Bombs Away!

A 12 year old Deidara finds himself in the world of the Avatar: The Last Airbender as a result of a ticked off employer's jutsu and gets stuck in a situation that is gradually pulling him in. What will happen to the bomb happy child on this crazy adventure?


3. Chapter 3.



He scanned the area with his eye scope, to search for the bison. He eventually found it.

"Bingo!" Deidara said and made the bird speed up a bit, to catch up with the bison.

The bison was a relatively slow flier. This made it much easier for Deidara to catch up to them. What he wasn't counting on was Sokka to spot him and freak out like a little girl. Deidara rolled his eyes, wishing that Sokka would cut the drama back a bit. He steered the bird next to the bison just to be met with the most annoying screaming he has ever heard.

"HOW THE HECK IS THAT THING FLYING!?" Sokka screamed, his hands up to grasp his head, "IT'S NOTHING BUT CLAY!"

Deidara winced at bit at the volume of Sokka's voice.

"It's Ninjutsu, moron. Hm." Deidara said with an annoyed look.

"Incredible! I have never seen such abilities! You are truly very special young one." Zei said in awe.

"Now why are you following us?" Sokka asked sternly, "Are you trying to capture Aang?"

"I am going to the library. And who's Aang, hm?" Deidara asked.

"How could you not know who Aang is? He's practically on almost every wanted poster! He's the Avatar!" Sokka said pointing at the bald boy.

"Sokka! No need to advertise him! The wanted posters are doing their job so you don't need to." Toph remarked.

"What do you mean by Avatar? I never heard of that term before, hm." Deidara said.

Sokka blinked a few times before face palming.

"And you are the one calling me a moron." Sokka said, "The Avatar is basically the only one who can bend all four elements and is reincarnated every time he or she dies."

"Sokka!" The tan girl scolded.

Sokka turned to the girl with a slightly annoyed look on his face, equally matching the one on the girl's face.

"Hey, how else am I suppose to explain it without confusing him, huh Katara?" Sokka asked in annoyance.

'Siblings... Of course.' Deidara thought.

"Hey, while you're at it, can someone tell me what bending is, hm?" Deidara asked.

Zei became eager to tell Deidara.

"Bending is the ability to manipulate one of the four elements: Water, Earth, Fire, and Air. It can be done when one extends their chi to interact with their environment. It is considered a form of art in many cultures and not everyone can bend." Zei said, "But those who can, can only bend one element. And as Sokka put it, only the Avatar can bend all four of them."

"What about Lightning?" Deidara asked.

"Lightning is considered a part of Firebending. It's currently only known to very few Firebenders like The Dragon of the West." Zei said.

"I'd like to see if this bending can compare to my art!" Deidara said in a challenging tone.

"Maybe later if you stick around." Sokka said, "If you do happen to, I got my eyes on you!"

Sokka gave the 'I'm watching you' gesture. Deidara returned it with the same gesture but with a stink face. Sokka gave a confused look in return to that. Deidara, being the smart aleck he was, raised both fists. As if it were synced, Deidara opened his palms and gave three raspberries at once. Sokka recoiled in disturbance.

"For the record, I am sticking around, hm." Deidara said.

"I am going back to my watch now..." Sokka said and picked up his telescope, and began to search the desert.

After a few minutes of searching the desert and exchanging names, Toph groaned as she shifted her head on the saddle's edge.

"Does this place even EXIST?!" Toph moaned.

"Some say it doesn't!" Zei chimed.

Toph's eyes widened before narrowing them.

"Shouldn't you've mentioned THAT before?" Toph said, highly irked.

A few more minutes past. Still no luck in finding the legendary library. Toph grew a small devious smirk from her increasing boredom.

"THERE IT IS!" Toph said 'excitedly' as she pointed in a random direction.

Everyone looked in that direction. Nothing but boring old sand. They all gave small glares to the young girl.

"That's what it will sound like when one of you spots it." Toph said and waved her hand in her face with a wide, blank grin and non-moving eyes.

