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Hiya! I'm Lyla and here I will be writing KPOP imagines and scenarios and preferences for the bandsssss.....
Because I am a dedicated fangirl. All of the writing I post here can also be found on my tumblr --

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2. 7(MT) Mirror Mirror

Scenario - You are Mark's girlfriend and you feel really insecure. One day he comes home and sees you staring at yourself in the mirror and feeling sad. 

You got home after a really tiring day. Your boss had worked you like a dog and then during lunch a co-worker spilled his coffee all over your new dress. Not to mention, you missed the city bus so you had to walk in the rain for 40 minutes in your heels. You hoped that today Mark would be home early for cocoa and cuddles. 

Right as you stepped into your house you got a text from him. Speak of the devil and he shall appear, you thought. 

Mark - Hey, jagi! I miss you lots but I might be home a bit later! Expect me around 9, 2day we r working with 2NE1 !! 

You sighed at your phone. Of course on today of all days he got an amazing opportunity to work with a famous girl group. You looked online to refresh your memory of 2NE1. You looked at their perfect hair and perfect skin and then looked at your dirty, messy self in the mirror. You throat suddenly felt tight. Why couldn't I be beautiful like them? Instead of my unflattering self...

You jumped into the shower and then went to go make yourself something to eat. As you scavenged the fridge for something relatively healthy you gave up and settled on an apple for dinner. You still hadn't gotten dressed yet so you walked around the house in your underwear. You ended up finding yourself in front of a full body mirror. Your apple had long since been discarded and you used both of your hands to examine yourself. You pulled at the fat on your stomach, your love handles, the stretch marks on your hips and thighs. Critiquing every inch of your skin. 

You were so absorbed in judging yourself you didn't even hear the front door open. Mark walked into the bedroom and saw you standing there in your underwear. At first he thought you were planning some kind of 'surprise' until he saw the tears in your eyes and the red spots all over from pulling on your skin too hard. 

"Jagiya...what are you doing?" 

You didn't answer, but just turned towards him. You let a single tear fall before jumping into Mark's arms. You cried as he rubbed your back and whispered soothing words into your ear. After you calmed down a bit, you managed to throw on one of Mark's shirts and lay on the bed with him. 

"Do you want to tell me what that was about now?" 

You sighed before answering, "I just had such an awful, awful day, Mark-oppa. And then you were hanging out with such beautiful women all day. I don't know. I'm just not pretty enough for you." 

Mark shook his head at you, "Not 'pretty' enough, you say?" He used air quotations around the word pretty. "Y/ seems like you haven't been listening to any of my music! I'm offended!" 

You laughed, but gave him a confused face. Mark-oppa smiled at you before putting music into the speakers next to your bed. He played the song Just Right at the highest volume. 

"Now I know your Korean kinda sucks but we can sing and dance to it in English a bit!" He smirked and poked you side, then pulled you off the bed. 

As the song started you and Mark started to dance. 

Mirror, Mirror, please tell her 

Scale, you too tell her 

You don't need to change a thing, you're just pretty 

You look perfect just the way you are... 

Mark-oppa spun you around and you both butchered the choreography but you smiled and laughed anyway. This is what he wanted to remind you of, that you're perfect for him. 

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