Hey Liam, it's Ashley. Let's meet up at the bookstore at Lerner Hall and we can walk across the street to Starbucks. 

     Liam: Sounds perfect! 3:00 still?

     Me: Well I'm done at 3:00, but I'll need about 15 minutes to get my stuff from my dorm and get there. 

     Liam: 3:15 then :) 

"Ne pas oublier d'avoir vos questions prêtes pour la discussion jeudi. La dernière fois que vos questions faisaient défaut. J'attends mieux cette fois." I liked that our professor only spoke in French but sometimes it was annoying. You really had to pay attention at all time. So that whole time I'd been talking to Liam, I missed everything, including the discussion topic. Shit. 

"Excusez-moi? Pouvez-vous me dire ce que notre sujet de discussion était ? S'il te plaît et merci?" I turned to the person next to me and asked if they knew what the discussion topic was. Thankfully I took four years of French in high school so I knew it fairly well. 

"Peut-être que si vous arrêtiez textos en classe et a commencé à prêter attention." What a twat. 

"Ceci est la première fois , pouvez -vous simplement me aider?"

"Bien, mais juste cette fois. Il 'est pourquoi il est important d'apprendre des langues différentes de votre propre?'"

"Merci merci merci!" Thank goodness that was one less thing I had to worry about now. 

I gathered my stuff together as class ended and hurried back to my dorm room. I grabbed my psych textbook, along with my laptop. I looked in the mirror, ran my fingers through my hair and was out the door.

When I got to Lerner, Liam was already there. "Hey Ashley!" He said with his little accent. 

"Hi Liam. So I was thinking we could just go across the street here, there's a Starbucks."

"Why didn't we just meet there?" He said with a slight chuckle. Good fucking question. 

"Well, I didn't know how to explain it exactly, but that's a good question." 

"Don't worry about it, I don't mind."

"Well, we should be going. We have a lot of material to catch you up on. Have you ever taken a psychology class before?"

"I dated a girl who liked psychology?"

"So that would be a no." 

"Correct, how about you?"

"Nope, but I love it. I think I want to major in it actually."

"Well it's a good thing I chose you to help me then!" Liam chuckled. 


"I'm sure you're wonderful at it."

"Hopefully." I laughed. 

Since the guys were on hiatus the paparazzi wasn't too intense, although there was no escaping it. Liam suggested I go ahead of him so I didn't get attacked with pictures and questions. 

"So why are you going to Columbia?" I asked while we were waiting for our coffee. 

"Well..." He took a deep breath. "I'm not going to be in One Direction forever, and while I could go solo, or do something else music related, I believe having a college degree is important."

"That makes sense. Why Columbia? There are so many schools to choose from."

"Why'd you choose Columbia?"

"Ivy league, I'm from New York, it's a wonderful school, shall I go on?"

"Well there you go, ivy league, new york, wonderful school, shall I go on?"

"But you're not from here..." 

"So you have to go to school in the place where you're from?"

"I suppose not."

"Well there you go!" 

After what seemed like days of studying for psychology we finally decided to call it quits. "Hey, thanks for all of your help, I really appreciate all of these notes. Maybe I can pull off a C on the exam." Liam said with a slight chuckle. 

"With these notes you're looking at at least a B." I added laughing. With that Liam leaned in and kissed me. I quickly pulled away, filled with shock, anger, and confusion. "What?! Liam, I told you, I'm not looking for that right now. I literally just got dumped." 

"C'mon Ashley, I can be your rebound." 

"What?! You're not supposed to be like this. I've read the fanfiction. You're supposed to be the saint, the one that respects the feelings of others." 

"I mean I respect your feelings, but I still think we could bang in the meantime." 

"I have to go." 

"Ashley! Wait!" 

"Goodbye Liam."  So much for all that One Direction fan fiction I'd read. Don't get me wrong, Liam had was perfect, not my favorite of the boys, but still perfect. The problem was that I was still in love with Olly and I didn't think that sleeping with Liam was going to fix that. I would love to sleep with Liam,  see if all those rumors were true, but I wasn't the type of girl who liked sleeping around. Hell, I didn't sleep with Olly until we had said "I love you" to each other, call me a prude if you want. 

     Liam: I'm sorry, honest. Come to my apartment tomorrow and we can keep studying? I really need your help if I'm going to pass. I promise, no more kissing. 

I waited until I got back to my dorm before answering him. I didn't know if I could afford another day studying with Liam, after all, my English paper was due the next day, my history exam the day after and then the psych exam. I had a very specific way of studying. 

