Trust Me

What would you do if your cat could talk? How would others react?


1. Mary

I never knew my cat could talk until Mary died. No one yet knows how or ,maybe, why she died but she didn't commit suicide. She didn't come down with an illness like Ebola ,for example. She was murdered, she was killed. There was no sign of struggle her body was positioned like the soldiers outside the Queen's house however she wasn't as tense. It took me time to work it out however there were small things that set it off such as the window which had a chipped handle and the floorboard which was strangely bumpy and uneven. It was clear to everyone that Mary was a not an ordinary human being, she was in a world of her own. Once she walked into the bathroom to take a shower and she stayed there for 2 hours. I didn't even realise that Mary was missing until I washed the dishes ,finished watching an episode of The Big Bang Theory and I'm about to go to sleep, I realised that Mary wasn't sitting in front of the T.V or getting into her bed. I called her name a few times then checked all the rooms. I brushed past the bathroom and heard the tap dripping and I turned the handle and she was shivering in the corner of the bathroom. She looked up at me with tearful eyes then stared straight forward crying. I put a towel around her and lead her to her room where she drank a cup of tea, got changed and slept.

Mary would never engage in deep conversation if she realises that she's been talking to someone for too long she'll just walk away or say something to cut them off and then run away. She fantasizes in a world where everyone is quiet and they don't talk much, everyone is obsessed with animals and instead of riding cars ,people ride on carriages however Mary sometimes can't tell the difference between fantasy and reality and when they merge together she shuts off. Mary had no parents or anyone that she was related to so I was her guardian for everything and anything. If there is one person that Mary remembers it's someone weird. A woman with pink hair and a scar on her face.  

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