Bombs Away!

A 12 year old Deidara finds himself in the world of the Avatar: The Last Airbender as a result of a ticked off employer's jutsu and gets stuck in a situation that is gradually pulling him in. What will happen to the bomb happy child on this crazy adventure?


9. Chapter 9.



Aang and Sokka played a small game against each other. Aang was the victory of the game they were playing and flicked Sokka in the forehead with a devious grin, bruising Sokka's pride. Sokka rubbed his head where Aang flicked him.

Toph and Katara came out of the dressing, all dressed up in fancy dresses and make up. They held fans wide open close to their chests. Aang blushed as he looked at Katara.

"Wow... You look beautiful..." Aang said.

Sokka's hand inched closer to Aang's forehead and flicked said forehead. Aang winced in pain as Sokka snickered at his revenge. Katara opened her mouth to reply, but Toph stopped her.

"Rule number one in high society: No speaking to commoners." Toph said and turned to the dressing room, "Come out Deidara!"

"No! I won't!", Deidara said.

"You look fine! Just come on out!" Katara said.

"I look completely ridiculous, hm!" Deidara shouted.

"I feel ridiculous myself. So come out you big wuss!" Toph said.

"I SAID NO!" Deidara shouted.

Toph stomped the floor lightly, launching Deidara out of the dressing room. That was when Sokka began snickering.

"Wow... Who knew he could actually look like one of the nobles." Sokka snickered.

Aang gave a chuckle himself. He covered his mouth to keep it from getting out of hand.

"Reminds me of you, Sokka." Aang said.

"At least I looked more manly than this!" Sokka laughed.

There on the floor, dressed in high society drag and make up, laid Deidara. He was both ticked off and embarrassed. He got up and hobbled a bit in the feminine shoes that he wore. He groaned in frustration.

"We tried to get him to fit into the men's clothing but he was way too small for them, so we went for the next best thing." Toph said with a grin, "I think it worked out nicely."

"By nicely, you mean shredding my dignity, hm!" Deidara said glaring at Toph.

Toph waved Deidara's clay bags in front of Deidara. Deidara desperately tried to grab it, just for Toph to tease him. This ticked off Deidara more, but Toph enjoyed the frustration Deidara displayed. She eventually let him have the clay bags back.

"Just make sure no one sees it." Toph said.

"Be lucky I am not blowing you up, hm..." Deidara said in a very quiet, annoyed tone and placed his clay bags back where they belonged.

Katara and Toph grabbed Deidara by the wrists and dragged him behind them.

"We will get into the party, and then find away to get two in through the side." Katara said.

"You better behave, Deidara. That talk about so called 'expert infiltration' better not be boasting." Toph said.


Later at the palace...

Katara, Deidara, and Toph approached the long line. Deidara scanned the line with his eye scope, which he refused to take off. He saw they all had one thing in common, a paper that looked like an invitation. Deidara quickly and covertly took three small chunks of clay, let his hand mouths do their thing, and made three clay balls into sheets that felt like paper. The sheets then began to ink themselves with the correct information that Deidara spotted. He handed two of them to Toph and Katara.

"Show these to the guard. If I got them right, we should be let in." Deidara whispered.

Katara and Toph nodded and the trio stepped into the line. Deidara didn't mind the long wait because it gave him time to think of some new ideas for his Jutsus. Before he knew it, people were asking him to move up in line. Soon the trio were in the front.

"Invitations please." The guard said.

Toph, Katara, and Deidara handed their 'invitations' to the guard. The guard looked them over and nodded in approval.

"Enjoy the party." The guard said.

Katara, Toph, and Deidara grinned and rushed inside, gaining a look from the guard.

"Kids these days." The guard said, "Next."

The party was extravagant. People in ornate gowns and robes were in high numbers. People ate, drunk, chatted, etc. Decorations hung from the ceiling, giving some life and light to the room. At the other side of the room sat a bear, who was eating all the meat present at the table it was at.

"I'm gonna go check things out around here for a bit, okay, hm?" Deidara whispered and left.

Deidara walked around, being careful to not let anything reveal he was just a boy in a dress. Some boys were hitting on him, but he returned it by slapping the offenders in the back of the head into some food or drink bowls. That got them to shut up.

He kept walking around and before he knew it, he bumped into someone. The man had a long braid and extremely elegant dark green robes.

"Sorry sir." Deidara said, doing his best to mimic a girl voice.

"No harm done, young lady. Are you lost?" The man asked.

"Well, yes. I am looking for my mom and sister, hm." Deidara said, accidentally making a crack in his faux girl voice, "Can you help me find them?"

"I would be honored." The man said, "I am Long Feng, the cultural minster for the king."

"I am Dei." Deidara said.

'Stupid! You just gave away half of your actual name!' Deidara thought.

"Let's go find your mother and sister." Long Feng said.

Deidara followed Long Feng, keeping his guard up. Something was off about Long Feng, and he didn't like it.

Soon Katara and Toph came into view. Deidara placed a fake smile of gratitude on his face.