'Does that mean, she's blind?' Deidara thought.

Deidara took a closer look into Toph's eyes. While Hyuga eyes were pale, they were never on the level of paleness that were in Toph's. The pupils were visible, but were pale. She was indeed blind.

"It shouldn't be this hard to spot an ornate building from the air." Katara said as she studied a drawing of the library.

"No dip, Katara, hm." Deidara muttered in annoyance.

Sokka continued to scan the horizon with his telescope. Sand. More sand. Nothing but sand. A strange thing poking out of the sand.

"Down there, what's that?" Sokka asked.

Aang steered the bison to the strange thing poking out of the sand. Deidara followed the suit on his bird. Once they landed, it turned out that the strange thing was a partly buried tower. Deidara frowned. Definitely not a large ornate library.

"Forget it. It's obviously not what we're looking for. The building in this drawing is enormous." Katara said.

A small sparkle caught everyone's attention. It was a fox holding a scroll in it's mouth. Finally an animal that looked normal and not like a chimera!

"What kind of animal is that?" Sokka asked as the fox ran up the side and into the tower.

"I think that was one of the Knowledge Seekers. Oh, we must be close to the library!" Zei said eagerly.

Sokka grabbed the illustration of the building and examined it closely. Deidara studied it too.

"No, this is the library- look! It's completely buried." Sokka said.

Zei was shocked beyond belief. He fell to the ground dramatically.

"The library is buried?! My life's ambition is now full of sand." Zei said then with a smile, pulled out a puny hand shovel, "Well, time to start excavating!"

Zei began to dig. Deidara face palmed, ignoring the saliva coming from his hand mouth, in irritation. Toph walked up to the tower and with force, placed her hand on it.

"Actually, that won't be necessary. The inside seems to be completely intact. And it's huge." Toph said.

"How do you know, hm?" Deidara asked.

"Alright newbie, since I am blind, I use my Earthbending to see." Toph said, "And before you even say anything, yes, I 'saw' those hand mouths back in the tavern. So Sokka, any speculations on how to get inside?"

"That fox thingy went in through a window. I say we climb up there and give it a look." Sokka said.

"I say you guys go ahead without me.", Toph said.

"You got something against libraries?" Katara asked.

"I've held books before. And I gotta tell you, they don't exactly do it for me." Toph said.

"Oh. Right. Sorry." Katara said.

"Let me know if they have something you can listen to." Toph said.

"I have something you can listen to, hm!" Deidara said, "Prepare to hear my art! Katsu!"

With that, Deidara's clay bird blew up. Sokka stared in massive shock, everyone else was surprised and gave each other unnoticeable questioning looks. Toph was the only one who blinked for a few seconds before frowning.

"Did I miss something or what?" Toph asked as she folded her arms.

Deidara was not amused by the question. He was a bit ticked off.

"What is that suppose to mean, hm?!" Deidara asked in anger.

"Well if you ask me, how can you enjoy art if your BLIND?!" Toph asked as she tugged on her eye lids for emphasis, "If there was something about it that was so special, then obviously I missed it because I am BLIND!"

Deidara cooled off a bit. Toph DID have a point. That was something he couldn't argue with.

'How could I have forgotten she was blind? What kind of mockery of Ninjutsu caused this?' Deidara thought.

"I thought it was kinda hot..." Sokka said, hoping to help put out the metaphorical fire.

That was a bit better than what most people said about Deidara's 'art'.

"Just drop it, Sokka." Katara sighed.

Sokka tied a rope his boomerang and threw it at the window. Everyone, minus Toph and Deidara, lined up to grab the rope and began to climb the wall. What they weren't counting on was Deidara just to walk up the wall without the rope like it was nothing. Not even using his hands to climb. Sokka was once more shocked.

"Could you stop upstaging us, Deidara?!" Sokka snapped.

"Talk to the hand." Deidara said coolly and held up his hand, which gave Sokka a raspberry.

