Bombs Away!

A 12 year old Deidara finds himself in the world of the Avatar: The Last Airbender as a result of a ticked off employer's jutsu and gets stuck in a situation that is gradually pulling him in. What will happen to the bomb happy child on this crazy adventure?


6. Chapter 6.




"I can't believe we gave up our tickets and now we're going through the Serpent's Pass." Sokka said.

"I can't believe you're still whining about it. You're the one who suggested it earlier like it was the best idea in the world." Toph said.

"I could careless, as long as I got my clay, I am alright. I could use a good battle if it comes to that, hm." Deidara said, "The one in the desert was pathetic due to my lack of clay."

"I'm coming as well!"

A girl in an armored green dress and face paint came dash towards them. She had a green and gold forehead protector and what seemed to be fans as well.

"Who's she?" Deidara asked as Sokka and the girl began to talk to each other.

"That's Suki." Katara said, "We meet her at Kyoshi Island and from what I heard, she kicked the sexism out of Sokka the hard way."

"She also got him to wear a dress!" Aang whispered as he snickered at the memory.

Deidara burst out laughing at the mental images. Sokka loomed over Deidara with crossed arms.

"For your information that dress was a symbol of bravery and honor." Sokka said sternly.

"More like a loss of honor!" Toph snarked, causing more laughter and made Sokka blush.

"If you want, we can do it again sometime." Suki said giggling, "And with an audience."

Sokka's face could only grow redder as those words came out of Suki's mouth.


Later at the Serpent's Pass...

Sokka stared at the Serpent's pass. He had expected something different than what he saw right in front of him.

"That's the Serpent's Pass? I thought it would be more wind-y, like a snake." Sokka said, "Must have been an error in the naming."

Ying went to one of the posts and gasped. Deidara took a look and raised an eyebrow.

'Was this person on cactus juice or something when they wrote this?' Deidara thought.

"This writing is so horrible!" Ying said.

Katara looked at the writing, and was startled by the darkness within the words.

"Abandon hope." Katara read.

"How can we abandon hope? It's all that we have left!" Ying sobbed.

"I don't know. The monks used to say that hope was just a distraction, so maybe we do need to abandon it." Aang said.

"What are you saying?" Katara asked.

"Hope is not going to get us into Ba Sing Se and it's not going to help find Appa. We need to focus on what we're doing right now and that's getting across this path." Aang said.

"Alright, if you say so." Katara said, not feeling at ease.

Everyone began walking onto the narrow rock formation, watching their step to make sure no one fell off.

"The Fire Nation controls the western lake. Rumor has it they're working on something big on the other side of it and don't want anyone to find out what it is." Suki said.

"I wonder what it could be and would it be worth turning into art." Deidara mused.

"What do you mean by 'turning it into art'?" Suki asked.

"Blowing it up of course! Art is an explosion, hm!" Deidara said with a big grin.

"Okay." Suki said, a bit unsure if Deidara was crazy or not.

At that moment, Tahn slipped. Toph caught him with her Earthbending. At that moment, a Fire Nation ship spotted them and began firing at them. Deidara placed a hand into one of his clay pouches.

"Finally! Something to blow up and not get in trouble for!" Deidara said and pulled his hand out of his pouch.

Suki watched as a clay bird came out of a mouth that was on Deidara's hand. Deidara tossed it into the air, where the bird became a large animated bird. He jumped onto the bird and flew towards the Fire Ship.

Fireballs were sent at Deidara, to which he bird dodged with ease. Deidara quickly formed a few bats and sent them after a few of the Firebenders. The Firebenders that were hit by the clay bats were not only blown up, but sent over board too.

"Your end is brought to you by me, hm." Deidara said with a cocky smirk, effectively ticking off the Firebenders.

"FIRE!" One of the Firebenders shouted.

Five Firebenders lines up and shot blast of fire at Deidara. The arsonist narrowly escaped the blasts. He glared at the Firebenders and quickly formed two centipedes.

"You get on my nerves, hm..." Deidara said and threw the clay centipedes at the Firebenders.

The centipedes got a Firebender each. The targets Firebenders struggled against the constriction. One Firebender, who was not hit, fired a fireball at one of the centipedes. Huge mistake. The flame was all that was needed to blow up the centipede, effectively taking out all five Firebenders. Deidara just laughed his head off.

"That was a very stupid move!" Deidara cackled.

While Deidara was busy mocking the Firebenders that foolishly ignited one of the centipedes, a new group of Firebenders came out and knocked Deidara off his bird and onto the ship while also taking out the clay bird. Deidara tumbled for a bit and stopped in front of what appeared to be the commander.

"Take him to a holding cell. Don't let him escape." The commander demanded.

Deidara sheepishly chuckled as the Firebenders knocked him out and tied him up and escorted him away. One of the privates confronted the commander.

