KPOP FanFic!

Hiya! I'm Lyla and here I will be writing KPOP imagines and scenarios and preferences for the bandsssss.....
Because I am a dedicated fangirl. All of the writing I post here can also be found on my tumblr --

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4. B(MY) Sweg

Scenario- You and Yoongi get in a playful fight about who has more swag...and you win. 

All of the guys were gathered in the living room, playing video games and eating. You sat next to your best friend, Yoongi, talking about the needed amount of swag you must have to write music. It was supposed to be a conversation where you learned about the music industry, but now it was just a diss battle. 

"Please Yoongi. You say you have swag, yet you can't even pick me up." Everyone 'ooo'd and laughed as you high-fived Kookie and Yoongi looked appalled. 

"Nah, Y/n, that's why I have swag. I only pick up girls that are actually interesting." 

"You weren't calling me boring last night." 

The rest of the boys went crazy at your comeback. Taehyung patted your back as Namjoon picked you up and Jungkook was on the floor dying of laughter. You smirked devilishly at your best friend. 

"ay! Y/n! Why must you make everything sound dirty! We just played mario cart all last night!" 

"I know. And you found it pretty interesting how I kept beating you!" 

Namjoon had put you back onto the floor already and at this point all the boys looked at you so shocked. 

"Y/n, are you sure you're not my noona because I might have to start bowing down to you." Jin joked. 

"Sorry, Suga. But Y/n-ah totally wins this round of swag wars" Jimin punched Yoongi's arm lightly as he declared your victory. 

"ay! Whatever. I'm gonna get my revenge anyway..." 

You looked skeptically at Yoongi. You both had a mini stare off before he tackled you to the ground. He straddled your stomach and began to attack your ribs with tickles. 

"Ahh! Jin-oppa! Jimin-ah! Helppp meee!" You screeched. 

"No one is gonna help you until you say I have the most swag!" 

"Fine fine! 'I have the most swag'." You giggled as you repeated Yoongi's literal phrase and complimented yourself. Your oppa's hands quickly latched onto your ticklish sides again. 

"Ahh! No! Mercy, please!" 


"Ay! Fine! Suga- oppa has the most swag! Let me free, pabo!" 

Yoongi laughed and finally crawled off you. He gave you a wink before helping you up off the ground. 

"Now that that is settled, how about some food Jin-hyung?" 

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