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Hiya! I'm Lyla and here I will be writing KPOP imagines and scenarios and preferences for the bandsssss.....
Because I am a dedicated fangirl. All of the writing I post here can also be found on my tumblr --

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6. B (KJ) Stubborn and Sick

A lovely person requested This on tumblr! And it was my first request so i was soooo sooo happy, you don't understand! Anyway here we have sick you being cared for by Mama Jin. I've been having such huge Jin feels lately tho? Like hmm? Anywaysss...on with the scenario!!

Scenario - You are sick and Jin takes cares of you! 

You were tired. Man, were you tired. Your brain was foggy and you felt so disoriented. But you were stubborn, you had to get things done and they had to be done on time. You worked all day yesterday and you planned to work twice as hard today.

That was your first mistake. Your second mistake was skipping lunch. Your stomach had been growling all day, yet you also felt so nauseous. You had last night's dinner sitting at the back of your throat all day long. Your mouth was dry and you were so obviously dehydrated, but you made sure that didn't stop you.

The game says three strikes and you're out. Your last mistake was standing in front of a room of board members for over 3 hours trying to sell them your company's product. That's when you knew you messed up so bad. 45 minutes into your presentation you vision started blurring and before you know it and you could feel your body falling and your eyes close.

You woke up in your home, the smell of Jin's cooking coming from the kitchen, and soft music playing somewhere else in the house. You walked slowly into the kitchen, trying not to lose balance. When Jin noticed you he quickly rushed over to you and helped you to sit in one of the kitchen chairs.

"Yah! Jagi, what in the world are you doing out of bed?"

"I-I smelt your food. What happened? All I remember..."

"You only remember your presentation? Ay, that makes fainted, Y/N. I had to pick you up from the hospital."

"Hospital? What I...what happened?"

"You overworked yourself. You just have the flu, but you can't be so stubborn. You have to rest. You must rest, jagi!"

You sighed. You would have argued had your head not been pounding and you were seconds away from- 
You ran to the bathroom, just barely reaching the toilet before letting up any and all food in your stomach out into the toilet. You felt Jin behind you, holding back your hair. You hated throwing up. It always left your throat raw and your stomach lurching. You hated it so much that you began to cry.

"Sssh. It's okay. Let's go lay down. I'll go finishing making your soup."

Jin lead you to the bed and laid you down before running to the kitchen to scoop up some of the soup he was cooking beforehand.

He put the soup on the nightstand and then laid down next to you in bed, cuddling you into his arms. And just like that, with a stuffy nose and your boyfriend's body against yours you fell asleep.

(ignore v! Focus on the hyung!) 

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