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Hiya! I'm Lyla and here I will be writing KPOP imagines and scenarios and preferences for the bandsssss.....
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9. 7(KB) Losin Control (Bambam)

This was not requested but I highly recommend listening to Losin Control by Russ while reading this because it’s inspired directly from that song. 

Word count: 504

Scenario - You have trust issues from a past relationship, but Bambam helps you eventually be able to fall in love again. 

You had trust issues. Big time trust issues. You’re ex boyfriend was a jerk, wannabe baller, and a cheater. He would go from ignoring your calls to coming to your apartment drunk and accusing you of cheating. There were times when he would even put his hands on you. Now, here you were, falling in love again. 

You felt like you were losing control. You knew Bambam was a sweet guy. He was the sweetest. He would always make sure you knew how much he loved you and knew to approach you carefully, as if you were an easily startled deer.

Despite your past, you really couldn’t help how much you were attracted to him. You tried to hide it, deny, and fight it. But, he was so amazing. He would always hold your hand in public, never missed your calls without an excuse. When a pretty fan approached he would hold your hand tighter and make sure to show you a lot of attention. You were smitten, but you just didn’t trust yourself. Deep down you felt like you would do something to screw this all up. 

“Hey…you do know I’m nothing like him, right? I would never hurt you. I will always love you, okay? You’re my princess.” 

Bambam always knew how to cheer you up, how to make you feel safe. He showed you what love truly was. He had washed away your image of hurt and pain whenever the word love was mentioned and you had to finally admit it to yourself. You’ve fallen for him and you didn’t plan to get up anytime soon. 

He was patient. When you would have an episode of worry and try to ruin things, beating on his chest, and asking a million questions - he would hold you close to him and answer every question honestly. He knew where you were coming from and so he didn’t treat you like you were crazy and obsessive. He made sure not to get jealous often. Bambam had even managed to never break your trust. You were so used to your ex calling one of his side chicks soon after you fought or got off the phone with each other. You were used to hearing from your ex twice a week at the most. But Bambam…he called you everyday and told you who had talked to that day. He even would send you random texts and pictures and videos throughout the day so you really knew he would never cheat on you. 

Of course, there was still that feeling of impending doom in your stomach sometimes. And on those days you would call one of your best friends and they would always say. 

“Hey…I think it’s alright now. I think it’s okay to love him. So just…give into this. Fall for him and don’t get up because I truly think it’s alright, girl.” 

And you would do just that. You would accept just that. It’s alright now. Because you are alright with him, with your BamBam. 

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