Sokka groaned in frustration. He had fumes coming out of his ears. He grumbled incoherently as he continued to climb up. Everyone then went inside the window and began to climb down. Deidara leaped onto the rope, seeing how pointless it was to walk completely down to the ground with the walls curving at a ninety degrees before even getting close to the nearest piece of ground.

"Oh, it's breathtaking! The spirit spared no expense in designing this place. Look at those beautiful buttresses!" Zei said and pointed to a buttress.

Aang and Sokka snickered at the word 'buttresses'. Deidara rolled his eyes.

"Grow up you two, hm." Deidara said, a bit annoyed at how immature Sokka and Aang were being.

"What's funny?" Zei asked.

"Nothing. We just like architecture." Aang said.

"As do I." Zei said.

Once they reached the ground. Zei lost his breath to the sight of the mosaic of Wan Shi Tong.

"My word! The exquisite mosaic handiwork of this tile-rendered avian symbol-!", Zei rambled then noticed the lost looks on Aang, Katara, and Sokka's faces, "Eh, nice owl."

Suddenly, everyone heard the sound of rustling feathers. Everyone hid behind the pillars, holding their breaths. Hoping whoever was there would not notice. Sokka's forehead began to produce sweat from the building suspension.

From the shadows, came a ginormous black and white owl. It approached the rope, noticing that it was not there before. The owl then turned around to the pillars.

"I know you're back there." The owl said.

Busted. Despite the protests, Zei rushed from out behind the pillars.

"Hello, I'm Professor Zei, head of anthropology at Ba Sing Se University!" Zei said.

"You should leave the way you came. Unless you want to become a stuffed head of anthropology." The owl said, gesturing to the many stuffed heads of animals and a few people.

Zei rubbed his neck in discomfort. Deidara gave a cocky look that said 'you can't get mine'. Everyone else, realizing that the gig was up, decided to come out too.

"Are you the spirit who brought this library to the physical world?" Sokka asked.

"Indeed, I am Wan Shi Tong, 'He Who Knows Ten Thousand Things'. And you are obviously humans, which, by the way, are no longer permitted in my study." The owl said.

"What do you have against humans?" Aang asked.

"Yeah!" Deidara added, gaining looks, "What?"

"Humans only bother learning things to get the edge on other humans. Like that firebender who came to this place a few years ago, looking to destroy his enemy. So...", Wan Shi Tong said and leaned towards Sokka, "Who are you trying to destroy?"

Sokka sweated as if he were a waterfall. He gulped before getting his act together.

"What? No-no-no-no destroying. We're not into that." Sokka said, trying to act innocent.

"I like showing off my art!" Deidara said, knowing Wan Shi Tong would never suspect that meant 'blowing stuff up for the heck of it'.

Sokka sweated even more, hoping Wan Shi Tong would not figure out that meant 'blowing stuff up for the heck of it'.

"You do realize how misplaced that sentence was, human?" Wan Shi Tong asked getting up in Deidara's face.

"I guess." Deidara shrugged before showing a stern look, "But my name's Deidara, not human, hm!"

Wan Shi Tong backed up from Deidara's face and returned to Sokka's.

"So then why have you come?" Wan Shi Tong.

"Um... Knowledge for knowledge's sake?" Sokka more or less asked.

"If you're going to lie to an all-knowing spirit being, you should at least put some effort into it." Wan Shi Tong said.

"I'm not lying, I'm here with the Avatar, and he's the bridge between our worlds. He'll vouch for me." Sokka said, dragging Aang forward and nudged him.

"Ow! Uh, yeah, I'll vouch. We will not abuse the knowledge in your library, good spirit. You have my word." Aang said.

Wan Shi Tong stretched his neck back into place.

"Hmm, very well. I'll let you peruse my vast collection on one condition. To prove your worth as scholars, you have to contribute some worthwhile knowledge." Wan Shi Tong said.

Zei came forward, holding a large book.

"Please accept this tome as a donation to your library." Zei said as he got on his knees to present the book.

"First edition. Very nice." Wan Shi Tong said and took the book under his wing.

