Bombs Away!

A 12 year old Deidara finds himself in the world of the Avatar: The Last Airbender as a result of a ticked off employer's jutsu and gets stuck in a situation that is gradually pulling him in. What will happen to the bomb happy child on this crazy adventure?


8. Chapter 8.



After a very long and irritating tour ride through the city, Joo Dee finally took them to their 'home'. It was a bit spacious but not too much, and like all buildings in the Upper Ring, was very ornate. It had hedges all around it's green foundation and yellow walls. Some flower beds were placed nearby in patterns to attract attention.

"Here it is, your new home!" Joo Dee said as Momo flew around the ornate house, checking it out from different views.

A messenger ran up to Joo Dee and gave her a scroll. Joo Dee read it as Team Avatar walked up the steps to enter their 'new home'.

"More good news! Your request for an audience with the Earth King is being looked over and should be put together in about a month!" Joo Dee said cheerfully.

Deidara's eyes went completely blank as he face faulted into the ground at the news as a vein popped up from his forehead. Everyone else was rather surprised at the sudden news.

"HOW THE HECK IS THAT GOOD NEWS, HM?!" Deidara shouted, royally ticked off.

"A MONTH?!", Sokka shouted in in surprise.

"Six to eight weeks for accuracy." Joo Dee said and put on a poker face.

Deidara moaned in irritation from the ground.

'What did I do to deserve THIS?!' Deidara thought.

Everyone entered the house. Well in Deidara's case, he was dragged in by Toph, who rolled her unseeing eyes at how Deidara was behaving.

"You know, you are just like Sokka in some ways." Toph said, "Minus the obsession with blowing up everything in sight, tendencies to be a bit of a sadist, the spiteful comments, and shorter fuse."

"Just get that brainwashed woman OUT OF HERE or I will MAKE her go!" Deidara said clawing the floor board.

"Who knew you had a lot of different fuses that could be set off, Hot Fuse." Toph mused, "Some of them are quite entertaining."

Deidara moaned as Toph continued to drag Deidara into the house. Joo Dee failed to notice his beyond irked expression. That didn't mean the others didn't notice his irritation at Joo Dee.

"Isn't it nice? I believe you will really enjoy your stay here." Joo Dee said.

"I think we would be enjoying the stay a little more if we weren't waiting so long." Sokka said, "Can't we see the Earth King any sooner?"

"Sorry but the Earth King is really busy managing Ba Sing Se. He will see you when time allows him to." Joo Dee said.

"If we are going to be here for a month, we might as well look for Appa." Aang said looking out a window with Momo.

Joo Dee gave a small bow to Aang.

"It would be my honor escort you anywhere you need to go." Joo Dee said.

"We don't need a babysitter." Toph said finally getting Deidara to the center of the room, "Okay, maybe Deidara, but most certainly not the rest of us."


"Then start acting like it, Hot Fuse. You make two year olds look like model citizens." Toph remarked.

"I just want Joo Dee to leave us alone!" Deidara said.

Toph grabbed Deidara by the ear and began to whisper into it. After Toph finished whispering into his ear, Deidara grumbled as he turned away. His own words turned against him.

"If I leave you guys alone then that would make me a bad hostess. Where shall we start?" Joo Dee said.

Deidara groaned, he was so not looking forward to this mess. Not one little bit. However, this was not the real Deidara, because 'Deidara' went with a puff of smoke, startling everyone.

"Where did he go?" Katara asked.


"I think I know where he went." Toph said and pointed to the window.

Everyone crowed around the window that Toph pointed to. She crossed her arms and continued to use her Earthbending to feel what the real Deidara was doing.

Outside in the backyard, the real Deidara was making well detailed clay sculptures of Joo Dee, which confused everyone. However, Joo Dee seemed pleased with how the sculptures looked, not knowing what Deidara was really going to do.

"Why the heck would he make sculptures at a time like this?" Sokka asked.

"Let's say I told him to take his anger outside after reminding him what he said in the carriage." Toph said.

At that moment, the Joo Dee sculpture blew up. Joo Dee blinked for a bit, not knowing what to think of the situation. Deidara stood outside laughing and howling at the excitement of what he was doing. He made another sculpture of Joo Dee and proceeded to blow that one up too.

"TAKE THAT WENCH!" Deidara shouted, letting all of Ba Sing Se know he was enjoying the fun involved in his art.

"Don't ask. He's just deranged..." Sokka deadpanned.


Hours went by and the entire backyard was black with ashes. Very few plants were spared from Deidara's clay bombs. Many neighbors were directing their children away from the house, not wanting the kids to be near the deranged bomber. They all hoped that the Avatar was alright and not killed by Deidara.

In the backyard, Deidara laid on the ground from Chakra exhaustion. His clay was all over him and the backyard. From head to toe, he was covered in scorch marks himself. He took deep breaths, trying to clear his head from the headache that was brought on from overexerting his Chakra and energy into blowing up the Joo Dee sculptures.