"Commander Ryu, what shall we do when we unbind him?" The private asked.

"I don't want you to unbind him, Private Toru. I will be interrogating him and I don't want to have any troubles with him and those bombs of his." Commander Ryu said.

"Yes, Commander Ryu. I will let them know right away!" Private Toru said and rushed down into the holding area.


Several hours later...

Deidara woke up and sat up in the cell. He began to struggle against the ropes. He only succeeded in giving himself rope burn.

'How long was I out? How could I have let them take me out like that?' Deidara thought.

He at least knew he wasn't entirely defenseless since they only tied up his arms and hands, so he still had means of fighting them off. He wasn't the best in no hands fighting for nothing in the academy, when he was still loyal to the Hidden Stone Village.


The heavy steel door opened. The commander stood there with no emotion on his face and approached Deidara. Deidara glared at the commander with killer intent.

"Who the heck are you?" Deidara spat.

"I suggest you tell me that first, brat." The commander said with venom.

"Like I'd tell you anything, hm!" Deidara said.

The commander's eyes narrowed in irritation. He shot a fireblast at Deidara. Deidara would have been burned if he hadn't used what little mobility he had to dodged the oncoming fireball.

"You will tell me what I want to know. If you don't I will make sure the Fire Lord has fun with you." The commander said harshly.

"Ha! Like some leader could scare me! You have no idea who you're talking to, hm!" Deidara said.

The commander grabbed Deidara by the neck. Deidara could smell the smoke from the commander's mouth as the commander's face came closer.

"Then I suggest you tell me who I am talking to, punk!" The Commander sneered.

"Go blow yourself up, hm!" Deidara sneered back.

The commander's hand was quick. The stinging sensation spread across Deidara's cheek, leaving a nice red hand print. Deidara glared even harder at the commander.

"Since you won't talk, I will be sure the Fire Lord has a good time with you." The commander said and left the room, slamming the door on his way out.

Deidara huffed in aggravation. He scanned the room for something to use. He saw a decorative pike in a corner. Dull from the looks of it, but should do the job.

Deidara laid on his back and spun himself to the wall. He pumped Chakra to his feet and began walking on the walls to where the pike was like it was nothing. Once he was at the pike, he positioned himself carefully over the pike and began sawing the ropes against the dulled blade. It took several minutes for the dulled blade to do it's job, but it was worth it. Deidara knew he was done when he felt the ropes significantly looser. He slipped his hands out of the binds and moved them slightly. He grabbed the pike, channeling some Chakra into it, and began working on the second set of rope, being careful to not cut himself. Who knows where the pike had been before being decor.


The last set of ropes snapped after some effort. Deidara smirked, this was easy. Too easy. He jumped to the ground with a graceful landing.

'They must be very arrogant of their abilities.' Deidara thought.

Deidara smirked as he placed a hand into his clay pouch. They forgot to take it away, that or they were just stupid enough to think it was harmless. They did say 'there were no bombs on him, just flimsy clay'. Oh how dead wrong they were. Twelve clay spiders came out of the hand mouth and began skittering to the door in haste. Four clay spiders latched onto each of the door's hinges, ensuring there was enough power behind to take out the hinges. For the heck of it, Deidara decided to throw in three slightly stronger clay spiders. Each one skittered to a door hinge, latching onto the existing clay spiders.

"Katsu!" Deidara said, blowing up all of the spiders.

Each hinge came undone with each explosion. The door fell backwards with a loud thud. That was when Deidara heard thundering footsteps. They had realized he beginning his escape. Deidara dashed out of his cell, determined to reach the deck.

As soon as he saw the stairs to the deck, he paused and stuffed a hand into his clay pouch. There were three Firebenders standing before him, ready to fry him.

"Surrender this instant!" One of the Firebenders demanded.

"Like heck I will, hm!" Deidara said and tossed three clay cobras at the Firebenders.

The clay cobras hissed as they flew through the air. They latched onto the Firebenders, constricting them in every which way. One Firebender passed out due to the location of one of the cobras.


The Firebenders that were still conscious screamed in agony as the cobras constricted further before exploding. Deidara just walked on top of the badly burnt/dead Firebenders without a care as he went up to the deck. There he came face to face with the commander. The commander was not pleased.

"I suggest you go back to your cell or you will suffer the dire consequences." The commander said with an angered expression

"Nah. I don't think so! You will get to see why my art beats your guy's disgraceful excuse of an art." Deidara said with a smug look.

The commander cackled at those words.

"You think art will stop me? What are you going to do? Paint a mural and see if that will kill me?" The commander asked.

Deidara groaned.

"Don't you dare insult my art like that! IT'S SUPERFLAT AND EXPLOSIVE! MURALS ARE A DUD THAT DIED A LONG TIME AGO, HM!" Deidara snapped and shoved his hands into his pouches.