Zei backed up as Katara came forward with an open Waterbending Scroll.

"I have an authentic Waterbending scroll." Katara said.

"Ooh, these illustrations are quite stylish." Wan Shi Tong said and took the scroll under his wing.

"Uhhh... I know!" Aang said and pulled out his Wanted Poster, "Hah!"

"I suppose that counts..." Wan Shi Tong said and took the poster under his wing.

Deidara came forward with a scroll, which at one point he stole.

"I have a scroll from the Hidden Stone Village with all of its kinjutsu listed, hm." Deidara said.

"Truly one of a kind." Wan Shi Tong said and took the scroll under his wing.

Sokka came up to Wan Shi Tong with a piece of string. Deidara gave a confused look, not seeing how string would help out here.

"Oh, great spirit, check this out!" Sokka said and tied the string rapidly into a butterfly knot, "Ta-da!"

Aang, Katara, and Zei gave Sokka questioning looks. Wan Shi Tong stared at Sokka in silence. Deidara looked very irritated.

'You better not be insulting art!' Deidara thought as an anger vein popped up on his forehead.

"It's a special knot. That counts as knowledge!" Sokka protested to the silence that dawned the room.

"You are not very bright, are you?" Wan Shi Tong asked, making Sokka frown, but nonetheless, took the butterfly, "Enjoy the library."

Wan Shi Tong flew off as everyone began to wonder around the library.

"Bright enough to fool you." Sokka said under his breath.

Deidara saw a sign that read 'history'. His eyes gleamed, knowing he hit the jackpot on finding out more on where he was. He pulled the first book he saw off the shelf and began to read it. The book was about the time of Avatar Kyoshi's existence. He scoffed at some parts, but overall, was impressed by how she managed to form Kyoshi Island by herself and the modern Dai Li. His next book happened to be on Avatar Roku. Like the one on Kyoshi, this one was also rather interesting.

To his extreme pleasure, there happened to be a book on explosives in the science section. He grabbed all of those books and began reading those, seeing if they could come to par with his art. There was even a book on how to make different types of clay, which Deidara slipped into an empty compartment in one of his pouches. He even tossed one of the books when he realized it was a book about how to get rid of bombs.

"Disgusting!" Deidara said in offended tone and placed a clay spider on the offending book, "Katsu!"

With that, the book blew up. All that was left was a thoroughly scorched book.

"Much better." Deidara said, crossed his arms and left the isle before Wan Shi Tong could find out he blew up a book.

Deidara kept wandering around and eventually found Aang, Katara, Sokka, and Zei. Aang was sitting on the floor reading a book which had diagrams of strange animals. Sokka was looking at different books, parchments, and scrolls and taking those that caught his interest and placing them in his large shoulder bag. Katara was reading a scroll herself and she seemed quite interested in it. Zei had an ever growing stack of books in his hands, which threatened to topple over at any given moment.

Aang eventually flipped to a page that sparked his curiosity and showed it to Sokka and Katara.

"Hey, look at these weird lion turtle things.", Aang said.

Sokka pulled a book off the shelf as he looked at the drawing.

"I've seen weirder." Sokka said and walked off.

Katara came up to Aang with an open scroll.

"Aang, did you know in a past life, you were left-handed?" Katara asked.

"I always knew I was special." Aang said.

Sokka continued looking around. He skimmed through a few scrolls and start charts and placing them in his bag. After taking a few books and scrolls, Sokka came to a podium with a burnt piece of parchment rest on it behind a glass plate.

"'The Darkest Day in Fire Nation History'. It's got a date on the top, but doesn't say anything else." Sokka mused but nonetheless, used his machete to pry the glass off and took the parchment.

Sokka walked past everyone in haste. Everyone looked at him, wondering what he was up to.

"Sokka, where are you going?" Katara asked.

Sokka turned around holding up the parchment.

"I want to know what happened to the Fire Nation on their darkest day. This could be promising." Sokka said and everyone began following him through several isle and shelves, "The information on the Fire Nation should be right up here."