"Thank you Long Feng. I see them right now, hm." Deidara said in his fake girly voice.

"The pleasure is mine." Long Feng said with a slight bow.

Deidara rushed to Katara and Toph, who now were joined by Aang and Sokka.

"I'm here." Deidara said, dropping the fake girl voice.

"Good. Now we can start searching for the Earth King more effectively.", Sokka said.

At that moment, Joo Dee rushed in and up to Team Avatar. She had an over exaggerated look of fear on her face.

"What are you doing here? You have to leave immediately, or we will be in terrible trouble!" Joo Dee said.

Joo Dee began trying to push Sokka, but Sokka effectively blocked her efforts with one of the platters.

"Not until we see the king." Sokka said.

"You don't understand. You need to go!" Joo Dee said.

Joo Dee eventually won in knocking Sokka back a bit, but at the price of Aang spilling tea on one of the party guests and Deidara. Deidara frowned as the woman, who got hit by some of the tea, shrieked.

"Sorry! Don't scream!" Aang said and sent a large blast of Airbending at the two.

There went Aang and Deidara's disguises. Aang's hat got messed up, and the make up flew right off of Deidara. The worst part, his dress was caught in the breeze, exposing his capris to the world. One glance there, despite the very outlandish pants, they could tell that he was a boy in drag. Much to Deidara's relief, they were more focused on Aang than the gender reveal.

A long pregnant silence spread across the room. It was broken by the female guest, whom Aang just dried with Airbending.

"I had no idea the Avatar would be here!" The woman said in delight.

Joo Dee's face fell into the classic 'oh snap' expression. She had failed to get them away from the party.

"Keep everyone busy, I will look for the king." Sokka whispered and dashed off.

Aang thought briefly and had an idea. He leaped into the air, abandoning the disguise in the process. He began putting on arrays of Waterbending and Airbending, gaining cheers from the crowd, and the bear too.

Deidara thought a bit himself. He examined the room. He couldn't use his bombs in here without causing mass panic, and he was sure that was not what Sokka meant by' keep everyone busy' judging by the tone of whisper he used. He then thought back to his first month in the Explosion Corps. While they were mostly used for fighting and demolition, they had a test to pass just to get in. It was basic, yet tricky due to how much Chakra Control you needed to have. Thank goodness it didn't require as much control required for being a medical ninja. It was being able to make fireworks. Deidara could remember how they needed to repair the testing room due to the extensive damages he caused back then.

"Hey! Look at this, hm!" Deidara said and instantly began to make some rather impressive fireworks by ripping his dress to shreds and using it to channel his explosive Chakra into.

'Good thing I kept my actual clothes underneath this awful dress!' Deidara thought as he continued to tear and ignite the pieces of said dress into fireworks.

That gathered a large crowd too. Everyone applauded as Deidara and Aang showed off their stuff. Unknown to them, one by one, Katara, Toph, and Momo were being dragged away silently by hidden Dai Li Agents.

Sokka then spotted the Earth King being carried by. He quickly turned to Aang and whispered the loudest he could to get the young Avatar's attention.

"Aang! The Earth King! He's here!" Sokka whispered but was then too taken away by two Dai Li Agents, "HEY! Let me go!"

Aang immediately rushed to the Earth King on an Air Scooter across the table, causing people to lift their plates up in response.

Deidara felt something off. He turned around and saw a pair of rock hands flying at him. He dodged them with ease. The hands came back around. Deidara quickly pulled out some clay, made a pair of spiders, and threw them at the rock hands.

"Katsu!" Deidara whispered.

The rock hand blew up, but to Deidara's shock, pulled themselves back together and grabbed the little bomber. By the unknown force that controlled the rock hands, Deidara was dragged away by them. He struggled against the earthen bonds. After the rock hands stopped pulling him back, he realized that the Dai Li captured him. Deidara quickly formed a hand sign and a puff of smoke surrounded him. When the smoke cleared, all that was left behind was a pail full of dung. The two Dai Li Agents were confused then angered by the trick. Across the room, they spotted Deidara, who was giving a very cheeky grin and ran outside.

The two Dai Li Agents tailed Deidara as fast as they could, having a hard time deciphering Deidara's movements. They never seen a person move so fast nor jump as high without the aid of bending.

They tailed Deidara all the way to a park within the city. It was empty, thankfully. Deidara then stopped and turned around, and gave them a look.

"So you do want a fight, hm." Deidara said.

"Stand down right now. We are trying to escort you to where Long Feng can talk to you and your friends in private." One of the Dai Li Agents said firmly.

"Is that so? Then what was with the rock hands?" Deidara argued.

"To make sure you came with us without causing an uproar. None of the civilians needed to know where you were going."

"What happened to tapping people on the shoulders, hm?" Deidara asked just to get several rock hands thrown at him, this time they effectively covered his hands.

Deidara frowned and gave an angry groan. He was not amused at getting captured a second time.


'If I get captured one more time, I am gonna brutally kill whoever tries to do so...' Deidara thought.

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