     Me: I'm not sure because I have a lot to do. An essay, another exam and then the psych exam. Maybe it's best if you just text me your questions...

     Liam: Listen, I told you I was sorry. What don't you get? 

     Me: If you're going to act like an ass, you can forget my help at all. 

     Liam: I'm not trying to act like an ass. 

I figured there was no use in responding anymore. Ruby was at her desk doing work and eating a take out container from the dining hall, and I thought that sounded like a good idea as well. 

"Hey Ruby, I'll be right back. I'm gonna get some take out from the dining hall."

"Okay." She replied, not looking up from her notebook. Ruby was a premed major, so she was very rarely having fun, unless her schoolwork was fun to her. 

When I returned from the dining hall, Ruby was exactly where I left her, nose deep in her books. 

"Hey Ruby." 

"Hi." One word answer, I should've expected it from her. 

"Classic Ruby." 

"What's that?" Ruby said, finally looking up from her book. 

"Nevermind... so you know One Direction?" 

"I mean I guess. I've never really paid them much attention." 

"Liam Payne is in my psychology class." 

"Is he the british one?" 

"Ruby, they're all british." 

"Whoops. Well that's cool at least. I bet all the girls are swooning over him."

"I mean they were all staring at him the whole time, but the professor put an end to the whispers very quickly. Guess who he chose to sit next to!" 

"Uhhh, you?" 

"That would be correct." 

"Wow. Did you talk to him at all?"

"I just got back from Starbucks with him. I was helping him study for our exam on Friday."

"Holy cow! Are you going to hang out again?" Did I mention she doesn't swear? That was when it hit me. I hadn't told Peter any of what had happened. I was honestly surprised he hadn't texted me all day, but he was very active in our group chat, so maybe he just figured I was busy studying my life away, which was partly true. 

"Possibly," I hesitated for a moment, "But we should both really get back to our studying. We can talk more later, I just have so much work to do." 

"No, I completely agree." With that she went back to work, as if we had never been talking. 

I opened my to-go container and brought up GroupMe on my MacBook. Nothing exciting had really happened, just some memes, rants about professors, pictures of ferrets wearing funny hats and/or clothes, and pictures of people from tinder, so you know, the usual. 

My group of friends was interesting, to say the least. We found humor in everything. They were currently talking about some video that Dan had put in the chat. I had the chat muted while I was studying, so nobody was curious why I had been so silent. 

I ignored the video and immediately typed my news. 

     Ash Hole: You guys are never going to believe my day. Holy Fucking Shit. 

     Peter Pan: You met your one true love, you're getting married, and you're already pregnant with his child. Just a guess.

     Stuart Little: Classic Pete. What happened? 

     Ash Hole: I met Liam fucking Payne

     Peter Pan: And we thought my story was a joke

     Ash Hole: I'M SERIOUS 

     Dan The Man: How? 

     Ash Hole: He's taking classes here during the "hiatus" 


     Peter Pan: I am Sabrina. 

     Ash Hole: Anyway.... I had coffee with him while I helped him study for our psych exam on Friday. 

     Ronald Regan: DID YOU BANG?

     Ash Hole: No Regs, we didn't bang. If you'll recall, Olly and I only just broke up a few days ago. He did kiss me though. 

     Peter Pan: AND YOU DIDN'T CALL ME?!

     Ash Hole: He's being an ass. I don't want to kiss Liam, like I'm totally cool with being friends and shit but like idk 

     Sabrina The Teenage Bitch: IT'S LIAM FUCKING PAYNE 

     Ash Hole: We all know that Niall is my favorite 

     Dan The Man: Does it really matter though? 


     Ash Hole. You all need to calm the fuck down. 

     Stuart Little: Listen, you can always become friends with him and use him to become friends with Niall. 

     Ash Hole: That seems a little mean, but I don't even think they're together very often because of the hiatus. 

     Ronald Regan: Well what could it hurt to just give it a chance. I mean, It's Liam Fucking Payne. 

     Ash Hole: I guess you're right. 

They had a point. Regardless of what came from the friendship with Liam, he was Liam Payne. Maybe I'd get to meet more famous people, and I was completely aware of how shallow that sounded, but hey, I was a 19 year old girl. Could you blame me? 


Translations for the french if you're curious: 

Don't forget to have your questions ready for discussion on Thursday. Last time your questions were lacking. I'm expecting better this time.

Can you tell me what our discussion topic was? Please and thank you?

Maybe if you stopped texting in class and started paying attention.

This is the first time, can you please just help me out?

Fine, but just this once. It's 'why is it important to learn languages different from your own?'

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