The section was not in their expected condition. Everything was obliterated and burnt.

"Firebenders." Aang said, breaking the pregnant silence.

"They destroyed everything having to do with the Fire Nation." Katara said.

Sokka collapsed to his knees in distraught. He was so close, yet the answers were so far away.

"That's so unfair! Just when I think I'm one step ahead of the Fire Nation, it turns out they beat us here a long time ago! I need to know what happened on the darkest day!" Sokka said.

A whimper or two sounded behind the group. It was a Knowledge Seeker.

"Hello, little weird fox guy." Sokka said.

The Knowledge Seeker got into a pointed stance as if it were showing the way. If it weren't for current circumstances, Deidara would have mistaken the Knowledge Seeker for a summon or a Ninja Fox due to it's level of understanding.

"Seems it's trying to assist you." Zei said.

"Um, sure, I guess I'll follow you." Sokka said.

The Knowledge Seeker took off. Everyone followed it through the long corridors. Eventually they came to a large doorway blocked by a large slab of stone. The Knowledge Seeker crawled through a small vent like opening. Once on the other side, opened the door. The Knowledge Seeker sat in the middle of the doorway.

Everyone entered the room. The Knowledge Seeker found a lever and pulled it, causing the room the light up. The rounded ceiling began to change between night and day as the room turned on. The Sun and Moon Disks raced across the ceiling, representing night and day. The sight of it took everyone's breath away.

'No! It's not art! Pop Art's DEAD! A DUD!', Deidara thought as he 'composed' himself.

"Uh, this is beautiful, but how is it helpful?" Sokka said as the ceiling stopped on the daytime setting.

Katara approached a large compound dial and studied it.

"Maybe these dials represent dates and times. Sokka, try entering that date from that parchment you took." Katara suggested.

"Shh, Katara, not in front of the fox, he's with the owl." Sokka whispered a little too loudly.

The Knowledge Seeker whimpered.

Sokka shifted the dials on the compound dial to the date on the parchment. Once he was done setting it up, he pulled the lever. The ceiling began to shift once more. The Sun and Moon Disks raced across simultaneously.

"Wow, I got to hand it to you, Sokka. You picked the best mini-vacation for sure." Aang said in awe.

The Sun and Moon Disks came to an abrupt halt once the moon was over the sun. The room darkened. Everyone frowned, well almost everyone.

'TAKE THAT!' Deidara thought in glee, glad the 'offending art' was seemingly broken.

"Hey, wait. What happened to the sun?", Katara asks.

"This art dud went out, hm!" Deidara said, showing his glee the planetarium was 'broken'.

Katara glared at Deidara in annoyance. The glare said 'You're not helping'.

"Great, you must have broken it." Aang said as his eyes narrowed.

Sokka took a closer look at the mechanics of the disks.

"It's not broken. The sun is behind the moon. It's a solar eclipse! It's literally the darkest day in Fire Nation history. Now I get it!" Sokka said and grabbed Aang and shook him a bit too much out of excitement, "Something awful happened on that day! I don't know what, but I do know why. Firebenders lose their bending during a solar eclipse! Sorry."

Deidara groaned inwardly at the revelation that the Planetarium wasn't broken.

"That makes sense. I mean, think what the lunar eclipse at the North Pole did to the Waterbenders. This is huge." Katara said.

The Knowledge Seeker got on it's hind legs and began to beg with the 'Sitting Pretty' pose.

"Fine. You earned it!" Sokka said with a smile and gave the Knowledge Seeker a treat before facing the others, "We've gotta get this information to the Earth King at Ba Sing Se. We'll wait for the next eclipse, then we'll invade the Fire Nation when they're totally helpless. The Fire Lord is going down!"

Just as Sokka was celebrating, Wan Shi Tong got behind Sokka, making the young warrior frown. Busted again.

"Mortals are so predictable, and such terrible liars." Wan Sh Tong said, causing Sokka to gulp, "You betrayed my trust. From the beginning, you intended to misuse this knowledge for evil purposes."