"I guess... I... Over... Did it... hm..." Deidara panted.

A shadow loomed over Deidara. It was Katara, who did not look very pleased at the mess that was around her.

"Alright, what got into you?" Katara asked.

Deidara smiled sheepishly. If he wasn't in such an exhausted state, he would be trying to back away from Katara.

"I... Kinda over... Did it..." Deidara said between breaths.

"Kinda? This looks like you went beyond that. Look, I understand that Joo Dee ticks you off, but that doesn't mean that you have to blow up a bunch of dummies of her.", Katara said.

"But-" Deidara started.

"But nothing. Listen, you just can't do this everywhere you go. I understand when we have to fight but just for the heck of it, that is another story altogether. Now come on, dinner is going to be here shortly and it's getting late. So come on.", Katara said.

Deidara was surprised Katara was able to lift him up and carry him inside. He would have argued with Katara, but he didn't have the energy to fight at the moment. In his head, he was mocking her words, not giving any mind to them.

'I can do whatever I want and you can't stop me.' Deidara thought.


The next morning...

Deidara woke up and found himself on something similar to the futons at home. He stretched a bit with a yawn. He got up, rolled up his futon and placed it in a corner. He walked into the living room. Aang was lounging on a railing, Sokka was lying on the floor with his feet on the wall, and Toph was lying on a pill of pillows picking her nose.

"Looks like someone recovered from their wild behavior." Sokka said, "I was beginning to think you'd never wake up."

"Shut it." Deidara said.

"Okay, okay. No need to wake up on the wrong side of the futon." Sokka said and began to count the boards on the ceiling.

At that moment, Katara rushed in with a large packet. Most likely this world's form of a news paper. It was rolled up like a traditional newspaper but looked to be handmade.

"I got it! I know how we will get to see the Earth King!" Katara said.

"How are we going to to do that, Sugar Queen?" Toph asked then began mimicking Joo Dee, "One doesn't just pop in on the Earth King!"

"The king is having a gala for his pet bear this evening." Katara said.

"Who in their right frame of mind keeps a bear as a pet?" Deidara asked.

A break of silence dawned the room until Aang, of course, broke it.

"You mean, Platypus Bear?" Aang asked.

"A what, hm?" Deidara asked.

"No, it just says bear." Katara said.

Sokka waved his hand in the air in dismissal.

"Surely they mean his pet Skunk Bear." Sokka said, holding his nose for emphasis.

Deidara gave a look at Sokka, not sure of what to make of the 'game' everyone was playing.

"Or Armadillo Bear." Toph said.

"Gopher Bear?" Aang asked.

"It just says... bear." Katara said, causing another break of silence.

"This place is weird..." Toph said.

"How the heck is a plain old bear weird? These bear hybrids are weird." Deidara said.

"Then you're from a weird place." Toph said flicking snot at Deidara's forehead and proceed to pick her nose again.

Deidara frowned and flicked the snot off his forehead. This was not amusing him at all.

"My point is, the palace will be pack, we could sneak in as guests!" Katara said.

"That's a plausible idea." Deidara said, thinking out the idea out in his head in both success and failure situations.

"Won't work at all." Toph said.

Everyone looked at Toph. Katara gave Toph a confused look.

"Why not?" Katara asked.

"No offence to you simple country folk, a high society crowd will spot you from long ways away. You've got no manners!" Toph said and flicked her snot to the ceiling.

"Excuse me? I have no manners? You're not exactly 'miss fancy fingers' " Katara said just for Toph to burp at her.

"Look. I learned proper society behavior but chose to abandon it. You, however, never learned it. Also, it's a bit too late as well." Toph said.

"But you did learn it! You could teach us!" Sokka said.

"My parents tried to forced it on to me before I became a ninja." Deidara said as if it was like foul tasting sushi, "Not really sure if I even remember them, hm."

"I'm mastering every element. How hard can manners be?" Aang asked and wrapped himself up with a curtain and began bowing at everyone, "Good evening, Mr. Sokka Water Tribe, Ms. Katara Water Tribe, Deidara of the Stone, and Lord Momo of the Momo Dynasty, your Momo-ness!"

Sokka got a cocky smirk and he too wrapped himself up with the same curtain. He then used a challenging voice at Aang.

"Oh Avatar Aang! How do you do? Please, go on!", Sokka said and gave a bow.

Aang, seeing the challenge, bowed a little deeper than Sokka. Sokka then took a deeper bow. That was when the bowing got taken to a ridiculous level. Deidara raised an eyebrow at how stupid Aang and Sokka looked. After a few minutes, both Sokka and Aang bashed each other's foreheads together and fell over, becoming tangled up in the curtain.

Toph walked over in disapproval.

"Katara and Deidara may be able to pull it off, you two however would be just lucky to get in as busboys!" Toph said.

"But we feel so fancy!" Sokka whined, just for Toph's snot to fall off the ceiling and land on Sokka, making him frown.


"But you're not." Deidara said.

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