With massive killer intent, Deidara threw spheres of clay at the commander. The commander dodged the clay spheres with ease. The commander smirked as the spheres plopped onto the ground, completely missing the target.

"That's it? That was definitely flat if you ask me." The commander mocked.

Deidara was burning in rage.

"THAT DOES IT!" Deidara shouted and formed a hand sign, "KATSU!"

The spheres blew up with force stronger than the last sets of bombs he had used on the guards. The commander was thrown off by the sheer force of the explosions. Ringing sounds tore through his ears as he regained his balance.

"Guess I have to break out my next prototype, hm." Deidara said as he made a clay dragon.

The clay dragon came to life, and Deidara got onto it. The dragon took to the skies, but however, Deidara didn't use it to escape. No, he made the dragon throw up mines onto the commander. The mines began to become malformed figures as they latched and bound the commander in every which way. The commander struggled to break free, but the clay kept him in hold, restricting his movements. Deidara gave a wicked smile at the commander from the air and made sure the commander could see it.

"You little wretch!" The commander spat, "Let me go this instant!"

"Or what. Think of it, you have the one in a life time opportunity to become part of my art, hm. You should count yourself lucky you lasted this long considering you insulted my art twice. Many have insulted it three times and died the second their last words came out." Deidara said, "KATSU!"

The commander screamed in agony. He was a goner now and the same went for his ship. The ship sunk from the massive holes that explosions formed.

Deidara flew off on his clay dragon, searching for the last place he knew Aang, Katara, Toph, Sokka, Ying, Tahn, and Song were. When he got there, he saw that everyone was gone. He saw from the air the pass was a direct, no forks, route. That meant, if they were still traveling the serpent's pass, they would be heading in one direction.

Deidara headed the the north north east, following the general direction of the pass. He used his scope to search for something that told him they were there. All he could see was a left over campsite, indicating that he was out for quite awhile. As he got further along the path, he spotted was seemed to be remains of a pillar in the water. It didn't look natural, so it was likely that everyone traveled under water until something disturbed them. It could have been a predatory animal like a shark. He wouldn't know for sure until he got a better look at the water.

He then saw what seemed to be an earth tent. Ying was pregnant, so that indicated she had given birth.

'So they got out of the Serpent's Pass alive. That's good.' Deidara thought.

He then saw something in the distance. He took a closer look through his eye scope and saw a large drill blow up. However it made Deidara give the 'really' expression.

'Amateurs...' Deidara thought.

He steered the clay dragon to the blown up drill. There he saw, Aang, covered in goop and mud, smiling for the world to see. Deidara looked at him.

"Seriously?" Deidara asked, disgusted at what the explosion left behind.

"We stopped the drill from penetrating Ba Sing Se. Besides where were you?" Aang said.

"Got captured, interrogated, slightly beaten, and blew up a steel ship that seemed to belong to the so called Firebenders, hm." Deidara said as if it was a normal thing, "The usual."

"You call that usual?" Aang asked in shock.

"When you live life as a ninja, being captured and interrogated is a normal part of life. Beatings are a bonus if they really take a liking to you." Deidara said, with the part about beatings being filled with sarcasm.

Aang could not find a response to that, he was really glad he was the Avatar, not a ninja.


Later at sun down...

On the outer wall stood Sokka, Aang, Toph, and Katara After Deidara briefing his bombtastic time on a Fire Nation ship, they all looked at the setting sun in the horizon.

"I just want to say, good effort out there today, Team Avatar!" Sokka said.

"Enough with the Team Avatar stuff. No matter how many times you say it, it's not going to catch on." Katara said.

"Is there something I missed, hm?" Deidara asked.

"Long story short, Dynamite, Sokka has been trying to give our group a name." Toph said.

"Dynamite?" Deidara asked.

"I like giving people nicknames." Toph said, "At least it fits. Be glad it's not Sokka giving it because he seems to be losing it."

"How about ... The Boomeraang Squad! See it's good because it's got 'Aang' and 'Boom' in it. Boomeraang." Sokka said as he held his boomerang, Aang, and Deidara.

"I think I like that one." Aang said.

"Even the Explosion Corps would frown the minute they hear THAT one." Deidara said.

"Let's just talk about this on our way into Ba Sing Se." Katara said and walked off with Deidara, Toph, and Aang following behind her.

"The Aang Gang?" Sokka asked.

"Sokka..." Katara said getting impatient.

"The Bomb Squad?" Sokka asked, "Get it? Cause we are the bomb."

"Sokka, shut up, hm!" Deidara said, losing his patience with the horrible team names.

"The Fearsome Fivesome?" Sokka suggested.

"You're crazy!" Toph remarked.

"Ewww!" Deidara said, "Rethink that one, okay?"

"What? We're fearsome!" Sokka said and ran after them.


"NOT IN THAT WAY, HM!" Deidara said.

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