"You don't understand. If anyone's evil, it's the Fire Nation. You saw what they did to your library. They're destructive and dangerous. We need this information." Sokka said.

"You think you're the first person to believe their war was justified? Countless others before you have come here seeking weapons or weakness or battle strategies!" Wan Shi Tong said with building rage.

"We had no choice. Please, we're just desperate to protect the people we love." Aang said.

'I'm not! I just stole knowledge for my artistic Jutsu like the time I robed that art-hating sack of wrinkles of a Tsuchikage blind of the Hidden Stone Kinjutsu!' Deidara thought in a smug way.

"And now I'm going to protect what I love.", Wan Shi Tong said and begun flapping his wings causing sand to enter the now vibrating room.

"What are you doing?!" Aang asked in horror.

"I'm taking my knowledge back! No one will ever abuse it again!" Wan Shi Tong declared.

"He's sinking the building! We've gotta get out of here!" Katara said as everyone got ready to mobilize and escape the library.

However it was not meant to be. Wan Shi Tong's neck stretched as he got closer to everyone.

"I'm afraid I can't allow that. You already know too much." Wan Shi Tong said.

Wan Shi Tong dove in, trying to peck everyone, but they all dodged. They all ran out of the Planetarium with an angry Wan Shi Tong in pursuit. They rounded several corners, hoping to lose him, but Wan Shi Tong always found them.

"Great Knowledge Spirit, I beg you, do not destroy your vast collection of priceless tomes!" Zei begged.

Aang turned around and used air suction to get Zei out of the way of Wan Shi Tong's beck. He then fired an air blast, knocking Wan Shi Tong off the bridge.

"We've gotta get back to the surface!" Aang said.

"Sokka, let's go." Katara said, noticing Sokka wasn't moving.

Sokka at that moment began to go in the wrong direction.

"It's THIS way moron, hm!" Deidara said pointing to the rope.

"But we still don't know when the next eclipse is gonna to happen." Sokka said, freezing in his tracks.

"Don't be stupid! We'll find out later!", Katara said.

"No, we won't. If we leave this place, we'll never get the information. Aang, come with me to the planetarium, I need cover. Katara, Deidara, take Momo and get out of here!" Sokka said.

Aang ran up to Sokka in haste.

'Who are you? My mother?' Deidara thought sarcastically.

"But...!" Katara protested.

"GO!", Sokka said and took off with Aang.

"HURRY SOKKA!" Katara called out.

Zei avoided getting pecked by Wan Shi Tong by diving into a small isle. He landed right next to an interesting book. He grabbed it with a large grin.

Since Wan Shi Tong lost Zei, he went straight after Katara and Deidara. He swooped in at blinding speeds. Deidara grabbed Katara and Momo and jumped out of Wan Shi Tong's way.

'He's fast, I'll give him that. Maybe I could use it against him...' Deidara thought.

"Go hide. I'm going to create a diversion." Deidara said.

Katara ran off with Momo, making a bee line for the shelves.

Deidara turned around and faced Wan Shi Tong with a smug smirk. He made a mad dash to one of the bridges and before turning around.

"At least I'll have one specimen to add to my collection." Wan Shi Tong said as his neck once more stretched, ready to peck the little mad bomber.

"I am not so sure about that, hm." Deidara said and formed a hand sign, "Katsu!"

The ground underneath Wan Shi Tong began to explode. Wan Shi Tong let out a shriek as he went into the air to avoid getting completely blown up. The bridge was now smithereens. Wan Shi Tong landed on what was left of the bridge.

"I see you never fought someone who uses art like I do, hm. When you first made an appearance, I secretly made a clone and hid it in the ground to plant explosive clay. I merely lead you to the spot they were. The mines still could use some work, but a worthy prototype for you to experience." Deidara said with a thought cloud that had a chibi representation of what happened at each stage; there was even the chibi clone of Deidara hugging clay that was in the shape of a classic bomb underground with a big grin.

"You are quite clever for a child. It's a shame that such knowledge has to be destroyed." Wan Shi Tong said.

Wan Shi Tong lunged for Deidara again. Deidara dodged him with ease and ran down Wan Shi Tong's back. This made Wan Shi Tong accidentally peck himself. He quickly preformed a Substitution Jutsu and swapped himself with one of the clay mines. Once Wan Shi Tong noticed Deidara had replaced himself with a clay bomb, it was too late. Wan Shi Tong had already pecked the clay, thus detonating it. Wan Shi Tong shrieked in agony again.

Katara stepped out in a Waterbending stance. If Wan Shi Tong was in the mood for chuckles, he would be chuckling. Wan Shi Tong recovered from the surprise blast and faced Katara.

"Your Waterbending won't do you much good here." Wan Shi Tong said as he unfolded his wings, ready to attack, "I've studied Northern Water style, Southern Water style, even Foggy Swamp style."


Sokka came out of no where, with a heavy book in hand. He slammed the book into Wan Shi Tong's head, knocking the Knowledge Spirit out. At that moment, Deidara poked his head out of the ground, just to blink at the scene.

'Oh so my art couldn't defeat you, but A BOOK could?! THE MOST ARTLESS THING THAT I ACTUALLY RESPECTED! GAH! I hate books now...' Deidara thought in irritation.

"That's called Sokka Style." Sokka said and got into Wan Shi Tong's unconscious face with a daring smirk, "LEARN IT!"

Deidara got out of the ground and joined with the others in climbing the rope up to the surface. In Aang's case, gliding up on his glider. Sokka turned around to see that Zei was the only one left out. Zei was sitting in an isle, reading several books as sand surrounded the professor.

"Wait! Professor, let's go!", Sokka said.

"I'm not leaving. I can't. I've spent too long trying to find this place. There's not another collection of knowledge like this on earth. I could spend an eternity in here." Zei said, feeling at peace and content with his accomplishments.

"Just go!", Katara said.

Wan Shi Tong let out a furious call as he woke up. He shook the rope violently, causing Deidara, Katara, and Sokka to fall. Aang swooped in and caught all three of them on his glider. He flew them all to the surface as Wan Shi Tong pursued them.

"I have had just enough out of you, hm! ART IS AN EXPLOSION!", Deidara shouted in anger and threw a small swarm of crickets at Wan Shi Tong right into the eyes, "KATSU!"

Wan Shi Tong shrieked as his vision was temporarily disabled. He flew in random directions with no sense of direction due to his temporary blindness.

Aang managed to fly everyone outside the building. At that moment, Toph lost her footing and released the tower portion of the library. The tower sunk in rapidly before disappearing in the sand. Forever.

Sokka, Katara, and Deidara jumped off Aang's glider and got to the ground safely. Sokka hugged Katara in joy.

"We got it. There's a solar eclipse coming. The Fire Nation's in trouble now!" Sokka cheered before facing Deidara, "Which reminds me! We have to get you up to speed when we have the time, pal!"

"What changed your opinion about me?" Deidara asked in confusion.

"If you were some Fire Nation baddie in disguise, you wouldn't have blinded the giant owl! Heck, you even protected my sister! Not a scratch on her!" Sokka said enthusiastically, "Sure, you may be a bit crazy, but that. Was. AWESOME!"

Deidara felt his cheeks flare up in embarrassment. Even though Sokka got on his nerves, Sokka was actually the first person to ever actually acknowledge him for doing something good and for his artwork.

"Quit it Sokka, you're embarrassing him." Katara said, slightly amused, "Since Sokka gave you the okay, I guess you get mine as well."

Deidara felt like he was going to faint from the praise. His face reddened even more.

But the cheery atmosphere didn't last. Toph was sitting down in the sand in sorrow. Aang looked around. Appa was nowhere in sight. All traces of him vanished with the wind crashing against the sand.

"Toph, where's Appa?" Aang asked.


Toph shook her head, refusing to talk. This was all Aang needed to assume what happened. Appa was stolen. Aang began to shed some tears at the realization.

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